Arctis 3 – Fix Windows 10 Microphone Volume Too Low – 15 Solutions

Arctis 3 mic too quiet, the Steel series Arctis 2019 edition is a new gaming hardware with 7.1 sound and a built-in web mic.

This device works with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and other operating systems. It also offers in-line controls for easy volume control whether on console or smartphone architecture such as an iPhone.

The Discord certified Clear Cast microphone that comes with it delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation.

Windows Sonic spatial sound is also included, Arctis 3 mic too quiet which makes listening to your favorite shows or movies an even more immersive experience.

This is compatible with the native 5.1 surround sound built into Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One S and X, and the Game bar.

There are two major issues that many people report using the Steel series Arctis 3 headset.

The first problem is a low volume in comparison to other devices, and the second problem is that it creates static when certain games are being played via a voice chat app.

This headset comes with a mute button. Arctis 3 mic too quiet If you’re not currently on a call, the push of a button will silence the microphone, allowing you to enjoy music without being disturbed by your mic picking up conversations or ambient noise.

You can also use it to mute the mic during a gaming session or other activity where getting feedback from team members via voice chat isn’t necessary.

Arctis 3 Low Mic Volume

In Windows 10 lets you take the following steps:

  1. Right-click the speaker icon in the Notification area.
  2. Open Sound Settings.
  3. System > Sound is open.
  4. Under the Input section select your mic device.
  5. Tap the mic with your fingers..
  6. Below “Test your microphone” you should see the change in the reading or progress bar.

Your microphone should be set to a higher volume so that the text can move at a normal speed. arctis-3-low-mic-volume 1

How do I make my Arctis 3 louder

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 microphone output can be increased via software in Windows 10 for louder audio and by raising the mic volume within Windows settings.

In Windows 7,Arctis 3 mic too quiet  it’s best to adjust the default audio settings that come with your installation of the operating system. That way you can use the Control Panel to modify mic properties with Microsoft Clear Cast being a possible alternative.

If using other USB devices, make sure to install any necessary drivers before proceeding so that you’re able to successfully adjust mic volume within your operating system without needing a sound card.

Click on the label “Device Properties” above the audio recording volume indicator.

This is not to be confused with the icon in the computer’s system tray. Likewise, it should also be highlighted in the Settings app of Windows 10.

If you are unable to locate it there then you may refer to the speaker icon located at the bottom right hand side of your computer or laptop screen.

On the next page, you can see the “Volume” indicator.

The microphone should be set to a volume that is comfortable for the interviewee. That means it being loud enough without being too close to their mouth or otherwise it becomes high pitched and hard to understand.

If you are using a sound card, Arctis 3 mic too quiet you can lower the microphone volume if you feel there’s no need for it to be louder than normal.

Set to 100. You can also do “Start Test” to test the audio volume.

If you want to play your games the way they were intended, make sure you adjust your mic accordingly! Arctis 3 mic too quiet This will ensure that your teammates and gaming partners will be able to hear you loud and clear.

This works in the latest 20H2 update of Windows 10.

In the last two Windows updates of 2016, Microsoft has made a mic button that doubles as a mute option, available so you can change the volume of your mic during group calls or when playing games. steelseries-arctis-3-mic-quiet 2

Solution #2 – Manage Sound Devices

If you are not sure whether your mic is enabled or not, you can tap here

Click on “Manage Sound devices“. Under “Input Devices” you should have an option called GAME: Arctis 3 Mic. Check the box directly to the left of this term to enable it. arctis-3-microphone-low-volume 3

Solution #3 – Troubleshoot

You can also click on the microphone icon in the bottom right corner to make sure we have high-quality audio levels.

This should open a “Test your computer’s microphone” dialog box that will ask you three simple questions and check your hardware settings.

We’ll then do our best to fix it, Arctis 3 mic too quiet unless you mention that you’re using an unsupported browser – sorry Firefox users! – in which case we’re out of luck and it’s probably time to update.

Solution #4 – App Volume and Device Preferences

In this option, you can check if the volume is low for certain apps such as Cortana, Skype and Zoom etc. You can change the audio output from this screen if you’re experiencing issues with only a specific app.

Solution #5 – Make use of Sound Card

Another option to this problem is the use of an USB Dongle. Many Bluetooth headsets have the capability to connect wireless via your audio jack ports which will allow you to transfer your signals wirelessly.

