Top 5 Tips To Post Your Book Review On TikTok (For Authors!)

Is it your hobby to do a book review on social media? If so, right now, TikTok is the right choice to start your book review. But can you guess how? BookTok is the TikTok account popular for the books and every author. It is a part of a niche platform for short-format video content. BookTok includes content like videos about literary collections, building home libraries, and book reviews with new releases.

Are you keen to start your BookTok venture right now? If so, first do the scratch work of TikTok account creation and research niches to post. After this, if you want to expand your TikTok profile traffic, then start to buy tiktok fans which doubles up viewership. Now, if you are ready to begin your TikTok venture, don’t wait anymore. Here, you can see how to begin your BookTok with the top five tips to post your BookTok.

How To Start BookTok For Your Reviews?

BookToks may have trends and challenges where you can reach a massive audience base. Earlier, the launch of TikTok was for teens, but its quick expansion helped it get influencers and Instagram users. Meanwhile, businesses started to use TikTok for their marketing ventures. Hence, BookTok began as a marketing feature for book publishers and authors. In simple terms, young book lovers become BookTok influencers to excel in their passion for book reviews. I hope you can read the following tips to post your BookTok for your book collection.

Let us start right now!

1. The TikTok Algorithm

TikTok users use videos through the For You pages, an algorithmic programmed feed that delivers content to users based on their preferences. When a user starts viewing and engaging with a specific content type, there is a powerful effect of user-based content. These are the following TikTok strategy which is not unique from other social media platforms.

  • Engage your potential followers by likes and comments on their comments.
  • Try to post regularly by making your followers for the new content.
  • Use engaging hashtags to assist people in discovering your TikTok videos.

2. Tag Your TikTok Hashtags

Do you want to make your TikTok followers reach your BookTok? If so, try to do hashtags for your using BookTok. You can use the best hashtag challenge with the combinational hashtag strategy. For example, you can use four to six hashtags representing your brand and then add four to six hashtags that suit your content video. Also, you can even use trending hashtags if you are trying a viral challenge.

Fun Fact: If you want your book review to get higher TikTok engagement, then start to use popular hashtags. You can even try to buy tiktok likes where you rank the top position among your competitors.

3. Content Ideas For TikTok Marketing & Promotion

  • Post a sneak peek at your book cover
  • Sum up your book
  • Post an unboxing video of your new books
  • Feature your TikTok followers about your writing process and the pains of editing.
  • Narrate your TikTok followers about the book publishing process.
  • Offer writing tips and suggestions for aspiring authors.
  • Share quotes and messages from your books.
  • Partner with other BookTok-ers and request them to post a review on your book.

4. Don’t Do This On BookTok

Always make sure to blend your TikTok book review so that you not only promote your books. But also be helpful to share valuable tricks and tips for writers and book suggestions. Indeed, your TikTok followers will go away when you start to promote. Hence, don’t promote your TikTok content; instead, begin to do TikToking.

5. How To Go TikTok Viral Using BookTok

The first factor about going TikTok viral is to create engaging content to boost your profile reach with trending sound effects. If your TikTok sound effects have more than ten thousand videos, then you can try to post your videos on that soundtrack. As a result, the popular hashtags, trending soundtracks, and innovative content strategy will enhance your TikTok video views for your BookTok.

Now, start to spend your time on TikTok for some time, where you can find several followers posting the relevant content. For instance, it can be either suitable sounds or themes. Moreover, BookToks have trends or challenges where you can benefit from following it on your TikTok profile to promote your new book or book you read.

Keep in mind that TikTok lets you post videos for only 15-seconds where you need to grab your followers’ attention in short of buying your book.

Final Takeaways

The article explains the top five tips for posting your book review on TikTok as a publisher. Still, if you are trying to elevate your profile reach for the BookTok, start to use Tikviral, where you get a huge follower base. The best suggestion would be to begin your BookTok and practice these steps one by one to beat your competitors. All the best.

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