Is Amazon Prime Taking the Lead In The Content Streaming Industry?

In the world of content streaming sites, Netflix has been the longest and strongest reigning king. However, it seems like the days of prosperity are over for Netflix, as stronger competitors have entered the industry. According to a recent report by BBC, in the first quarter report of 2022 issued by Netflix, the company has reported a loss of more than 1 million subscribers. This came as a surprise for most viewers, who saw Netflix as the only rightful heir in the industry.

It seems like to replace Netflix, the brainchild of Amazon – Amazon Prime Video took over the first spot. The site has not only grown over the years, but has also earned the biggest chunk of subscribers from other platforms as well. It appears that the power of Jeff is rubbing off on Amazon Prime Video, attracting more people. Experts believe that maybe Jeff is not the reason, instead, bad work on part of Netflix, and the shift of interest on part of users are the reason Amazon is becoming more popular. Business experts believe that the audience is not ready to be exploited by online streaming sites that offer very limited options.

Amidst the raising utility prices, energy crisis, and upcoming recession, users are becoming much more conscious about spending money. Most users are ditching online streaming sites and are sticking to the traditional cable TV platforms paired with the internet. Most of the cable platforms offer better service, and they have on-demand title streaming options as well. You can choose to record any show streamed on these cable TV options, and watch later or you can request more options as well. For a superior watch experience, you might want to look into Xfinity TV plans. Offering more than 125 channels, Xfinity is considered the best option among domestic users. For details about the bundles and prices, you can also contact Xfinity Servicio al cliente.

Comparing the Amazon Prime Experience with Netflix

There is an ongoing debate around the cutthroat competition in the online content streaming industry. Formally, Netflix had the leverage of being the oldest website with a huge collection of the best and most loved movies and series. However, soon after, production companies and distributors started pulling their content from Netflix in the pursuit of launching their platform. Disney, Peacock, Hulu, Apple, and Amazon are considered the biggest competitors in the industry, who also contributed to shrinking Netflix watch Library.

However, as the tables have turned, and Netflix is no longer in the top spot, people are willing to explore what makes Amazon experience better. Here are some of the main reasons; Amazon is becoming more popular as compared to Netflix:


One of the very significant features that convince people to prefer one subscription-based online streaming site to another is the price limit. Amazon is cheap, and yet it offers good quality content. Considering that Netflix is going on a revenue-maximizing spree, they are not willing to make any exceptions. In addition, Netflix is charging much more while offering very little and it is expected that Netflix is pushing to charge more, even for password sharing. On the contrary, Amazon Prime is not only offering more screens but also offers accounts for online shopping and ordering DVDs.

User Experience

There is no doubt that Netflix has better original content when it comes to TV series. You will find something for everyone. Amazon has a superior user experience, as it offers more details about the music being played in the background, and the name of actors scene by scene.


Amazon has been a very strong advocate of diversity, which is the reason it has very loser criteria for content. You will find almost all kinds and genres of content on the site. From local content to international content, old movies, new drama, soaps, Amazon does not shy away from trying. Since Prime Video has the financial capital of Amazon, they keep trying. As an audience, you will see a lot of mixed content being added to the playlist every month. Where Netflix targets the European and the American side, Prime has a major fan base in Asia.

Added Benefits

Netflix is just a content streaming site, and no matter the price, you will just have access to multiple screens, and nothing else. On the contrary, Prime Video offers you Amazon Prime access as well. In short, it is a mix of shopping, fashion, and online entertainment. This business model has so far been the best because Amazon triggers impulsive buyers via content, and convinces them to buy things via online shopping.

Library Comparison 

 Netflix has a vast library of hit original shows on the contrary Prime Video has a huge collection of old and new content that has already been in the mainstream media. Since Prime Video lacks original shows and does not have such a huge audience in the west, they generate audiences through hit shows that have already been released. Eventually, the audience looks at these hit shows and becomes a subscriber. This marketing strategy has helped Prime Video gain more customers.

Star Power

Most of the shows on Amazon Prime do not have big names in the industry. Even if you look at their original playlist, you will never find big names, mainly because they are more concerned about the quantity, and the story of the show. This offers them an opportunity to cast people who are more into the story, and less into the star power. This cuts the casting costs to a minimum while bringing more content to the platform.

Wrap Up

Based on the content quality and original shows, there is no doubt that Netflix can never be replaced. Even with the loss of one million subscribers and crashing stock, however, there is a high chance that by dropping the price and increasing the quality Amazon gets to reach a wider audience.

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