The use of drone video in marketing events has become a hot trend since the rise of social media. There is no better way to stand out (or fly) above the crowd and generate buzz (two drone puns in one sentence!) than with drones. Marketing your event can be made more effective by using drone footage during, before, and after the event. 

You can use drones for advertising and entertainment purposes for just about any event you host, including indoor conferences and outdoor festivals! 

You can use drone video to enhance your event marketing and experience, so what are the possible uses?  

These two drone shots are extremely unique

An aerial view 

Until commercial drones came along, the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter and pilot, send them up into the air at the right moment, and attempt to take some “fast shots.” You would also have to file flight plans and obtain permits with the city. As well as being expensive for organizations with a high cost to entry, it also consumes too much time, resources, and potentially disrupts events themselves. 

It is much easier, much cheaper, and much higher quality to do aerial shots with drones. For more information, visit droneify.se.

Screen captures of motion

Videography using drones is particularly popular for fast-paced events, such as sporting events. Drones can be used right alongside the players while staying close to the action, and they can fly right alongside them on the court or field. A photographer cannot get closer to an object, and this allows both stills and videos at the same time.

Event marketing with drone video

  • During your event (or during pre- or post-production), consider taking a drone into the air to capture the action from the sky. Your audience will adore the way this captures the whole experience. 
  • You can watch the event live as it takes place. A number of drones are equipped with live video capabilities, so your followers at home can watch a super-immersive video, even if they couldn’t make it to the event. In addition to using live streaming on monitors, live streaming also seems to enhance the attendee experience. 
  • Show us how the event is being prepared behind the scenes. Aerial photographs of set-ups or productions can generate excitement prior to a performance. 
  • If you plan on marketing your next event, take aerial photos or close up shots. By using professional Drone video at an event, you can enhance the perceived quality and attract even more customers next time (and maybe even charge more). 
  • Your show needs a drone! You can fly drones around as part of the entertainment, or you can use them to provide attendees with a completely immersive experience by allowing them to see other parts of the stage and venue. 
  • Describe all activities you are offering. An aerial drone can be used at music festivals, for example, to show audiences at multiple locations at once. 
  • In order to highlight an event’s sponsor’s involvement, drone videography is a good option. A drone image can be used to show how the sponsor’s booth appears, or where their signage is located. In this case, you can make a sizzle reel of all your involvement even if you’re not organizing the event yourself. 

Other ways to use drone video at your event 

Identifying locations 

Interested in hosting a special event? If you walk the grounds or look at a map, you can’t quite see the full scope of a space or property. By flying your drone over the property, you can get a better sense of what it looks like, and then you can share the footage with your team for their input and decision. It will give you a bird’s eye view of the space, and it will even allow you to map and plan hard-to-see spaces. 

This will also provide you with an in-depth view of everything in space so you can plan your event accordingly. 

Event Drone Videography: How to get the most out of it 

Video and photos taken by drones are of high quality, while they are cheaper, faster, and more convenient than traditional video methods. The versatility of drones allows you to do anything, from live streaming to integrating them into a show. 

Looking for a new way to market your event? What about drone video? Would you like your event to be as successful as possible? Get in touch with our team to see some of the most popular drone images we’ve used for events. Using drones and other hot tech to enhance your event is one way to make it unforgettable!

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