Why everyone is using bot ig nowadays and why you should use it too

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays. It has a lot of amazing features, however using basic Instagram tools is not enough to stand out among your numerous competitors. There are several tools that can make your Instagram experience memorable and more fun. There are photo downloaders, post planners, hashtag generators and many more. However, trying to find them and downloading them may be really exhausting. That’s why bots Instagram are getting more and more popular. The bot ig by Toolzu gets you all at once, so that you don’t have to look for those tools in the middle of nowhere. Bots provide you with services you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We will show you at least four reasons why you should really consider using it right now.

Download posts and stories easily

Tired of making screens and then editing them? Or trying to find the right picture among all the pictures you’ve saved on Instagram? With the bot it is no longer a problem. It allows you to download posts and photos without any issues. It is legal and private. Downloaded photos and videos you can use for analytics if you work in Social Media Marketing or just want to promote your own brand. You can also use it for personal reasons, for example to save recipes, creative ideas, educational materials, workouts. 

This tool gives you an advantage, because the 24-hour stories format is not a problem for you anymore. Bot gives you the opportunity to download Instagram stories, so that you can watch them even when no one else can do that. 

Use Instagram as if it was LinkedIn

Instagram is full of different accounts, that’s why finding an appropriate audience can be really difficult. Instagram bot suggests you use an advanced search mechanism. It is based on the LinkedIn principle. You have a variety of filters. For example, you can set the number of followers, gender and age of the owner and category. It even allows you to base your search on the number of posts that you can see on the account! This tool is useful when you need to attract a specific target audience or when you’re looking for influencers to promote your brand and advertise your product.

Analyze your competitors easily

You don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing your competitors by collecting the metrics. Advanced tools the bot provides you with will do that for you. You can analyze any public account you want and your competitors will never find out. Imagine how time consuming this would be to collect the data like the most used hashtags or the most commented or liked posts. The bot can do that for less than a minute! The service even provides you with the information you can’t collect yourself, even if you’re very attentive: how active the followers are and what the most popular posting time is. All the data you can use to understand your advantages and disadvantages. The process will give you a clear vision of what works and what doesn’t work, so that you can use the most successful solutions to grow your business. This tool is like a real business analyst!

Use Instagram even if you don’t have your own account

You need to use Instagram to see the content on someone else’s profile, but you don’t want to get your own? Yeah, Instagram has made it difficult for people who don’t want to use the app to view posts and stories. The app has a lot of useful content which is hard to find anywhere else. Sometimes people just don’t want to be a part of a “vanity fair”, or they just want to limit their presence on social media, but still want to catch up. That’s why the Instagram viewer tool has been invented. The service allows you to watch posts and stories from any public account of your choice. Don’t want your competitors to find out you’re spying on them? No worries! Instagram private viewer is absolutely anonymous, so no one can find out you’re watching their content. It’s even possible to use the service with a VPN.

Instagram bots are advanced tools and have had the opportunity to understand why. The tools provided are unique and hard to find anywhere else. There are millions of ways those tools can help you to increase your sales, improve your Instagram experience and have a lot of fun with the majority of amazing features.

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