Top 8 On-page SEO Ranking Factors for E-commerce Websites

Today, the number of eCommerce businesses has increased a lot, making the competition tough for eCommerce players. So, it is necessary to use effective marketing techniques to promote your business. SEO is a part of digital marketing that can improve your business visibility and sales. You can also hire eCommerce SEO services for your business.

For an online business, website traffic is very crucial because without traffic, it is impossible to grow your business, and this will even affect your sales. And, to increase the traffic of the website, you must use SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to improve the rank of the website in the search results, and this will help to increase the traffic on your website. However, SEO is not an easy thing; it requires specialized expertise. So, you can hire SEO services for eCommerce websites.

On-page SEO is the technique of optimizing web pages for specific keywords in order to boost search visibility and traffic.

In this post, we will discuss factors that can affect the on-page ranking of your eCommerce business.

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Major on-page ranking factors

  • Website architecture 

Website architecture is one major factor that can influence the ranking of your eCommerce website. Website architecture means the structure of the pages and website. The arrangement of the website plays an important role. 

An eCommerce website has more pages than any other typical website. When there are more pages on a website, then sometimes it becomes difficult for people to find the pages. To get a higher ranking, you must make sure that people and search engines can easily find all the pages of the website.

             For a good website architecture, you must keep 2 things in mind:

  1. The website should be simple and scalable
  2. All the pages must be accessed within 3 clicks from the homepage

If you follow these two things, you will improve your website architecture and rank higher in the search results. Hire SEO services for eCommerce to strengthen the architecture of your website.

  • Meta tags

Meta descriptions or meta tags provide a short description of the page. They help readers to know whether the page they are visiting is relevant to their search query or not. It is displayed below the search results in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

By optimizing your meta tags, you can improve your Click-through rate (CTR) and perception of the quality of your results.

  • E-A-T

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) is the framework that Google raters use to evaluate content providers, webpages, and whole websites.

Google always favor websites with high-quality content. Google makes sure that the websites that create good quality content get rewarded with higher rankings. 

So, you must focus on this 3-letter word E-A-T., to get a better ranking and visibility.

To follow this principle, you may require the help of experts, and thus you must hire the best ecommerce SEO services.

  • Image optimizing

In an eCommerce website, you need to add a lot of images. Each product has multiple product images, and there may be a huge number of products on your site, so you need a huge number of images. Adding pictures can make your website attractive, but at the same time, it can also make your website slow.

Optimizing the images can improve your website rankings, improve the user experience, and also improve the speed of your page. A virtual SEO agency can help you with this purpose.

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a great way to attract targeted traffic and boost sales. However, you need to know the strategies that are used to rank the content higher in the search results. 

To improve your rank in the search results and attract traffic to your website, you must create content on trending topics, use targeted keywords in your content, and post content on social media platforms. You can hire an eCommerce SEO company for content marketing.

  • Improving user experience

To retain your customers, you must improve the user experience on your website. You must use engage customers so that they don’t leave your website. Improving user experience will not only help to retain your customers but also improve your online rankings. Google favors a website that provides a good user experience to its visitors. 

To improve user experience, you must focus on improving the speed of your website, increasing user engagement, optimizing content, etc. If you do not improve user experience on your site, it may negatively affect your rankings.

  • SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting can boost your on-page SEO efforts. Users will be more engaged if you invest in great content for your landing pages. If you write good content, then your user will be engaged, and also it will improve your search results.  

Some tips for copywriting:

  • Make your introductions succinct and appealing.
  • Clearly state both the problem and your solution.
  • Long phrases and paragraphs should be avoided.
  • Use targeted keywords in the content.
  • Write for readers.
  • Use stories to engage people.
  • Internal linking

Internal linking is one of the most important on-page SEO factors as it allows Google to know the relationship between pages on your website.

Internal linking also improves user experience. With the help of internal links, the visitors can easily access the other pages of the website as well. Like, they can read your blogs, case studies, etc., on your content page. 

Strong internal linking will also reduce the bounce rate and help to improve other Google analytics as well.

Internal links to — and from — other relevant pages on your site should be included in on-page SEO. Linking out from authoritative pages like your homepage is very vital. You can hire virtual SEO services for this purpose.


In conclusion, we would say that on-page SEO is very crucial for online businesses. It helps to improve the ranking, visibility, and leads of the company. So, you can also increase the sales of your business through an SEO strategy. But you need to keep some factors in mind, and in this post, we have mentioned some of the top on-page SEO factors that can affect the ranking of your website.


Harshal Shah is the CEO of EcomVA. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the E-commerce industry. His area of interest lies in writing fascinating pieces of content on topics relevant to growing E-commerce businesses with virtual assistant services. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with virtual assistant services for growth hacking E-commerce businesses so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.

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