In-demand Tech Skills You May Need to Stay on Top of Your Game

In-demand Tech Skills You May, According to Modis, tech-related job opportunities are expected to rise by twelve percent by 2024. Meaning, more and more career opportunities will be available to aspirants looking to dive into the IT space.

That said, with the number of tech-based positions in data analysis, cybersecurity, biomedical engineering, and web development expected to grow in the coming year, competition amongst candidates will become tough.



Due to this, employers everywhere are looking for individuals with a more balanced set of skills usually not apparent on their resumes. With that in mind, landing a job in the IT sector will be highly challenging. 

However, by having the right technical skills, aspiring job candidates can get an inside track on a new role, especially if the skills they acquire are in high demand.

So, if you’re someone looking to break into the IT industry but don’t have the skills necessary to do so, this article will help you.

From in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies to effectively communicating with others, listed below are a few in-demand skills candidates should acquire to stay on top of their game. 

IT-based management skills

In today’s digitally connected world, IT is one of the fastest-growing fields worldwide. It is a field that relies heavily on various abilities and skills, from technical know-how to It-based management skills to creativity to everything in between. 

With that in mind, studying an IT-based management degree program such as an MBA technology management will allow you to improve upon qualities such as out-of-the-box thinking, resourcefulness, and innovation while also honing your management skills in the process.

Such a degree option is one of the best qualifications that aspiring candidates can go for to ensure they stay on the top of their game for the foreseeable future. 

Cybersecurity skills

Given the increase in threats and network infiltrations, there is an underlying need for individuals who have excellent cybersecurity know-how.

After all, businesses need to ensure that their online data, networks, and IT systems remain protected from cybercriminals at all times. Due to such a thing, stakeholders and business owners have become increasingly aware of such security concerns. 

They, therefore, are looking to hire candidates who have sound cybersecurity knowledge to address these issues. With that in mind, it is now time for you to hone your cybersecurity skills to ensure that you and your company remain protected from cyberattacks at all times. 

Analytics and data science skills

Two of the most in-demand jobs in the Big Data sector include data analytics and data science. That said, the industries investing heavily in data analytics and data science are professional accounting services, manufacturing, federal governments, and banking, with a combined estimated investment of 129 billion dollars by 2022.

With that in mind, consider honing your data analysis skills first, as it is one of the most entry-level skills In the Big Data world. So, whether you work in education, health, or finance, obtaining such skills will allow you to be on top of your game and, hopefully, get the promotion you always wanted. 

Programming skills

Programming skills, especially with programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, are in high demand these days. So, whether you’re a digital marketer, software engineer, or infrastructure engineer, you need to hone your programming skills if you want to climb the corporate ladder and remain on top of your game for the foreseeable future. 

That said, these languages are typically used for web development, developing scalable applications, automation, streamlining business processes, and much more.

Hence, whether you enroll in a short programming course or a four-year programming degree, consider doing it today to reap the benefits! So, imagine what acquiring such a skill will do for your career.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning skills

Skills in building, implementing, and testing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications are in high demand these days.

Such is the case because many companies are now incorporating business process automation into the mix and utilizing data analysis to minimize costs. Moreover, due to the widespread usage of AI and machine learning in 2021, executives are looking for candidates that have expertise in AI. 

These include automation, NLP (natural language processing), and ASR (Automated Speech Recognition). Moreover, according to a UiPAth survey, seventy percent of C-level business executives want employees to have some form of AI and automation skill, even non-technical ones. 

Cloud computing skills

These days, more and more companies are switching to cloud solutions for the classical in-house server infrastructure.

Due to this, cloud computing career opportunities are on the rise. According to research by Forrester, the cloud-service market will grow by thirty percent next year. 

For instance, Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based platform that provides networking, database storage, content delivery, and around 175 more services to its customers.

Since it is one of the biggest cloud-based platforms today, there will be an increase in demand for Cloud-native architecture skills. So, consider becoming a certified AWS specialist if you want to level up your career and earn a nice bump in pay. 


In-demand Tech Skills You May, Whether you’re searching for a job in the tech industry, overseeing a company’s HR strategy, or looking to switch careers, knowing about the in-demand tech skills can provide you with a competitive edge. 

Moreover, it will also help job candidates align their skills to a role that they’re best suited for. In the end, this will undoubtedly make you’re a strong candidate for the job you always wanted and improve your chances of getting hired tenfold!

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