10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

After launching your website, the next step is to convert website visitors into customers quickly. This will result in more profitabile business. Today’s narrative will be about how to make an excellent strategy to improve this conversion rate. Our web design agency in Chicago has researched this subject and presented the results in further text.

What are the conversion rate and its importance?

Conversion rate is a function of your website based on usage, incoming traffic, product name, trust in your brand, and other factors. The result is the number between leads and customers. Conversion of visitors into buyers is fundamental to eCommerce sale volume.

Principles  to focus on

  • Make buying as simpler as possible

Remove all functions that can distract visitors from the final decision. Avoid paradox of choices by eliminating unnecessary CAT options, navigations, choices, links, and pop-ups, and guide visitors to preferred action. Offering too many alternatives can clutter a webpage, confuse users, and divert them away.

  • Personalize users’ experience by collecting and analyzing visitors’ data

You can add tolls to your website, or create a tracking funnel, with functions to analyze users’ behavior and preferences on your site. The gathered information will help you understand visitors. Use those estimations on utilizing and personalizing users’ shopping experience.

  • Manage PPC campaigns

Target keyword phrases with the lowest CPC values. Low “Cost per Click” will drive worth traffic to your website. You can also pay for marketing with targeted keywords.

  •  Create a chatbot and email marketing campaign

The goal is to realize an interaction with visitors. Chatbots and email tools can help you have quick interaction, receive their email address, and contact them by email for marketing purposes. This means welcome messages, discounts for new users, and personalized offers, that can lead to sales. 

  • Include live chat as an option for communication

Many visitors prefer online chats with the company’s customer service agents cause of the quick answers and get immediate information. The advantage of live chat is avoiding communication channels by approaching the business directly.  Also, live chat is the opportunity to get quick responses and guide customers to finishing the perches. Providing good assistance in real-time with the conversation with visitors can engage the user and improve their business satisfaction.

  • Offer the discounts and produce a sense of urgency

This tip will create a sense of saving money when buying from your company. Many buyers tend to wait until the desired product is on sale or to use the discount codes and coupons. You can give promotions such as volume-based discounts, free shipping, and limited-time sale for certain products.

By sending emails or website messages you can inform and remind customers about limited-time or quantity-related deals. Inducing the sense of emergency can provide the sense of missing a great chance to save money. 

  • Resolving the problem of abandoned shopping charts

Preventing the visitors from leaving your store and their charts with selected products is impossible but you can manage to make them return. You can include messages about whether they want to save their shopping chat content. Is an attempt to encourage customers to complete the order.

You can send emails to remind customers of their unfinished purchases. This is the opportunity to offer them discounts or free shipping on chosen items, and increase the chances that buyers will take the offer.

  • Optimize checkout option

Make it possible to finalize transactions without signing up and avoid a complicated checkout process. Provide guest checkout alternatives without being logged in. Impart one-click login with social media accounts. The benefit of that is simplicity and saving time. 

Inform customers about product costs, shipping and taxes before they reach the checkout page.

Make available to choose more shipping and payment options, 

  • Increase trust by adding a proof

Provide testimony and reviews of the previous customers. Also, this can include demos, cases (before and after), scientific studies, and results that will prove your claims. This will introduce your service or products to potential customers without leaving the impression of uncertainty.

  • Conduct A/B testing

A/B testing is a technique that evaluates which solution is the best for increasing your conversion rate. You can test your website or product design to find a more effective preview for your audience. All aspects of the website can be tested such as headlines, color, layouts, navigation, and different media, analyzing which one will achieve the best impact on your users.

Final Thoughts

Implementing those features reduce frictions and utilizes your conversion funnel. Noticeably buffer the conversion rate of your website and better traffic. We suggest considering those tips in an order to make a step forward concerning the competition. 

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