How to Check Your Air Quality Using Google Maps – Solution Guide

The new Google tool will help you make the most of your day by giving you the information you need to decide whether or not you should spend time outdoors.

Google has created a new tool to check the air quality for both iOS and Android users. The app will show users whether it is safe to spend time outdoors based on local air quality. This is helpful for those who want to avoid potential health risks from exposure to smog or wildfires.

Google has just released a new feature on Google Maps that lets users see the Air Quality Index (AQI) for their area. The AQI is used by governmental agencies to keep the public informed about the daily local pollution levels. How to Check Your Air Quality Using Google Maps The data presented by Google Maps will come from the Environmental Protection Agency and Purple Air, a network of community scientists who collect hyper-local air quality data and share it with the public.

How to check air quality on Google Maps

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  • Open Google Maps on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  • Then Select the location where you want to check the air quality.
  • On the top-right corner, tap on the layer’s icon (two squares stacked on top of each other).
  • Now On the slide-out menu and under Map Details, tap Air Quality.
  • A color-coded AQI score will appear for each location on the map. Tap on a location to see the full air quality data. The lower the score, the better the level of pollution. Anything under 50 is good while anything above 300 is considered to be hazardous.

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