Why should you use a dedicated IP?

Companies move tremendous amounts of information online, and if there is a cyber attack on an unprotected corporate network, the results may be devastating. For this reason, companies look for ways to improve their cyber security practices. Acquiring a dedicated IP (also known as static IP) for the company is one of the more popular ways to secure a corporate network. But what exactly is a dedicated IP, and why should you use one? You can find all about it in this article that will explain why your company also needs a static IP. 

What is a dedicated IP?

IP addresses are just like your home address in a virtual world; they specify your device to be recognized by the other devices on the network. They help you transfer data, search on the internet, and make connections with other devices. If you don’t use a virtual private network (VPN), this may be a liability, especially if you connect to corporate resources with your own IP. This way, corporate data might become visible to hackers online and put your company at serious risks. 

The thing is, even if you use a regular VPN service, you will most likely be connected to a shared IP, meaning that you’ll have the same address as every other device in the chosen area. That’s why although shared IPs create a certain level of protection, your corporate resources are still not fully secure from outer risks. 

On the other hand, Dedicated IP is an IP address provided by your vendor that can only be used by you and the people on your company network. This means that all the files shared between the company devices and all the information transferred in the network stays in the network. Since this is a VPN solution, your dedicated IP will be different from your local IP address, so the activities on the network are also protected from the outer Internet. In essence, a static (dedicated) IP is unique to your network, and it ensures complete privacy and security for your company resources. 

Why do you need a dedicated IP for your corporate network?

Now we know what exactly a dedicated IP is, let’s discuss the potential benefits of acquiring one for your corporate network. Remember that cyber security is a crucial part of any successful business, and the points mentioned below will help you maximize it. If you also want to benefit from them, you can buy static IP online from a reliable provider. 

Quick and secure remote access

Remote employees work and connect from everywhere possible. IT security teams are concerned about the safety of this work model. This is natural since it creates opportunities for cybercriminals to access corporate data if your network doesn’t have a proper VPN solution. 

Acquiring a dedicated IP is an excellent solution because you can identify allowed users regardless of their location. Only your employees with the correct IP address can access sensitive data, and they also have to authenticate themselves with various verification methods. Dedicated IPs are great for providing secure access to your remote employees. 

Layered access to corporate resources

If you don’t have a comprehensive cyber security structure, you may be using only credentials to provide some level of security. You give the passwords of the cloud-based applications to your employees, and they can access all the information available on your network. This approach may result in a data breach since all users have limitless access to corporate resources. 

Reliable dedicated IP providers give you the opportunity to segment your corporate network to identify every user with a specific role and a well-defined access area. This way, you’ll be ensuring that your employees access only the most needed data. If the whole network is available to everyone, any potential cyber threat becomes more dangerous since the entire network will be compromised. 

Better and faster connection 

Static IP solutions only allow the users within a specific network; these users would be your employees in a company context. If you were to use a shared IP, you would probably have more people on the same network. This difference in the number of users allows dedicated IPs to function faster. 

Since there are fewer contradictions, your download and upload speed will be much faster. Dedicated IPs come to the front if you care for a fast connection. 

Improved authentication process 

Getting a static IP address with a dedicated server from a provider means that your company basically owns this unique IP address. Since it only belongs to your company, you have maximum control over it. With a proper vendor, you’ll have diverse and reliable authentication methods for any user that tries to get into your network. These authentication methods range from biometrics, 2FA authentication, or SSO.

Varied verification steps have two main benefits. First, you will guarantee that the requestor device is being used by the allowlisted user thanks to the identity-based approach. Secondly, your employees will be provided with a convenient verification process thanks to technologies like SSO. 


The threats associated with Shared and Local IPs are apparent because of the vulnerability to attacks. Dedicated IP VPN services come to help businesses that want to protect their corporate network from any potential cybercriminals. 

Your corporate network doesn’t have to deal with cyberattacks with serious consequences if you use a private and unique IP address. Static IP vendors offer this terrific solution that comes with improved verification methods, secure remote access, faster connection, and network segmentation. If you’re looking for an all-around cyber security service, check out Dedicated IP solutions. Remember that the safety of a corporate network is equal to the company’s success.

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