Purchase links to raise your website’s SEO

Everyone wants to increase the SEO of their website, but there are different ways to approach this. One is very white hat, where the goal is to position the website naturally through quality content, while the other is grey or black hat, where the goal is to buy SEO backlinks to strengthen the project.

It’s not that I’m against white hat techniques; in fact, I know several colleagues who have successfully positioned blogs and even online stores without building or purchasing links using quality content and a clever internal link. However, it must be acknowledged that external links are required for competitive niches.

The easiest approach to describe backlinks is to compare them to references. For example, if your uncle works for Movistar and you’re searching for a job, he may suggest you to the hiring manager. Would that increase your chances of getting the job, right?

It works the same way with backlinks, with the exception that Google is the boss, your uncle is the link, and you are, of course, the one searching for employment online.

Sounds sensible, however… What took place?

Since those of us who are committed to the online world do not miss an opportunity, the link is a highly manipulable statistic, and it started to be extremely common. Due to this, it is becoming more crucial than ever to have connections that stand out from the crowd, and purchasing backlinks is an excellent method to do it.

Google penalizes it, which is the first explanation.

Clever? Is this the reason you post?

Google obviously penalizes it, but that does not imply that it is impossible to execute; it just has to be done properly and without leaving any clear signs. The reviews are utilized in blogs and online shops, so I can promise you that if you follow the instructions in the article you won’t run into any issues. Now that everything is clear, let’s move on to the next topic.

Imagine that before I joined the internet world, the majority of “seos” only used a few links in directories and 300-word articles to promote niches, which is completely unachievable at the time.

You need quality backlinks to position a project in 2016 and one method to get them is to purchase them. I hope this article will help you build your project by providing you with numerous options for getting high-quality links for sale or even for free.

How to get top-notch connections

In order to avoid falling into the Google abyss while purchasing reviews, some factors must be taken into consideration. A link is an investment, thus one of the first things to do is to realize that it shouldn’t be the cheapest.

Here are the primary criteria I consider before purchasing reviews:

  • Chain farms

As you may have guessed, there are individuals who make a nice living writing evaluations; they sell articles that lead to your website for $5 to $10. Since they often cost that much, I check to see whether every article has an outbound link as my first step.

Run away if that website has links to several low-quality websites and all of the postings have links. Your website and your effort will both be destroyed by that sort of evaluation. The blogs where you purchase backlinks ought to be balanced. Does it seem natural to you for a blog to link to websites with various themes in each post? Google doesn’t either.

  • Metrics

I won’t argue that it’s significant, but in my perspective, Google is emphasizing the notion that the web shares our concept more and more. Even if Moz only has two more newscasts remaining, it is always useful to know the domain and page authority it has as well as Majestic’s metrics. If you don’t already have an account with them, you may benefit from the free version by analyzing a number of everyday websites.


The subject, as I said, is becoming more and more significant, however, this is merely my impression based on what I have seen in my work. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. No matter how effective it may be, what use does it serve to link to my wedding page from a masonry website?

There is a saying that goes, “Getting up early doesn’t mean it dawns sooner,” and link-building is no exception.

You cannot build connections to a new project left and right since you will likely be penalized. Why are there so many links on this Móstoles removals website in the first week of its launch? 

Google won’t assume that the debut of your website was similar to the release of a Hollywood film. Go slowly; in the first few months, I often create three to five links each week. I postpone purchasing reviews until the second month, and then it typically consists of no more than one bought link per week.

The phrase we use to connect to our project, often referred to as anchor text, is what most people usually use, which is deadly. The anchor text has to be varied; typically, I use a lot of brand names (yourwebsite.com, www.yourwebsite.com, your website…) And relatively few precise keywords. Excel may be used for this, and it is handy to enter the names and dates we provide to each connection there. This is useful since it prevents mistakes from happening.

Location URL

If all of your links go to your website’s home page, something is amiss; in most cases, you need to change the destination URL unless your website just has one page. It is handy to offer categories and articles’ strengths… Let the link’s strength flow!

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Give diversity to everything that is done in the development and acquisition of connections. I could have spared this point, as it is essentially a repeat. Do you believe it is typical for a website to have all of its home page links have the same name?

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