5 Ways to Get More TikTok Followers Fast

5 ways to get more TikTok followers fast. No, we won’t be talking about some of those scammy methods like  follow and unfollow. Also, won’t be talking about generic things like choosing your niche and audience etc. 

In this piece you will learn 5 ways that guarantee you get more followers fast. Of course, we also don’t mean overnight or within just a few days. While it could happen, that is not something we guarantee. 

But what we do guarantee is that the methods we discuss work 100% with no exception. It only requires you apply them following through with patience.

You will learn how important the content is and why you should duet and do as many giveaways as you can afford. And you should consider buying TikTok followers to shoot up the numbers in your followers count.

Precious content 

The only stereotypical advice we will ever give is this one about the content and its quality. Inasmuch as guessing you may have encountered advice of this sort already somewhere else. 

Precious content is the one that is the most expensive, at least to you, but it is for the viewers. If it is not, you must make your content as one so that they will keep coming back to you. 

The way to make a content so precious that the reader will be coming back to watch it again and again is to fill it with value. 

By value, we mean something that is useful, in fact, so useful that they must consider watching it more than once. 

Usually this type of content is something that teaches people, or shows some tips and tricks. However, sometimes even the content that entertains becomes that value driven one. 

For example, the most watched video on the platform by Bella Poarch, we obviously don’t have to mention which that is. 

So, to get followers fast, you need to make sure your content is worth following after. The better the content, not only will you be getting more followers, but also views, likes, comments, and everything else as well. 

Having great content is just the key to growing on TikTok, which is why it is the only proven way that helps you get more TikTok followers.

Buy TikTok followers 

The only other way that could get more TikTok followers is purchasing them. While we don’t judge or reprimand the purchase of TikTok followers, even though that method is something that has a huge controversy behind it. 

Because, despite the controversy this also could help to increase the numbers of followers you have. But will they engage and help you get views and likes is probably out of question. 

So, when buying you should always keep in mind that they won’t be active, and it will only be on your profile for the sake of showing the numbers higher than that already is, which could potentially bring social proof. 

There is also another way to buy TikTok followers which is straight from the platform. This way doesn’t really assume you are buying TikTok followers specifically, it will just showcase your videos to the massive audience it has for money. 

So, it is basically the same thing as buying TikTok followers from a third-party platform. Except you are buying it from the TikTok platform.  So, do you wonder how?

Just advertise your videos on the platform with the right targeted keywords and good content. The TikTok ads will take care of the rest. But sometimes this costs more money than if you were to buy from the third party services. 

That is why you might also want to consider platforms like socialboosting.com to get some really good deals on TikTok followers, views, likes, and more.

Sponsor videos 

The best way to get followers is actually to sponsor other creators. What this means precisely is to get other people to post videos about you.

Of course, this sounds like something you have not heard before and it truly is a new thing to the TikTok world. 

But it works like a charm. You See when other people mention you and talk about you, it basically promotes you and your channel in the eyes of their followers and everyone else who sees that video.  If you are the type of creator with only value driven content that glues people to your channel, this method will be your number one strategy. 

To make this work, it is utterly, and paramount that you have good content, that you have the kind of content that gets more TikTok followers with every view.  That is the primary reason we talked about it first.

If you do, well, when you do, there will be no need to focus on promoting your channel and spending on sponsorship videos and such. Because good content alone can bring followers organically. 

But since you are here looking to find ways to get more TikTok followers fast. Promoting your channel that way should be the first tactic you turn to. 


Duets are the extension to the above method we discussed. They can also stand on their own as a complete method to get more TikTok followers, but works and fits better under the sponsorship category. 

You see, TikTok is a unique platform that gives its users the ability to duet with other users. Duetting feature is only available on this platform alone. You don’t even need permission to duet other users. 

Although dueting can be turned off and on, many users leave it open because it helps both users. You are simply showing them to your audience, while if they duet you, they are showing you to theirs. 

If you are to make great content, you will be dueted left and right, meaning your exposure will go through the roof. 

So, don’t limit yourself with sponsoring other creators, duet with them and have them duet with you to get more TikTok followers quickly. 

Giveaways, often

The secret to get more TikTok followers fast is to actually acquire them by, what many may jokingly call, bribing them. Whatever it may be called, this strategy is so good that it will work regardless of what type of videos you make, the size of your channel and so on. 

What it boils down to, is that you should do a lot of giveaways. If you are planning to get followers fast, this really works. Of course, you will need to really give something away every time you host an event like this. But it is a small cost to pay.

You should not also give away to your friends or people you know. Doing so will just generate the opposite effect. Give away to random people from the list of fans you have. But also ask them to hashtag you or mention you, perhaps even link to your profile. 

So, it is another way of sponsoring per se, but with giveaways you get to meet the people who follow you and talk to them, perhaps even understand why they follow. 

On this topic, make sure to always talk to them, ask a few questions, about their interests and why they follow and their interests etc. the more  you know the better, in fact, it just helps you get to know your audience better. 

But apart from just giving stuff away, there are other things you can do to get more TikTok followers fast. 


