Solution for Your Car Won’t Start With New Battery

It’s not a good feeling when your car won’t start when you need to get on the road. It’s even more frustrating when you just put in a new battery. Don’t panic. You can troubleshoot this issue and hopefully get your car started quickly. Continue reading to explore common reasons why your car won’t start with new battery. You might even find a solution!

Properly Installing Your New Battery

Proper installation is an obvious and essential piece to check. It is also something that is easy and quick to repair. A better that is not installed correctly will prevent your car from starting. What should you check?

The terminals should be free of corrosion. If there is corrosion, a connection issue can occur, resulting in the battery not producing enough power. Ensure the terminal clamps are the right size and ensure the clamps are securely attached. The cables should not touch any metal parts or each other. Cables that touch or touch metal surfaces can result in a short circuit.

The clamps should be tight but not too tight to ensure the terminal posts go undamaged. It’s possible that the electrolyte levels are off. In this case, add some distilled water to resolve this issue. Check the wires in the engine compartment to ensure nothing is loose.

Leaving Lights On

You just installed your battery for 2012 Nissan Altima, but your car won’t start. Ensure all lights are off when you leave your vehicle. This is one reason your car won’t start, even though you installed a new battery. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. Use a battery charger or jumper cables to start your car. If this doesn’t work, it’s possible you have a depleted battery and you will need another battery.

Issues With the Starter

When the starter is not functioning correctly, your engine will not start. The starter is a fundamental component in the ignition system. A growling sound when you try to start the car could indicate an issue with the starter. Check the connection between the starter and battery to ensure this is secure and there is no corrosion. For BMW owners experiencing similar issues, it’s best to use original bmw parts when replacing components like the starter to ensure the highest compatibility and quality.

If you’re lucky enough to have the proper tools, it is easy to check the starter function. A test light or multimeter can help with this. You can buy these if needed. You can also determine if the starter spins without engaging the flywheel. If this occurs, there is probably an issue with the starter.

Issue With the Alternator

The alternator charges your battery. If there is a malfunction with the alternator, this could be the root of your problem. The alternator charges your battery while you drive. Your local auto store can test your alternator to determine if the problem lies there. You can even purchase a new one while there if needed.

Whether you purchased a new battery for 2015 Nissan Sentra or something else, you may have an issue starting your car. These are a few components to investigate to determine why your car won’t start after installing a new battery. In most cases, there is likely an issue with the installation process that requires a straightforward adjustment. When you need something more, head out to your local auto store for help!

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