Outlook.com tutorial, tips and tricks for the web version – Detailed Guide

Outlook.com is one of the best email services available. You can access it on the web or as cross-platform software. Setting up an email account with Outlook is easy, and it has many features that most people overlook. Here are some short Microsoft Outlook tutorials that will help you get started.

Outlook.com tutorial & tips

Block unwanted sender

If you mistakenly sign up for the newsletter of different e-commerce websites or start getting unwanted online deals-related emails, you can block that particular sender or a whole domain to get rid of that. Mails from all the blocked senders will be moved to the “Junk” folder. To add an email to the Blocked Senders list, click on the Settings gear button > then click on Options > Mail > Junk email > Blocked senders. Here you can add a particular email or a domain name in the empty box.

Setup “Automatic Reply”

You can send a predefined message to all your email contacts by setting up Automatic Reply. To do this, go to the settings gear button > select Automatic Replies. Here you can select the start date, and end date, select contacts, and write a message. If you select a future time, your automatic reply will be sent automatically after that preset time.

Send money through PayPal

One of the most trustworthy money transferring platforms out there is PayPal, and you can use it to send money via Outlook. To do this, you need to install the PayPal add-in. To do this, click on the Outlook settings button in the navigation bar, select Manage integrations, search for PayPal for Outlook, and toggle the button. Now, open the compose email window. You should see the PayPal logo in the bottom bar. On the next window, enter the recipient’s PayPal email ID, amount, currency, and any other relevant information. After that, log into your PayPal account to complete the payment.

Attach a file from cloud storage

Nowadays we store files in different cloud storage such as Google Drive, Box.net, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. By default, Outlook only allows you to insert a file from OneDrive, but you need to authorize your other cloud storage accounts to attach files from them. To do so, go to Outlook Options > Mail > Attachment Options > Storage accounts. Here you can find different storage options. Select one and enter your account credentials to get started. Following that, you will get an option to attach files from that account while composing a new email.

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Create custom rule

Outlook rules help you manage your emails more efficiently by allowing you to automate certain actions based on specific criteria. For example, you can create a rule that automatically moves all emails from a particular sender to a specific folder, or that flags all emails with a certain word in the subject line.

Creating a rule is easy. Simply open an email, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and select “Create Rule.” From there, you can select the various criteria you want to use to trigger the rule.

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