Software Quality Assurance and Testing Companies

As the flow of data processing and workload increases, any dynamically growing company is faced with the issue of improvements to existing software or individual development of programs.

Often, every slight modification or separately developed program is carried out without any system or plan. And this is a big mistake.

Subsequently, as the load weight increases, the number of data increases, or due to lack of compatibility, programs may produce errors or work inefficiently.

Often, individual software improvements over time give out such problems:

  • Lack of compatibility with other software;
  • High time costs to obtain the desired result;
  • Overestimated server costs;
  • Lack of scalability;
  • High monetary costs for the development, maintenance and maintenance of the software.

Quality control and testing come to the rescue.

This is only a small part of the work that software testing and quality assurance companies undertake.

Who needs software testing and quality assurance companies?

Testing will be absolutely necessary for all companies that are faced with the need for web development or the organization of internal and external business processes through the implementation of ready-made software solutions or individual development.

The services of software testing companies are most in-demand in such industries as:

  • Insurance;
  • Financial organizations and banks;
  • Startups and mobile development;
  • Tourism and education;
  • Web studios;
  • Large online stores;
  • Billing services.

For testing and quality assurance, each business requires an individual approach. During the research and analysis of the company, the priority tasks of the company, the characteristics of the project team, strategic objectives and short-term and long-term goals of the organization are taken into account.

Depending on the scope of the business and the specifics of its product or service, the company determines priority factors and tasks to ensure the required quality and testing.

It is a flexible approach and a wide range of tools that distinguish high-class software testing companies:

  • Hourly employment. This approach will be relevant for web studios and similar business models. The company promptly provides resources and conducts testing with payment per hour.
  • Development of a detailed testing strategy and comprehensive quality assurance. Such a model of work will be relevant for individual departments or companies developing critical software: system software, banking and insurance.

A software testing company should work as smoothly and synchronously as possible with the development team.

  • Load testing is necessary for portals, forums, online stores or marketplaces with high traffic and data processing load. The task of the company is to identify bottlenecks and make a full audit with recommendations for correcting problems.
  • Usability audit. This is a universal tool applicable to absolutely all types of businesses that are faced with the issue of customer service.
    The task is to answer the following questions:
    1) What difficulties does the client have while using the site or application?
    2) What hinders or complicates the purchase?

3) How to improve the service, making it more accessible and understandable?

4) How to improve usability and increase conversions on the site?

  • Reverse engineering. Such a tool will be useful for companies and projects with a long history. The Quality Department restores and re-introduces the requirements for the product with concomitant control over the fulfilment of these requirements. It also provides a transparent status of the company and metrics for evaluating the quality of the product.
  • Personnel quality control. A deep audit of the company, analysis of tasks and approaches to work give a complete understanding of how the personnel structure of the company should be organized. Audit by the best personnel specialists and lawyers gives a high-quality result managed software testing services.

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Each business segment and each organization requires an individual approach. This is only a tiny part of the work to be done during testing and quality assurance

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