How I can use WhatsApp on my Laptop

And now Whatsapp the most common app with over billions of download come with the greatest ability and its feature. but still, wonder how I can use WhatsApp on my laptop?

In my opinion, the best feature which is coming apart from sending SMS (Short Message Service) is that you can send any document to anyone whether it is in CSV, EXE, Mp4, Mp3, PDF and in any other format, which decreases the use of Gmail. In Whatsapp, you can send anything to anyone by just having their contact number.

But the problem is that it only comes in Android And iOS so which is quite complicated because most people use Laptops and PCs as well, the most question which arrives that how can I use Whatsapp on my Laptop.

If you are a Business Person or you love Laptop So much and spend most of your time on using a laptop and you want to avoid the usage of SmartPhone but you also want to use Whatsapp on other hands, and another reason must be like having a Turtle Mobile (Mobile with Very Low RAM) and you want some fast work and want to send some something Big to other person and the final reason to use Whatsapp on the laptop is that which is experienced by my own is that.

On the past, I was working on quite a big project and the whole project was done by the help of laptop so file which was delivered to me by the client was approximately about 3GB and delivered by the help of Whatsapp Account so having 3GB file on my mobile then send it to the laptop is quite a boring thing so I thought why not to use Whatsapp on the laptop so started researching on the solution and the solution I found is being shared to you in this article.

(Only for User who use Windows Seven or less version)

If you are a Mac or Windows 8 OR 10 user or want to download WhatsApp just simply read the last line of this article

How I can use WhatsApp on my laptop

Step 1

You need to have Whatsapp Installed on your Mobile Phone And ensure that has a working Camera.

Open the Whatsapp App

Go the setting

Select Whatsapp Web Feature

Then you will see the scanner which you can use to scan the QR code which given to by Whatsapp to stream Whatsapp

Step 2

After completing the upper step go on your laptop open your browser and search for WhatsApp Web

On opening Whatsapp web you will see the QR code which is generated by Whatsapp.

Simply by using a Mobile camera scan the QR code and within no second, you are starting to stream your Whatsapp on your laptop screen.

And if you want to stop this streaming you can easily log out from the laptop screen or by using a mobile phone you can log out from there


When starting using Whatsapp do not shutdown your Mobile device or Turn off you WiFi if you do that it will automatically disconnect Whatsapp web to your mobile so avoid to that thing

Tip From Us

if you are curious about your privacy and also have doubts on someone that he or she is keeping an eye on you so first check your mobile phone and go to Whatsapp app and go to Whatsapp web and check if that is any device is connected to your Whatsapp which you don’t know about so you can easily log out from there.

Another Method If you want to don’t want to use a mobile phone completely and want to go on the challenge of not using a mobile phone for a month, there is another method which you can use to use Whatsapp only by using the laptop without having a mobile phone.

Method 2

Step 1 Check your laptop specs

First of all, you must have a laptop that has RAM and ROM fully covered because this method will use so much memory and your laptop must have a graphic driver in it.

this method is using Bluestack on your laptop which is a free software which you can use to simply mobile phone in your laptop

To use Whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you need to install BlueStacks App Player. There are Two Versions of BlueStacks App players, Normal BlueStacks App player, and Thin BlueStacks App player. There are many people facing issues while installing Normal BlueStacks App player

So I suggest you to Download and Install the Thin BlueStacks App player.

Step 2 Setup Bluestack

After downloading Bluestack open setup and install It in your laptop

While Installing make sure the Installation Drive has more than 2 GB free Space otherwise, you will be getting an error like not having enough memory and not having enough graphics so make sure to have an updated graphic driver.

Step 3 Install Whatsapp

After completing all the installations simply open bluestack choose iOS or Android which is up to you and after that go to the play store and apples tore install WhatsApp

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Step 4 Create a WhatsApp account

After downloading WhatsApp set up your WhatsApp account as same as you do to set up in mobile all things will be the same and you are good to go

Personally, I suggest you go with the first method which is quite simple and fast and all thing is controlled in your hand so go with the first method and do whatever you want.

And if you are using windows 8 OR 10 you can easily download WhatsApp by using Store.

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