Contests work exactly like the giveaways, except you are not just giving away, but doing so on condition. However contests usually bring better results, because the conditions you set can be 

anything. Well not anything, anything, but something within the morales and ethics of a contest. 

For example, you may require the receiver to be a follower, and to have commented on that video and perhaps shared it too. It is only fair that they put up with a few steps to get something for free. 

There are also other types of contests that involve making videos and mentioning you or hashtagging you and so on. 

The kind you organize is up to you, but as you may now realize that the sole purpose of doing both is to get more TikTok followers. You may ask, why do giveaways when I can just do contests and get more followers even faster.

While it is true, the followers you get from these events are not always the best quality ones. Because, you know they came to your profile only to win something. That means that they may not even be interested in the content you create. 

However , doing giveaways improves your reputation per se. It focuses not only on the immediate return as follows, but the leakage effect that it may have. Which is that people might think you are a kind and likable person.  And that itself is enough to give you a follow, especially in today’s world.


Another way to get more TikTok followers not just fast, but on the regular basis is by working on the SEO aspect of each clip.

When we say SEO we are obviously making a sound  a bit too serious and formal. Although it doesn’t have to be that formal, this should sound as serious as possible. 

If you’re reading this piece, then it’s like you are serious about growing your account and getting more TikTok followers. 

Thus, having one more thing to work on wouldn’t be anything but good news. Especially if that thing is something that could guarantee you growth. 

SEO is one such thing that can do that. There are times when users get loads of followers in the matter of time for just having the right content at the right time. 

It’s like the saying that people use “the right time, at the right place”.  Which is so true in life. And it transfers over to the TikTok platform as well. 

If you happen to have the right content at the right time. Then you are 1000% more likely to get more TikTok followers, likes, shares, and everything else than if you did not. 

However, how do you end up with the right content at the right time?


One of the proven, age-old ways to have the right content at the right time is by using the correct hashtags. However, they have faced quite the controversy and disbelief from many newcomers to the field of SEO. 

While some of the suspicions on the hashtags came true, it was totally useless. In fact, hashtags were still one of the driving key elements in the discovery of new content on TikTok.

Thus hashtags still work, but their modest usage is encouraged. So, when using hashtags pay attention to two things;

  • How relevant and expressive they are
  • How many of them are on the videos

Although they are still used, the times when you could stuff your video with hashtags has long passed. Doing so now not only wouldn’t work, but would result in penalties. 

So, you want to include 3-6 hashtags on each clip. And have the 50% of the hashtags be very niche oriented ones, like the something that exposes what the video is about. 

The other 50% you should have a bit broader ones that not just exposes but lets the algorithm understand what category, or subcategory the video is. That way, it will know whom to recommend first.

The best place it includes is in the bio of the video and at the end after the description. Because your description must be full of something that we are going to be talking about next.


These are the keywords that could get more TikTok followers. As the search engines and the algorithms are ever more smarter these days, they are able to understand the search intent of a user just by analyzing a word or two. 

It is the main reason these are called keywords. Thus, by including them in your bio and titles you let the algorithm know what your clip is about.  The more precise and accurate they are the better again. 

The algorithm should have a clear idea of what your video is about, it can actually read your transcript and understand every single word you say, but for some reason, cannot still make any sense from it. So, it will need other information like the hashtags, keywords, and details for the imagery. 

The better it understands what the video is about, the more people will recommend it to on the first try. If you are trying to get TikTok followers fast, then it is your duty to help it understand it as clearly as possible so that it can start the recommendation cycle with a bigger pool of people. 

Analytics: the right data, and the right time

One thing we did not discuss to end up with the right content at the right time is the ability to do so. Of course, keywords and hashtags help you to a certain degree, but it is hard to see what degree is this. 

The access to TikTok Analytics you get from Business or Creator accounts will give you just that and more. It will help you analyze your traffic source, the followers, the content, live stream statistics, and more. 

These data are crucial in identifying what type of content and which exact clip brings you the most number of TikTok followers, and more. 

You should make sure to stick to the data rather than luck, for the data cannot lie. You should pay special attention to the engagement and the number of followers brought by each clip. 

It will give you a clear idea on if your work is paying off and the content is gluing people to the account like we discussed at the start. The good thing is, it will also show you if it is not working. Thus, you will have the data on what video brought you the highest number of followers. This data alone can get you more Tik Tok followers fast if you only use it wisely. 

Final thoughts 

Here these are the 5 ways to get more TikTok followers fast. They are not the usual kind you got used to seeing. But the kind that guarantees 100% effectiveness. 

Although they all are equally important, getting more TikTok followers comes down to one thing only, as it is with everything else on the platform, and it is the content. 

The quality of content you produce determines everything, and you may determine the quality depending on how quickly you’d wish to get TikTok followers. 

Just remember the better the quality the faster and the more followers you will be getting. But if you only focus on the content and forget about the other tips, then you are also likely to get not as much from it as you would if you followed it .

Because these have been tried and tested and organized in such a way to give you the most results, in the quickest amount of time. 

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