Top 5 Security Apps For Your Laptop In 2023

Keeping your laptop safe is crucial both for financial and data privacy reasons. While most people take care to secure their actual device at home or when at work, it is as important in 2023 to keep the contents of your laptop locked up.

In fact, your laptop itself should be the smaller loss. If you haven’t yet covered your laptop, here are a few things to know about laptop insurance. As long as you have the right insurance, you can claim the financial value of your device. However, if someone steals your data, you have no way of blocking them from taking advantage of it.

As such, you should have all the necessary software installed on your laptop. The good news is that in 2023 there are many apps available to keep your data safe.

These are the top 5 security apps for your laptop in 2023.

1. ExpressVPN

Using a VPN is important for keeping your data safe, as there is no other frontline app that stops both hackers and government surveillance. VPNs are especially necessary for people living in surveillance states where content is blocked if you have a local IP address. But even in a free country like America, you cannot be certain your online activity is not being watched.

ExpressVPN has been the top performing VPN for years now, and in 2023 it keeps its place as the best VPN for laptop users. A subscription will cost as little as $6.67 per month. It is not the cheapest VPN, but the extra dollars you spend are worth it for speed and reliability.

2. Firefox

The browser wars have been ongoing for decades now, and different browsers have occupied top spot over the years. Internet Explorer’s heyday did not last too long, but Google Chrome has clung to its popularity for ages. Unfortunately, it is far from the most secure browser, even if it is hte most user-friendly.

Firefox has far better security features and does not have Google’s reputation for data harvesting. It is loved by its users and, as long as you customize your security settings, will keep your data safer than just about any other popular browser.

3. Norton Antivirus

Depending on your device, the necessity of antivirus software is debatable. Macbooks have long been considered extremely safe, considering their inbuilt antivirus software and closed-system strategy. Windows computers are also considered much more secure than they were before, with Microsoft’s inbuilt antivirus software better than ever.

However, viruses and malware can still get through, and if you want to be extra careful, antivirus software is worthwhile. Norton Antivirus is currently one of the best apps out there for this purpose.

4. Password Managers

Okay, so this does not necessarily count as an app, at least not in the typical sense. There are many password managers available for free or paid usage that you can download and install on your laptop. But you probably don’t need them, as long as you use the equivalent software built into your device or browser.

The point of a password manager was never just to remember your passwords for you. Rather, a password manager creates strong passwords that you never even need to know and that are basically impossible to crack. The thing is that good browsers now do this job.

Your laptop should have a strong password that you remember, but that should be the only password you enter personally. Apple’s password capabilities – with their Keychain app – are excellent for this purpose.

5. AdBlock

Finally, it is more important to block ads than you might realize. Ads can sneak into your browsing activity and get you to click through to problematic websites which try and steal your data. Some browsers have inbuilt ad blocking capabilities, but for those that don’t, AdBlock is a great option.

Google Chrome and Safari are the browsers that most need this extension to keep you safe, as they do not do it automatically. Make sure it is turned on in your browser settings and don’t agree to let ads through unless absolutely necessary.

Keeping your data secure is one of your primary responsibilities as a laptop owner. Make sure that you have all the top security apps installed rather than risking it.

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