How to Write an Essay in One Night

Writing an essay is interesting because you get to express yourself in words. However, what happens when you have limited time than usual to complete your essay? The implication is that you have less time to do the right research, pour out information on paper, edit and submit your work. 

Many reasons can be responsible for wanting your essay done in one night. First, owing to circumstances or schedule, you might have lost track of time until it is a night to the deadline. Second, you might be on a tight schedule and just want to get the essay written in one night so that you can do other things. Either way, you have just one night to write it and you can achieve this in a couple of ways.

Ways to Get Your Essay Written in One Night 

Get someone to write it for you 

You may choose to get someone to write your essay for you. You could ask a friend, member of your study group, or family member that you trust to do it for free. You might also choose to hire a professional essay writing company to get a flawless job. For whichever option you choose, remember that you want a quality essay even though you’re rushing things. There are many essay writing platforms online that you can choose from. You can choose who should write your essay from grademiners review. However, this platform is not free and may require a fee. 

Write your essay yourself

If you feel like you are up to taking on the challenge, then you can go for it. Many students prefer to write their essays because of the opportunity it presents to own their ideas and express themselves the way that they want. 

Writing Your Essay in One Night 

Writing your essay by yourself in one night can become an adventure if you know how to do it right. Usually, it will depend on factors like essay length, type, and your skills as a fast writer. Notwithstanding, the tips here will guide you to write the best essay within a limited time frame.

Don’t freak out

The first step to take when trying to complete your essay in one night is to not freak out. Try to remain calm and avoid the pressure of thinking you cannot achieve your goal. This might be difficult to achieve because you have limited time to deliver quality. Be that as it may, if you are optimistic about it, you’ll be more productive, compared to when you don’t believe you can complete the assignment. 

Proportion available time 

To complete your essay in one night, you need to estimate how much time you have available to do this. Proper planning will help you manage your time because every minute is precious. If it helps, you can draft out the timetable for the night. Here, you should allocate time for sourcing information, writing the essay, proofreading, and taking breaks when necessary. An alarm might help you adhere strictly to your timing. You may set a warning alarm 10 minutes before you exhaust the intended time to do something. This way you can round off without much pressure. 

Eliminate distractions 

Distractions may come in different forms, especially when you need maximum concentration. Organizing a sleepover when you have to do your essay is not the smartest thing to do. If it is possible, try to stay away from social media until you are satisfied with how much progress you have made. 

Stop, refresh, and continue 

It is often tempting to try to complete your work at once. The idea that you have limited available time to do much work may motivate you to overwork yourself. This is bad because the brain becomes tired and you may become less productive. Try as much as possible to stand up and stretch your limbs at intervals. Also, take your bathroom breaks seriously and stay hydrated. You might not like the idea of snacking at night. However, since your body is burning energy as you think, you may get hungry. Some people will take a quick nap and wake up to resume writing. Know when to stop, refresh, and continue. 

Stock up on supplies

As you work, you may need some water, snacks, gum, chocolate, coffee, drinks, etc. You don’t want to run out of water or coffee in the middle of your essay and end up worrying about how to cope. You should try to get the things that you need before you settle to work.

Stay awake 

You have to be awake to complete your essay in one night. Many people would recommend coffee or drinks that contain caffeine to help you stay alert. Some others would prefer loud music or energy drinks to do the job. Know what works best for your body system and try to be awake for the period you’re working.

Spend quality time making research 

People would say that the anchor of every essay is doing good research on your topic. It not only validates your work but also hastens your writing. This is because when you do a lot of research, you do not have to waste time thinking of what to write. This also means that you don’t get short of words, and you can complete your essay in due time. 

Never forget to proofread and edit your work

It doesn’t matter whether you completed your essay in one night or two weeks. Nobody’s going to know if you proofread thoroughly, and eliminate mistakes. Because you have stressed your brain to write the essay, we recommend that you leave proofreading for when you wake up. This way, your brain is refreshed and more active.


Writing a quality essay in one night is beyond possible. You can achieve this by taking the necessary measures addressed here to do it yourself or getting someone to do it for you. If you’re getting someone to write for you, you must first learn more about how it works before you proceed. 

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