Where and why is 12v power supply adapters used?

Technology is the most important part of our lives. Without technology in this modern era, life would cease. As the world evolved, so did technology. In this technology era, we use most of the technology that needs a charger and a power supply. One of the needs of these devices is the power adapter. 

Many of you must not have knowledge of this term. Let’s first discuss what the power adapter is. Read this article thoroughly to get knowledge about power supply adapters.

Let’s start!

Power supply adapter:

An electrical device containing hardware or electronic interface that can be accommodated to another hardware or electronic interface without any loss is called a power supply adapter. In computers and laptops, the adapter is accommodated into a card. These adapters are inserted into a slot called a motherboard.

The auxiliary equipment is the need for most devices, especially large appliances, to work properly. Many daily life appliances and devices use 12v power supply adapters to work properly. Here in this post, we will tell you about using 12v power supply adapters. You must know that a power adapter is the most important and inseparable device for many electronic devices. Battery and power suppliers are not the same.

12v power supply adapter:

A 12v power supply adapter is a DC electronic device and a converter designed to convert the AC voltages to DC voltages. The power supply Adapter generally consists of these elements: Transformer, rectifier, filter, and regulator circuits. The conversion of electric current to power load from a source is its primary function. For this purpose, voltages, current, and frequency should be correct. The power suppliers are also known as power converters as they convert voltages, as discussed earlier in the above.

Where do we use 12v power supply adapters in daily life?

The 12v power supply adapters are used in daily life. 12v power supply adapters are mainly used in the following ways.

  • They are used in the process controls.
  • The power supply adapters are used in test equipment.
  • A low voltage lighting system uses 12v power supply adapters. 
  • Burglar Alarms also uses these adapters.

12v input power supply:

A 12v power supply is also used as an input power supply. They are used in vehicles.

12v DC-DC converter:

They are identified as DC-DC converters. They are used significantly in vehicles that operate on their 12-volt batteries.

12-volt output power supply:

A 12-volt output power supply is also used in vehicular equipment before they are installed in the vehicles. For example, the radio communications equipment is the best example of it.


Here we are discussing the device’s features: 12V with 2A specifically Compatible with Arduino® UNO.

  • Input voltage — The 12v power supply usually has an Input Voltage with this figure: AC 110/220V 15%
  • Output voltage — Output Voltage is featured as 12V DC, 5A, and 60W
  • Protection — Protection of this adapter is featured as Overload, Over Voltage
  • Cooling system — There is 100% Full Load Burn-in Test Cooling. Free Air Convection tests the test cooling. 
  • Efficiency — The adapter has good performance and efficiency.
  • Size — Compact sized

Here we discussed in detail the uses and features of a 12vpower supply adapter.

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