Path of Exile: Top 2 Builds to Start in the Sentinel League

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In this article, we will observe the top 2 builds to start in the Sentinel league.

Class Witch: Storm Brand spell

The mechanics of the ability is to release chain lightning bolts at nearby opponents. Small marks are called on the nearest enemy and he and his entourage receive lightning damage. As soon as the enemy to whom the mark was attached dies, the brand will find a new victim and kill it as well. The time of their action is limited, so you will have to re-lick them, but there is also a function for returning stamps, this will help with a quick cleaning of cards.

Benefits of Storm Brand:

  • fast leveling,
  • cheapness,
  • simplicity,
  • the possibility of collecting loot.

Equipment includes:

Helmet – a rare one with the ability to reduce the resistance of enemies from lightning strikes.

Shield – Magna Eclipse chance to block a blow of 25%, triggers the spontaneous aegis of LVL 20. It cannot be obtained by the sphere of luck, but it can be crafted in Path of Exile from the Sphere of Connection, Vix Lunarix, and Invictus Solaris.

Breastplate – Weaving of Legends has 6 slots and a small addition to all the characteristics. It increases resistance by 70%. You can get it with the help of the Sphere of Luck and with the help of a merchant for 60 rings, including desecrated ones. The recipe will not work with the prophecy of a mysterious gift.

Gloves – Prickly tenacity gives plus 20% melee damage.

Boots – Conquering rush has an increase in attack speed and enchantment of 8% if you killed someone and increase the speed of movement.

The belt – Dark vise, in which you can place the Gem of the Abyss.

The weapon – The Paw of Cerberus rarely falls out in Path of Exile. It gives a 24% increase in elemental damage and a 100% increase in enchantment damage. Also, it gives +20 to evade every 5 maxima of the energy shield on the equipped shield.

Rings – in the first slot we install a ring with the influence of an Elder, and in the second – the Creator’s Mark. They increase damage and health in conjunction with each other.

Amulet – Phoenix scarab increases strength or dexterity, increases damage from enchantments, and the speed of the creation of enchantments.

Passing through the levels:

The witch starts with Fireball in Path of Exile. When you get to the Lion’s Eye Outpost, replace it with a cold wave presented to you throughout your mission, it is available from the 1st level. Sorcerer’s Support Stones, Lightning Strike, and lightning damage are the perfect complement to the cold wave, so as you receive these stones, insert them into the connected slots.

Later at level 12 or only when you put this skill on the task, move on to the Storm Brand with the same support stones.

To deal damage to one target, it is initially necessary to acquire an additional skill, for example, Vortex of Blades, because due to their mechanics limiting the number of marks attached to the target, damage on storm stamps will not be enough. Strengthen the Vortex of Blades with stones depending on the speed of spells and damage from spells. Flat spontaneous stones will also work against additional damage from lightning in Path of Exile.

At level 28, you can safely change the Vortex of Blades with a trap with a lightning spire, because now it will cause all the damage to the only targets we need.

If you don’t want to play as a Witch, you can choose another class with the help of the guide.

Champion Class: Molten Strike spell

A tank build that is easy to manage in PoE, deals damage to bosses and is incredibly tenacious. At the same time, using a couple of abilities will be enough for you to kill bosses.

Surprisingly, the design is not too demanding on equipment and does not need several Mirrors of the Kalandra or magic blood to install it. All the power of the design is acquired due to a huge number of mechanics that perfectly interact with each other. The damage depends on the defensive characteristics while doing good damage to the enemy. The balance between defense and offense is maintained in Path of Exile.

Benefits of Molten Strike:

  • easy to destroy bosses,
  • suitable for close combat,
  • cheap,
  • easy to manage.

Equipment includes:

The helmet is a rare item with enchantment. Important characteristics will be health, suppression of enchantments, and resistance to chaos and elements.

A breastplate is a rare item with increased health, charm resistance, and strength.

A Solid Blade weapon will give us an increased chance of a critical hit, adds from 90 to 230 damage, a 50% chance of a critical hit, and 60% accuracy. It needs to be strengthened and improved with the help of the Craicic Vassal.

Gloves are rare gloves that give health, strength, and resistance.

Orlot’s Charge boots give speed and adrenaline for 3 seconds.

Rings are rare with increased health, resistance, and + the consumption of mana unreliable skills.

Aul’s Uprising amulet has 4 variations. We use it with indicators to increase health, dexterity, and resistance.

This guide should help you find the right build if you play the Witch or Champion classes. To stay up to date with news and events in Path of Exile, we advise you to check out the official site for the game.

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