How to grow your business on Instagram

With time, the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc has grown enormously. Billions of people are already present on these social media platforms and many new are coming every day.

These platforms are the best and easiest way to connect with friends and stay updated on what these people are doing in their life. With advancement, people have started selling products and services on Instagram and they are succeeding in it.

Many new small businesses are emerging every day and Instagram is one of the favorite platforms for these small businesses. People have created business profiles and are selling their services there. But with time as people are adopting this trend, it is becoming difficult for new people to grow their business there. Here we will discuss some important things that one can consider if he wants to grow his business and earn a good living from it.

Optimize your bio

After creating a business profile on Instagram, your first duty is to optimize your bio. Your profile picture should reflect your business. Always try to write an engaging description of your product or services. Also, use clickable hashtags in your bio and add one link to your website that will directly sift traffic to your website.

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Unique content

As Instagram is a visual medium so eye-catching pictures are the key to success. You should focus great efforts on creating unique and attractive content that will attract people. Always try to upload attractive pictures that are edited beautifully. If you don’t know how to edit pictures then you can use free tools to edit but don’t upload pictures without editing them and also your pictures should be a reflection of your services. 

Use the right hashtags

Everyone’s goal on Instagram is to engage the current audience and to gain new real followers. Uploading great content alone cannot yield that many good results. Using hashtags on your photos make it easy for people to search for specific terms and finds out your posts. If know how to use the hashtags properly then you are much more likely to be searched by other people and get discovered.

Leverage video content

Video content can prove to be a triggering factor in your growth on Instagram. It is important to upload high-quality videos on Instagram that best describes your services and products. The Instagram algorithm ranks those videos more that have a good number of views on them. But getting more views, in the beginning, can prove to be a difficult task. But there is no need to worry about it as there are many well-reputed companies from which one can buy Instagram video views at cheap rates. These are real organic views, not the botted one as these companies know how to help their clients grow more. When you will have a fresh delivery of views on your videos then the Instagram algorithm will suggest your video to many new people and those can be your followers and then customers.

Post at the right times

Upload good quality pictures and video alone is not sufficient but uploading them at the right time is what makes them worthy. Analyze what has worked for you and what has not. Always visit Iconosquare’s section to see at what time of the day or at what time of the week you got the best engagement on your posts and try to upload content at that time for better results.

Be consistent

Being consistent in uploading content is essential as followers are always excited to think about what they are going to see next. Uploading content consistently not only keeps them updated but also they remain in touch with your brand.

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