Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive? The REAL Hidden Cost

Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive, Interestingly, I’m typing this article on an ultrawide monitor; however, that is not my current monitor pictured above. I love my monitor and couldn’t help but wonder why they are so expensive.

Why are ultrawide monitors so expensive? Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive There are a variety of reasons why ultrawide rackmount monitor can be more costly for some folks, unfortunately. Let’s explore a few:

  1. Ultrawide monitor popularity is on the rise, but it’s still a small portion of gamers.
  2. The Ultrawide LCD panels are less common than 16:9 LCD panels.
  3. Ultrawide screens cost more to make because they are larger.
  4. The type of panel on the monitor you buy greatly dictates price, performance, and screen quality.

Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive

Now that we’ve covered the “feel” of ultrawide monitors, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive let’s take a closer look at exactly how each of these affect the price that ultrawide monitor manufacturers charge for their monitors.

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We will also discuss which type of monitor is best for you. Everyone has different tastes and it’s important that those preferences are met in order to increase your productivity throughout the day.

It could be the difference between spending $1,500 and $650.

Ultrawide Popularity Is On The Rise, But It’s Still Niche

Ultrawide monitors are kind of like sports cars. People are aware they exist, but they aren’t necessarily what comes to mind immediately when you think about shopping for a monitor.

The demand for widescreen monitors has increased overtime, which is great because it’s a sign that its becoming a very popular focal point in today’s society.

Consumers are beginning to understand just how profitable and beneficial it is for them to invest in products such as these.

Since their numbers aren’t yet as high as your traditional 16:9 monitors, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive though, some of the brands that produce these products can charge consumers more than they would if they were available on any typical retail shelf given the fact that they’re still considered to be rare in comparison to traditional monitors.

You won’t believe the wonderful news we have for you folks, who own ultrawide curved monitors.

This trend has taken off to a point where a lot of gamers are now backing up this technology so they don’t have to play in a fixed portion of their screens.

The graph below shows how users’ interest in native 21:9 ultra-wide support is growing rapidly. Sekiro-being-played-on-an-ultrawide-monitor 1

This is what it looks like when a game doesn’t support ultrawide with black bars on either side.

On a positive note, with more popularity comes more options for monitors. With so many budget monitors these days, people can finally get their hands on an ultrawide monitor and explore the wonderful world of gaming.

If you’re okay with a 1080p ultrawide then you can save yourself some money by going ahead and buying an ultrawide monitor as opposed to getting a 1440p monitor.

Ultrawide LCD Panels Are Less Commonly Available

There are a lot of 16:9 LCD panels available to manufacturers, simply because that is what has been standard for so many years now.

For this reason, it costs more to get a non-standard ultra-wide monitors which means that the prices for gaming laptops are going to be higher.

As technology advances, it usually means that newer versions are cheaper and more widely available.

Ultrawide monitors are a case in point; as an affordable form of high-tech entertainment, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive they’ll be popping up more frequently in homes around the world.

This trend shows no signs of stopping, as currently ultrawide gamers are still a small percentage of the overall pc gaming market.

Larger Screens Make For Larger Price Tags

You recently began offering a 1440p curved ultrawide monitor made with a high-quality display, but many people are struggling to meet the price point. Why is this so?

Since it will cost companies that make gaming displays more to produce than non-gaming ones, consumers will pay more due to the need for gaming monitors to bring in revenue comparable to those of non-game oriented displays.

Monitor Panels Greatly Affect Price Table 1

There are many things that can constitute an ultrawide monitor panel. This content suggests this is the case because they give a single sentence response to each given point.

If you read the article on LCD screen sizes you’ll know that most computer monitors have three different panel technologies: IPS, VA and TN.

But what makes your monitor tick so to speak are these different types of panels and they each have their own respective strengths or weaknesses.

Starting from the top of your computer screen is your IPS display monitor. Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive These often have an amazing quality that’s unquestionable, but these usually have a high response time and a slower refresh rate than standard monitors.

Not all monitors are created equal! Some offer a stellar experience and others just don’t live up to the hype.

If you’re looking for a monitor that will be able to keep up with all of your high-speed activities, then look for the IPS monitors. These premium monitors are very expensive though, so if you want both performance and affordability go ahead and check out our next product.

Before we continue, let’s take a moment to learn about something called refresh rate. Refresh rate is what we call the number of times per second that a display updates the picture it shows. Faster refresh rates mean smoother motion and reduced lag.

One thing to keep in mind when making this consideration is that computers are generally made with certain maximum refresh rates in mind, so it may not always be possible to use higher refresh rates.

