Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free – Guide

Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free, It’s very obvious that there will be a number of hardware problems in our computer after it is used for quite a time. Even if you guys are veterans or newbies, you can use some of very effective computer hardware diagnostic tools to test the broken parts of your pc.

Lets say for example, they can easily scan the hard disk, and check the errors of RAM and the temperature of CPU for you and also they offer some system information about your system. Well according to my experiment and test to compare, here are four free and easy to use hardware diagnostic tools to check your pc.

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No: 1 CPU-Z


The CPU-Z is very simple but effective software which easily can check the information of your CPU. You can also use CPU-Z for checking some other detailed information such as the caches, motherboard, memory, or graphics, SPD and also CPU bench. likewise to other tools, the CPU-Z is more focused on testing information about the CPU.

It is absolutely free to download and use and it works on both the 32-bit and 64-bit systems (only the Windows and Android system). In fact in addition, it has some of the extra tools like checking for the driver updates, saving the report as a .TXT or .HTML file. Inside the word, the CPU-Z is a small but complete hardware diagnostic tool with some very good practical features.

No: 2 HD Tune


The HD Tune is very much a perfect Windows-based tool for diagnosing storage devices like the HDD, USB, SSD or memory card. Also It possesses different types of powerful hard drive diagnostic functions. Like for example, it allows you to benchmark the hard drive by simply showing the transfer rate (minimum, maximum and the average), also access time and burst rate. and it also offers the features of the detailed drive information, the health (S.M.A.R.T) and also the error scanning.

It is a pity that the pro version is not free and it has only 15 days trials. And beside that of which we have mentioned above, it has many more features including the secure erase, the file benchmark, disk monitor, cache test and also extra tests. It is worth mentioning that many of other hard drive diagnostic tools allow you to save the health information as a text file, but the HD Tune only allows you to copy it to your clipboard.

No: 3 MemTest86


The MemTest86 is absolutely free and the stand-alone memory testing tool for x86 pc. It supports both the BIOS and UEFI booting from the USB flash drive and it doesn’t need to test on the operating system. However It can only not test the stability of memory thoroughly, but it also can test the ability of storing and retrieving data simultaneously.

Well beside of that, it will also display some basic system information including your CPU, cache, motherboard and the chipset, etc. It is indeed a reliable tool to test the RAM of our computers.

No: 4 AIDA64


The AIDA64 is the successor of the Everest. And It is very much a type of comprehensive system information and computer test software for the Windows, which displays the detailed information and also the benchmarks of the hardware to help us to diagnose issues and know about the performance of our pc. The AIDA64 offers different kinds of tools including the disk benchmark, cache and the memory benchmark, the GPGPU benchmark, monitor diagnostics and also the system stability test.

Additionally, it also has unique capabilities to assess the performance of your processor, system memory, and the disk drives. The AIDA64 can be run on the Windows (32 bits & 64 bits), and Mac, Linux, IOS and also with the Android systems. It has many versions available for different kinds of users but it is not absolutely free and it has only 30 days trials. When we sum all that up, compare to the other hardware and test software, the AIDA64 is an extreme strong hardware diagnostic tool with plenty of great features.


In This article we have discussed about the computer hardware diagnostic software which are free well not all of these totals are free but we have discussed 4 best tools hardware diagnostic tools which either are free or costs a little but all of these software are very useful and quite easy to use.


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