iTop VPN: Best Free VPN to Access Any Content and Secure Your Internet

iTop VPN was founded in 2016 and uses 256-bit encryption to keep you safe online while allowing you to view any movies, music, apps, or websites without limits. iTop VPN has 1800 proxy servers in 100 locations and offers various free connections to the United States, France, UK and JP and more with 700MB of data per day.

iTop VPN is an internet and network solution that enables you to access the web anonymously with a military-grade secure connection. It allows you to disguise your IP address and encrypt your network traffic, ensuring that no one can trace or control your location, identity, or behaviour.

Apart from that, it helps you to unblock and access any videos, music, websites, and social media apps like as TikTok, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and others from anywhere in the world.

Paying customers will have access to over 1,800 servers spread over 100 locations, which is a reasonable selection with plenty of dedicated streaming and gaming servers as well as a small number of P2P places.

What is iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is a free VPN service available to all PC, Android, iOS and Mac users across the world. You can always stay anonymous online with iTop VPN because it encrypts your data with military-grade encryption technology. You can unblock your favourite websites and applications whenever you want with iTop VPN.

For our consumers, iTop VPN has given three alternative network protocols. You have complete freedom to select the network protocol that best suits your needs.

iTop VPN features a large number of specialized VPN servers for various purposes. When your needs change, you can change the VPN server at any time.

Security Features

Additional Security Features provided by iTop VPN include:

  • DNS Protection: No one can change your DNS settings.
  • Security Enhancement: Any apps that are possibly harmful will be prohibited.
  • Browser Privacy: Ensures anonymity and privacy by altering browser settings and data.
  • Split Tunneling: Each app’s VPN connections can be handled separately.

The DNS Protection feature is available to all iTop users. However, the Browser Privacy and Security Reinforce function is only available to paying members. While those extra settings aren’t required for a great VPN, they do improve user security.

Usability of iTop VPN

Even though it’s a little more packed than your normal VPN dashboard, iTop’s VPN interface is very easy. Some people may be confused by their website, and the installation process may appear to be a little hard. Here are the important points in simple terms:

  • The iTop interface is simple and easy to use.
  • The iTop app has a highly contemporary appearance.
  • The extra security elements can be turned on and off quickly.
  • The iTop website can be confusing at times.
  • When you first open the iTop app, you are not prompted to log in.

When it comes to a free VPN, the majority of the software available here fails to deliver all of the capabilities that a user would like. Data consumption limits and slow speeds are two of the most typical issues with free VPNs.

Because of its no-logs policy, iTop VPN provides consumers with next-level security and encryption. It protects your privacy and allows you to easily defend yourself against hackers and other cyber threats thanks to its military-grade protection.

It also has a Kill Switch feature that ensures your genuine identity is never revealed online and cuts your internet connection instantly if it is disrupted.

Finally, iTop VPN allows users to use up to 5 devices at the same time with a single license.

This functionality is very beneficial for individuals who can’t afford to buy separate licenses for each of their devices. So, whether you have an Android smartphone, a laptop, a PC, a Mac, or another device, you can use iTop VPN on all of them to get a high-speed connection with no data limits.

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