Many people choose to use these kinds of microphones because they help the sound become louder. You will be surprised to find out that most people do not know why this happens, but it is definitely a fact.

The following is one of the micro input USB sound cards – Quantum Sound Card

For All Computer/PC/Laptop.

The X-Fi is a type of analog audio system that comes with an integrated 2 channel USB audio controller. It contains Digital Class-B Power Amplifier (PCBA) inside.

Supports 3D positional sound, virtual 5.1 CH surround sound track, Arctis 3 mic too quiet as well as DTS 7.1 CH, and Dolby True-HD for Blu-ray discs.

Solution #6 – Make sure the mic is in the right position – Clearcast Mic

The Arctis 3 Clearcast mic should be made sure to have the flat side of the mic facing your face and around a 1.5 inch away from it as well.

Poor positioning is also one of the reasons for low microphone volume output.

The head of the mic should be positioned near the corner of your mouth with no more than a 1.5 inch gap between them so it is within speaking range of your mouth in order for you to obtain an optimal level for yourself and be able to communicate clearly with others on their end of the speakerphone or Skype call. steelseries-arctis-3-low-volume 4

Solution #7 – Advanced Tab of Sound

One way to make sure people can hear you on your Skype video calls is to ensure that the call quality on the other end is set at a high frequency.

In Windows 10 one can go to the Control Panel and view its contents by arranging the options in small icons. After clicking on Sound, a smaller dialog box will pop up.

Select “Recording” and click on your Steel Series_Arctis_3_Microphone tab. On the Properties window that pops up, click on “Advanced”.

On the Advanced Properties page, select “DVD quality sound” Arctis 3 mic too quiet for one single channel with 16 bit depth and a sample rate of 48000 Hz frequency from the dropdown menus

Solution #7.1 – Communications

Look at the “Communications” tab of the main dialog box opened earlier. For now there are 4 options. Please feel free to add another one (this time called “Email marketing”).

  1. Mute all other sounds
  2. Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%
  3. Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50%
  4. Do Nothing.

Check the last radio button and click OK. Restart your computer after a few minutes to see if the above method has resolved your issue.

Solution #8 – Set the Microphone level to 100 in Windows 7

Using the same pop-up dialog box of above, you can set the microphone level to 100. Click on the “Levels” tab and input a value of 100 in the text box or click the button with a single dot next to “Automatic Gain Control” drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

This gives the retractable mic the maximum speak able sound to hear on the other side of your network. steelseries-arctis-3-mic-not-working 5

Solution #9 – Change the Headset Driver for Clear Sound

Sometimes, computer hardware can get in our way. Sometimes the standard drivers for a device will be less than ideal and new ones need to be installed for optimal use.

A good example is the Steel series Arctis 3 audio software installation being out of date or broken sometimes where one has to find a better solution from a trusted source online like from this list of driver download locations .

This works for Windows 7 Ultimate and other versions. Arctis 3 mic too quiet It is approximately 158MB in size as it’s a very powerful program which does many things incredibly well.

Its design allows for improved precision and fine control over your projects and with the new analog input support added you can now connect an analog audio jack to improve overall value of the headset. windows-10-spatial-sound-arctis-mic-3-support 6

If you are using Windows 10, then you can make use of Spatial Sound. Right-click your speaker icon at the bottom > Spatial Sound > Windows Sonic For Headphones. Or go to Start > Settings > System > Spatial Sound

Solution #10 – Download Discord App

This is also available in the above sound engine. Download it to get the appropriate sound.

Solution #11 – Use of Device Manager

Search for the device manager in the Control Panel and open it. Inside it you will find Audio Inputs & Outputs.

Click on the ‘Start’ button and open the Control Panel. Then click on the ‘Sound’ icon and then select your microphone device. If a computer update is available, it will automatically install or prompt you to do so.

Normally, click on the “Browse my computer for drivers” option > Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. Select the “Generic software device” option. This is usually found with Microsoft drivers or other relevant drivers.

Sound, video and game controllers. Arctis 3 mic too quiet Right-click your audio device on the Control Panel and deactivate it. Restart the computer or Scan for hardware changes.

This should re-install the drivers.

Also make sure that pairs of headphones or headsets do not interfere with one another. Gaming headsets with microphones should be adjusted properly so their mute tally is working accurately.

