Best Ways To Gain Traffic To Your Site From TikTok

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform that has taken the world by storm. You do not have to have a million followers to be noticed. Just one viral video can put you on the map of the platform. It is no longer a platform that merely entertains teenagers; businesses have also realized its commercial potential. And those who are still not on the platform are losing out on a lot of sales, brand awareness and overall growth of the businesses. 

The problem is TikTok does not work like other mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube when it comes to marketing. Its algorithm, interface, and general mode of operation are quite different from other platforms. Hence, businesses need to adapt to TikTok to generate traffic for their website. And this piece has been crafted precisely for that purpose. So, let’s get straight to it. 

Strategies To Generate Traffic From TikTok

You do not necessarily have to buy TikTok views to generate traffic for the website. There are ways to improve traffic generation organically. Furthermore, even if you buy

TikTok auto views, it would have little impact on the business because most views are inorganic. Thus, it is better to stick with tried and tested strategies that can help you develop an organic following and traffic.

Direct The Viewers To Landing Page

Most websites are not optimized for TikTok, making it difficult for viewers to find what they are looking for. You can develop a landing page to work around it. There are several benefits to the landing page, but the most important one is it directs the followers to exactly what they are looking for. When the TikTok followers are directed to the website’s homepage, they must navigate to find the relevant content on their own. However, with a landing page, the click buttons take the followers directly to the relevant content.

Furthermore, the landing page also allows the incorporation of links to multiple campaigns. Hence, instead of inserting the link to the website in the bio, it is best that you provide the followers with a link to the landing page. You can add the link to the bio by going into the settings and editing the website. 

That said, not all TikTok accounts can insert the link into their bio. You have to join the “TikTok Tester Program” and download “TestFlight”, which will direct you to a newer version of the platform. It is likely that you would get the option to edit the website afterwards. But if TikTok does not provide the option despite joining the “Tester Program”, it is probably because the account does not have enough followers. You can either buy TikTok views or follow tips to grow your following and join the program again. 

Furthermore, if you can insert the link to the bio in the platform, ensure that it is short and does not look like a scam. The Internet offers several free tools to help you optimize the links for TikTok Bio. 

Integrate Other Social Media Platforms

If you are not eligible to incorporate a website link in the account’s bio, integrating TikTok with other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube can help. You do not need a certain number of followers to connect your account with these platforms.

Simply enter the settings and link to other social media handles. Your subscribers can reach the Instagram and YouTube pages by clicking the respective icons at the top of your profile.

Furthermore, Instagram and YouTube also support long-form content and hence can be used to get viewers more hyped about the brand. TikTok can provide a teaser and direct them to the full videos on Instagram and YouTube. Provided that the content is appealing, it would compel the viewers to click on the link to the website. Best part? You do not need to buy TikTok Auto Views for this strategy because you would not even need to incorporate a link in TikTok’s Bio. 

Optimize The Content Strategy

The number of followers has little importance when it comes to discoverability on TikTok. Your videos must be creative and entertaining to appeal to the audience and become viral. There are several ways to optimize the content strategy, but the best one is to combine education with entertainment. In addition to creating effective content,

add relevant hashtags to improve discoverability. 

There is no need to put effort into coming up with captions for videos on TikTok because it is not as valued on TikTok as on Facebook and YouTube. Furthermore, if the account has a significant following, it is best to understand their demographics and devise a content strategy accordingly. You can pick the best time and days to post the content according to the audience’s activity on the platform.

Furthermore, while creating content, ensure that it has enough to tease the audience but not everything that they do not even feel the need to click on the website. You have to strike the balance between the two to generate traffic to the website. 

Invest in TikTok Ads

If you are thinking to buy TikTok auto views, it is better to invest in TikTok ads instead. Like the other platforms, TikTok ads target the desired audience and improve the traffic to the website. Furthermore, as of now, it is the only way to add an action button in the videos. Best part? You do not need to have a certain number of followers to use the ads. Simply select an appropriate plan and provide the platform’s demographic information to improve your campaign’s reach.

You can add several types of action buttons, including “download the app”, “visit the website”, and “shop now”. Select from them that fits the best for the marketing campaign. The best part of using TikTok ad is it offers guaranteed success, unlike organic content, which can be a hit or miss.

Partnering Up with Influencers

If you are starting out, chances are TikTok does not allow you to incorporate links to the website. But it can be solved if you hire TikTok influencers to market your brands and products. Most influencers have the option to add a link to the websites in their bio. Hence, even if your account does not allow it, the audience can reach the website from the influencers’ accounts. 

However, while selecting a brand ambassador, it is important to understand the goals and objectives of the marketing campaign. You have to select an influencer who is fit for a particular campaign. Hiring a teenage influencer to market for a brand that targets an aged population or vice versa would be a bad decision. You should bring influencers on board who can relate to the marketing message. 

TikTok has even developed a Creator Marketplace which can help you select the best influencer for the brand. You can pick the most suitable influencer for the brand based on the performance data collected by TikTok itself. Creator Marketplace also provides other tools to manage the campaign effectively. 

Go Live on TikTok

TikTok allows accounts to go live provided that they have more than a thousand followers. It is the best way to connect with the audience, understand their concerns and address theri queries. You can hold a live session to instruct the audience about the brand and how to reach out to it. Furthermore, the direct interaction with the audience creates a bond and a sense of trust between the brand and the audience. Consequently, it will help in generating the traffic for the website.

Best part? TikTok Live can also improve the discoverability of accounts. There is a dedicated section known as “Top LIVEs” on TikTok which appears right at the top of the user’s feed. You can hold a live session by clicking on the “LIVE” tab after selecting the

plus icon. It will allow you to select the title of broadcast and cover photo before going live. Cover photo is important for brands because it tells what the feed is all about.

It is advised to develop these cover photos with the help of professional graphic designers to make the brand look professional and credible. It is very important for the brands that are starting out and do not have a standing in the public yet.

Conclusion: Ways to Bring Traffic from TikTok to Official Website

Like other social media platforms, TikTok can also help you generate traffic for the website. You do not need to buy TikTok views to become noticeable on the platforms. Simply follow the tried and tested tips to grow the following organically. Because of the better reach of the app, the traffic generated from TikTok would be more than other social networking platforms. Plus, it would not even cost as much even if you decide to opt for paid TikTok ads. 

However, like other platforms TikTok also requires a well-designed strategy to achieve marketing goals and objectives. And we hope that this piece helps you in formulating the best strategy for your marketing campaign.

Author Bio: I am David Tucker, a professional Inbound Marketer with an immense passion for social media and content marketing. I firmly believe in delivering value and kindness to my connections and clients. With my content, I have helped multiple brands reach their marketing goals in several niches globally.

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