When Is the Right Time to Move IAM to the Cloud?

In ancient times people relied too much on the phases of the moon and stars to plan their planting of seeds and harvest their crops. So, all of us must have heard and used this phrase, “when the moon and stars are aligned,” as a reference for the best timing to start something new.

When it comes to technology, many people are confused about the best time to move IAM to the cloud. Some companies are waiting for a specific event or some trigger to make the shift. Others wait for specific directions from the management. But the reality is, these events never happen, just like the tomorrow that never comes. So, while you are waiting for the right time, your competition is getting a little ahead of you each day.  

So, when is the best time to move? Well, the answer is not as simple as you may think; some businesses need it today, while others can wait for a while.

Implementing a cloud strategy is not worthless. When you opt for the cloud, you will be required to change your IT, how you operate, and many other things. These activities will help make your IT delivery quicker, more efficient, and cheaper. But like any other activity that demands your time and effort, you will also require focus to succeed.  

So, getting back to the question, given below are some scenarios where you move IAM to the cloud:

Your business is going global

You need to support your business through IT locally when your business is spreading to new geographic locations. At this point, moving to the cloud becomes a must. You may consider a cloud service provider with an established location, localized expertise, and compliance capability.  

Hiring, staffing, training, and deploying IT in a new data center is quite an effort-demanding event, and to ease the process, this could be the best time to move to the cloud.  

Disaster recovery

When you need to deploy a disaster recovery (DR) solution is probably the best time to move to the cloud. Disaster recovery protects your existing on-premises environment with a backup or second copy of your pre-existing data and applications. As a result, you get the advantage of data protection and the ability to test your cloud in a controlled manner.

Access management

It is always a good idea to provide data access only to those working with that data. However, when data is confidential, it becomes more crucial not to involve every user with that data. So, experts advise having proper access management for your systems and applications, and the best way to do so is by moving to the cloud, as with the cloud, you get the liberty to provide access to authorized users. Access management platforms like HelloID provide an effective access management solution to make this task easy for you. Otherwise, this process is very tiring and time-consuming.  

Summing it up

It’s never too late! Even if you were not able to move your company to the Cloud in the past for some reason, now is the best time to do so, and we think this is the most appropriate answer to the question When Is the Right Time to Move IAM to the Cloud– is NOW!

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