So unmute the microphone to make sure that it’s working properly. Delete the other USB headset and keep only the Arctis 3 connected to your microphone port and check if it’s working.

Solution #12 – Skype Mic Volume Check

If you go to Settings > Audio & Video of the Skype desktop application, you can see that the default communication device is your Arctis 3.

Make sure that you have selected the “Automatically adjust microphone settings” option in the Sound Settings menu.

This automatic setting is what I wish would happen when it comes to noise isolation with acoustics – my mic will be magically able to do the trick. mic-volume-suddenly-low 7

Solution #13 – Choose the Line-In option

When you plug the mic to the headset, there will be a prompt asking you whether you want to input your voice as “mic” or “line-in”.

Arctis 3 mic too quiet, It can get confusing when you need clarity while recording or speaking in a meeting because the two options may not offer the same quality of sound input.

Solution #14 – Microphone properties

Here click the “Advanced” tab of this pop-up dialog box from

Then in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Recording > Double-Click SteelSeries Headset.

Under the Exclusive mode, uncheck the following two options.

  1. Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device
  2. Give exclusive mode application priority

Now click on “Apply” and “OK“.

Also disable the “AGC” option under Custom tab, if you find anything like that.

Solution #15 – Plug USB Headset

The Arctis 3 comes with a USB cord and also connects to the Xbox One, but it is also equipped with advanced effects suitable for all types of gaming in mind. These features include:

Check the “Microphone Properties” dialog box. Arctis 3 mic too quiet In the “Levels” tab, adjust this setting accordingly.

The Microphone Boost option should appear on your sound card if you’re using one that supports it.

Another way to eliminate this external noise is by setting your microphone preamp gain on your system equalization software to a higher volume.

However, be aware that doing so also amplifies any unwanted background noise as what’s known as “white noises” and may make the quality of your recording sound worse.

Arctis 3 mic too quiet, do keep in mind that the quality of your computer’s sound card is a major factor when it comes to recording.

FAQ – SteelSeries Arctis 3 Headset and Mic in 2020

Is the Arctis 3 good

This pair of headphones produced clear, crisp sound that was very enjoyable. I appreciated the additional length of cords and the sound quality of calls with my friends over the headset was surprisingly clear.

Each end is magnetic so they can connect together to create a loop around your neck when you aren’t using the headset.

The S1 speaker drivers seemed quite nice as well and were found to be pleasant on the ears by all whom have used them.

The only small downside is that because it comes with analog cables, Arctis 3 mic too quiet it will not work if one adapts them to include USB functionality due to compatibility issues with files types and call frequency standards between digital formats and analog devices such as this headset.

Is the Arctis 3 surround sound

The Audio Engine 7.1 comes with a pre-made Dolby surround sound library that is ideal for Windows users, and the pre-loaded software allows users to customize their surround sound experience in terms of “presets” or “sound quality.”

The ultra-low distortion audio will ensure that the recorded voice is not garbled and can be understood during playback.

The use of USB connectivity in conjunction with Mac computers require the user to have access to a software feature known as the ‘SteelSeries Engine 3,’ which must be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website for proper compatibility.

How-to Connect Arctis 3 to Steel series Engine

Arctis 3 mic too quiet headsets no longer support the SteelSeries Engine and you never receive their registration code.

Previously, these headsets could be registered in the Steel series Engine and users could connect the headset to their gaming device using only a single 4-pole 3.5mm connector or a double 3.5mm stereo jack.

If you have an ARCTIS3 Headset connected to your computer, check under the “Audio Jack” tab on the Steel series Engine Dashboard to see if it is properly connected to your computer.

Here’s why we don’t recommend mixing up your connectors: Arctis 3 mic too quiet • Your microphone may cause unwanted echo sounds during gameplay.

We recommend using both connectors, or using a direct connection from the headset to your PC for best audio quality. steelseries-engine-3-audio-jack 8

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Low Volume PC

Arctis 3 mic too quiet, the low volume in your Arctis 3 headset or microphone could be due to several reasons.

Firstly, Arctis 3 mic too quiet make sure you turn off the mute button on the left ear cup when recording as this will stop any additional sounds coming through to your listeners. The volume of both the headset and its mic should be set to 100 as well.

The most important part is to properly position the headset near the edge of your mouth and not too far away otherwise your listeners might not hear you well.

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