What is Guest Posting and How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities of Your Niche?

Guest posting is a favorable marketing tactic for your business if done in the right manner. It can award you numerous benefits if you post quality guest posts on a website with a high domain rating. If you don’t know what it is, no worries, we will dig dive into its introduction first and also make you know the steps to take for finding guest posting opportunities. Let’s get started.

What is Guest Posting?

In guest posting, there are two entities involved. One is the blogger and the other is the host website. Bloggers write the guest posts and post them on the host website. This benefits the host website as they receive quality articles from different bloggers and their audience reads those posts actively.

Bloggers are allowed to add 2-3 links to their website in the posts that they write. These links will be clicked by the audience who reads the post and they will be redirected to the website which will increase the traffic on the blogger’s website helping him/her gain more leads. This helps to increase customers and eventually more sales, improves SEO score, improves website ranking, increases brand awareness and trust for the blogger which is really helpful for his/her business.

Now, let’s have a look at the ways by which you can find guest posting opportunities.

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities?

1. Google it

The  most effective way of finding guest posting opportunities is to Google for it. You can search “Your niche” + “Guest posting opportunities” and you will get a list of websites that accept guest posts. Let’s say your niche is providing electronic repairing services so search “ electronic repairing services” + “guest posting opportunities”. Replace the later part with guest blogging, blog posting, accept guest posts, write for us etc. keywords and you will find different websites where you can guest post.

Check the guidelines of each and every website and see which ones are matching your expectations. Filter out them and prepare a tentative list of preferable websites.

A very helpful method is to track the backlink of your competitors. This you can do with third-party tools (paid ones). You need to enter the URL of your competitor’s website and you will get the backlinks that the website has. Analyse closely and you will get the backlinks from guest posting websites on which your competitors post their blogs. There are high chances of your guest posts getting accepted by those websites if they have accepted that of your rivals.

3. Check the Social Media Pages of Prolific Guest Bloggers

From the 1st method, you will get a good list of websites where you can submit your guest posts. This will also show you the popular bloggers that submit the guest posts on these websites. Check their social media handles and see if they have shared their guest posts on it. If they have, see the websites where the guest posts are submitted and add those websites to your list.

4. Interact with Your Connections

Ask your connections in your niche and see if they are guest posting somewhere or know any guest bloggers. This will provide you a comprehensive list of websites where you can guest post on. Also, as this comes from a known source, you can trust the websites more and be assured that they have good guidelines comforting your guest posting needs.

So, here was an overview of guest posting and how to find quality guest posting opportunities. Use these tactics to find the right guest posting opportunities in your niche. After selecting the right website to submit your guest post, make sure you regularly publish new articles that entice your audience. This will improve your credibility and your brand will get popular among the audience eventually increasing your sales.

Initially, if you don’t have the time and resources to start guest posting on your own, you can work with guest post services. Professional Guest post services will help you find the relevant guest posting platform and deliver quality guest posts as per your needs. Working with them will save a lot of time of yours which you can invest in your business activity.

Start guest posting today and leverage the advantages it provides to take your business to new heights!

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