The role of social media in the educational process

Social networks are a powerful communication tool for distance learning and students’ social adaptation due to psychological, social, and pedagogical arguments. Social networks cannot be a substitute for distance learning systems. Still, they can significantly increase communication opportunities, engage students, promote their social adaptation, and participate more actively in the learning process. The main idea is that with the advent of social networking in education, the student can get advice on his question at a convenient time. It is crucial to integrate digital platforms and social media tools into the audience to bridge the gap between the traditional experience of teachers and the 21st-century skills that our students need to develop. There are three main ways to use network technologies for educational purposes:

  • information retrieval work in the global network;
  • distance learning;
  • organization of creative activities using ICT.

So, using forums and Wikipedia technologies in virtual learning groups allows all participants to independently or jointly create online learning content that stimulates independent cognitive activity. The multimedia of the communicative space makes it extremely easy to download and view video and audio materials and interactive applications in the virtual study group. Combining individual and group forms of work contributes to a greater understanding and assimilation of the material, as well as the construction of individual educational trajectories. In addition, this activity helps students learn more about each other. Most importantly, it allows them to be creative and informed in writing about topics directly related to their daily lives.

Do you need to write an essay about social media`s impact on students?

The role of social networks in education is a common topic; therefore, very often, students are required to write essays about it. If you are in such a situation, you need to formulate a thesis like social networks have many positive effects on learning. They are widely used in the educational process due to a wide range of opportunities to disseminate information. Then, you need to confirm your thesis with convincing arguments. So, among the positive aspects of the use of social networks in education are:

  1. Comfortable environment. The interface means of communication, organization, and forms of content presentation are clear and familiar to students.
  2. Different forms of interaction and communication. This provides a wide range of opportunities for inclusion in educational activities.
  3. Ability to share links to other learning resources.
  4. According to the student’s profile, the teacher can develop a personal approach to the student and provide a better presentation of the material.
  5. Thanks to the ability to filter by the appropriate criteria, you can easily find the right content.
  6. The possibility of involving experts, consultants, and specialists in certain disciplines in the educational process.
  7. Extensive demonstration opportunities. Ability to freely share any content with students, and students can view it at any time.
  8. Information and communication support of the course in the social network allows students to participate in discussions and perform tasks from anywhere and provides a thorough knowledge acquisition.
  9. Thanks to media, students and teachers can learn about various events, conferences, and round tables and participate in them.

Besides, when writing, it is also essential to consider the following points: the introduction and conclusion should focus on the problem; you need to select a paragraph, red lines, and establish a logical connection of paragraphs. It is how the integrity of the work is achieved.

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