How to Create Real Estate Web App Step by Step?

Before create real estate web App, you need to understand what functions it will perform for realtors, and what for clients: sellers (landlords) and buyers (tenants). A good example of such a platform is Mansiondeal that offers for sale and rental listings.

There are two ways to separate roles:

  • By creating separate applications for each of the parties;
  • Using one application in which it is possible to distribute functions between users.

In addition, you require creating a web application for the organizers of the whole service – the admin panel.

Let’s consider the key points of the mobile application (in more detail use


Registration and login to the application should be as simple as probable. We recommend that you implement login using your email or phone number. It is worth allowing unregistered customers to enter the system for the initial acquaintance with the application.

Personal profiles

Both realtors and clients must have personal profiles. With their help, realtors and sellers (landlords) add descriptions and photographs of properties, fill in contact information for each property, and manage the schedule of views. Buyers (tenants) name in private data, which, among other things, will help algorithms understand what kind of resources to offer them.

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The main feature of the application is a database with ads. The more ads, the more chances of success. Therefore, the client should be able to list the property for sale or rent without visiting the office.

Property profiles

On the page of each object, there is a description and photos. In this way, the customer in search will get an idea of how the thing resembles in life. The highlight of your appeal can be an automatic check of real estate against various databases of government agencies. This requires the integration of an electronic verification algorithm.

List of realtors

A large real estate company may suggest to the customer a list of realtors to choose from. We recommend that you add a short explanation of each realtor’s experience with photography, the amount of features sold, and the area of operation of the broker.

Real Estate

Sections and filters

Finding and choosing the correct field is the most frustrating element of the entire method, so you require to ease the suffering of customers by giving them excellent search and sorting filters according to specific rules.

Plans and geolocation

There is nothing better than visualizing the place where you want to live. Maps present important information for those looking to hire or buy a residence. Maps should show nearby purposes and support, as well as area statistics: wrong rate, traffic congestion, general accident risks, etc. For greater convenience, you can give users the ability to route directions within home and office, home and school, and other important places.

It is easy to get confused among hundreds of apartments and houses. It is necessary to give the client the ability to create a list of favorites so as not to forget anything.

Mortgage calculator

The function will require the selection of a partner bank. In order not to limit clients, it is better to create a universal calculator with offers from different banks. A detailed calculator will help users quickly and easily correlate the value of real estate and their financial capabilities, “probe” all the options and choose the best one.

Keeping calendars and planning teamwork

Implementing a calendar will allow you to quickly schedule appointments. This option should be available to both realtors and clients. Users should also be able to link the calendar to a special feature.

Push announcements

Push notifications remind users that they have an app and can be configured to suggest them:

  • about the appearance of new real estate objectives in a certain place,
  • Updating application properties,
  • about price changes and other events.

But don’t forget: notifications want to be important and helpful. The customer should be able to customize their functionality. More information can be found on


Create real estate web App needs data collection to examine business rules, find pitfalls and their causes. A detailed understanding of what is occurring will support optimize business, development strategy, and increase the efficiency of the application.

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