Why Consider a Career in Cybersecurity?

In one study, it was estimated that 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis, meaning that there is a lot of risk for a company to be online. These problems are found not only in the United States, but all around the world. Companies today need to devote a good amount of resources in talent, money, and time, to help detect and prevent cyberattacks. 

To do this, they need to hire the right professionals to get the work done. Whether you are just starting out in your career or looking to make a change in direction, there are many reasons why a career in cybersecurity could be the key to helping you succeed. Some of the best benefits of choosing a career in cybersecurity includes:

Many Jobs to Choose From

Companies are constantly creating new jobs in cybersecurity, but many of them are struggling to fill them and get the professionals that they need. Between April 2020 to May 2021, there were 500,000 cybersecurity-related job postings for this career in the United States alone and the numbers are much higher when we look into other countries. 

This is good news for you if you are currently working on a degree in cybersecurity. There are a ton of jobs and it is not estimated that the growth is going to end any time soon. There are likely to be a ton of great paying jobs available when you are done with college, giving you the choice on where you would like to work and the kind of work you would like to do.  

Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The demand for professionals who know how to do cybersecurity is growing faster than the rate that new professionals are able to get the necessary skills. And it is expected that this skills gap is going to get worse as time goes on. 

According to research that comes to us from the firm Frost & Sullivan, the shortage of skilled IT professionals may be close to 1.8 million jobs by 2022. If a professional has the right skills and experience to fill these roles right now, they will have a huge amount of job opportunities to go with. They can even use this to negotiate a higher salary. 

Every Industry Needs Professionals in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity jobs are not going to be limited just to the tech sector. Most industries out there will find that they need skilled cybersecurity professionals to help them protect online transactions, data, and networks. The need for cybersecurity in some sectors, such as finance and healthcare, is obvious. 

But there are some other sectors that may not fit into the traditional mold for those who are worried about cyberattacks. These industries are also coming under attack by hackers and this can leave them vulnerable. 

For example, local and state governments are starting to see an increasing uptick of ransomware attacks compared to before. As household appliances and cars are moving online, the Internet of Things is finding that it needs better security than before as well. 

As more and more industries will need protection from hackers and attacks, they will all need to work with a cyber security professional to help provide them with this protection. And that means that even more positions are going to open up and the professionals will have their pick of the jobs that interest them the most. 

Many Career Pathways

Staying one step ahead of hackers and other cybercriminals means that you need to work with a team of experts that have different skills and knowledge bases. Your journey in cybersecurity is going to depend on not only your skillset, but also your strengths and unique interests. 

There are different roles that cybersecurity specialists are able to take on for the companies they work for. In fact, there are 52 different cybersecurity roles that are found out there and the more skills you have, the more career choices you can make. 

Gaining a degree in cybersecurity is a great place to start. You will gain some of the knowledge and experience that you need, getting a chance to check out a lot of different parts of cybersecurity and see if they are a match for you. When you are done, you can go out there and work to your first job, seeing what is a good fit for you. 

As you work to gain more experience, you may find that there is a niche in cybersecurity that sticks out to you, something that you want to learn more about or spend more time with. This can help you to figure out the right career for your needs and can lead you to a rewarding career. 

Can be Future-Proof

Cybersecurity is likely to see a good amount of job growth in the foreseeable future. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the United States that come with information security are expected to grow 33% from 2020 to 2030. Compared to other job industries of only 7.7% growth, this is huge, providing some job security. 

Unfortunately for businesses who would like to hire professionals in cybersecurity, the skills gap is going to be around for a long time. This can make it frustrating for the companies who are looking for help, but allows those who are entering into the industry to have mazy options and choices available to them for good jobs and high pay. 

The future is bright for this career path and many young professionals can consider getting a degree in cybersecurity to help them get started. 

Choosing to Get a Career in Cybersecurity

Once you have received your degree in cybersecurity, you will have a lot of options on jobs and even industries you would like to work in. There are many great paying jobs that will provide you with a challenge and a lot of fun on a daily basis. Take a look at some of the benefits of a career in cybersecurity above and see why this is a great choice for you. 

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