Response time is a measurement of how quickly pixels change color. Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive The faster it the less ghosting and motion blur you will see.

Refresh rate is the measurement of how many times your desktop image has been updated.

The more times your desktop image has been updated, the smoother your computer’s performance will be and the better experience you will have using your computer.

To get the most out of a high-refresh rate monitor, it’s important to make sure your system is able to keep up with that high refresh rate as well by having components such as your graphics card and CPU that are able to run at high frame rates.

The IPS monitor is one of the latest technologies in televisions and it’s developed specifically to meet the high standards consumers expect from this type of product.

If you are more of a single-player gamer who might be interested in online games, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive these monitors are good for you.

Then there are the TN panels that have a refresh rate of 240hz, and even beyond that! Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive These monitors allow for faster than lightning scrolling, no matter what content is being viewed.

Ultrawide displays with TFT panels have the ability to transform any space into an office. They are capable of replacing multiple monitors and they are usually much more affordable than their IPS counterparts.

One thing you should note is that TFT panels cannot exceed a screen size of 27 inches – which some people who desire ultrawide monitors may be disappointed about.

These monitors have high refresh rates and tend to be cheap, but they are limited to the smaller screens that aren’t ultrawide.

Lastly, we are brought to where most people land in the mix of monitor panel buying. For example, I like using VA panels because of the wide range that it offers for various environments and work locations.

Today we’re looking at a monitor with exceptional picture quality and performance. Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive It offers beautiful image clarity and vibrant color reproduction, but it’s not limited to just that.

This ultrawide 1440p screen is designed with the latest in display technology, so you can enjoy your favorite games up close.

In addition, it has a high refresh rate that lets gamers run even the most graphic-intense games without any issues.

You can still have good image quality for when you play games like Red Dead Redemption 2, while still being able to compete at a high level in games like Rainbow Six Siege.

The tradeoff here is that VA panels don’t quite excel in either category. It’s not the fastest and it won’t have the same exact gorgeous picture quality as IPS displays.

In terms of performance and image quality, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive TN panels fall behind VA (vertical alignment) models, which makes VA panels a great alternative to IPS (in-plane switching) monitors.

BONUS: The Cost No-One Tells You About

Now, it’s time to talk about how the connected wires of your new ultrawide monitor help transfer videos and images coming from your computer to the screen…the cables.

If you are already asking why ultrawide monitors are so expensive, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive then buckle up because it’s about to get even more expensive.

When I got my ultrawide monitor, I had to scale down some of the graphics in games to get them to run at 60 frames per second.

I used to love the immersion I got from video games on a widescreen monitor because it was easier to do any kind of work, but I found that once I installed my ultra-high-end graphics card and gave it a shot.

I wasn’t having any luck with the frame rate and had some issues with rendering.

After 5 months, I decided it was time to upgrade my graphics chip, and I knew the best option available was an RTX 2070 super.

The enjoyment I was able to get out of playing games so quickly increased after I upgraded my rig! When Red Dead Redemption 2 came out, it was a total blast running it on great graphics settings. Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive It was 35 hours of pure bliss.

I then played many other games on a 55’ flat-screen TV and turned up the settings and maxing out the refresh rate to 100hz on my monitor.

The point of this story is for you to keep in mind that when upgrading a NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX480 EVGA super clocked graphics card, one should 8GB minimum system RAM in order to run some games without crashing.

Unless of course you have a 2070 super or higher. Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive If you’re building your PC with an integrated graphics card your options will be more limited.

But there is still a lot that can be done in setting up your laptop to run games which do not require an ultra-powerful gaming computer.

So Should You Get An Ultrawide Monitor?

Speaking from personal experience, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive I would say not to purchase an ultrawide monitor unless you’re ready to greatly increase your enjoyment of games and never want to game on a 16:9 monitor ever again.

Besides, if you’re the type of gamer that enjoys playing story-driven games you cannot go wrong with an ultrawide!

From a technical perspective, it makes sense to buy a console that has enough storage space.

While it may be true that the cost might be more up-front, in the long run you’ll find yourself having much more fun playing your chosen games with new and exciting content.

The only people who should not invest in an ultrawide monitor are highly competitive gamers.

As a gamer, you are better off with a 16:9 monitor that has a TN panel for the most frames and high speed.

Ultrawide monitors are great for immersive experience, Why Are Ultrawide Monitors So Expensive but if you are looking to get e-sports ready go with a high refresh rate and low response time monitor.

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