Difference Between Ost and Pst Files – Detailed Explanation

Difference Between Ost and Pst Files, Outlook can be part of the MS Office suite, an E-mail client application as well helps calendar, task manager, communication manager, journal, note taking etc.

ost vs.pst Microsoft Outlook is often used because the Stand-alone app or the operating system works with it Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for various users in the organization.

An important difference between OST and PST is that OST files do not usually store data offline use and stored on MS Exchange Server.

While PST files are personal folder data is also stored on the customer hard disk. Microsoft may be a reputable company that includes a package full of apps and support tools.

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Difference Between Ost and Pst Files

what is.ost file And one of the most popular applications is the MS Office suite. MS Office contains A very large number of useful applications such as PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel, and Access namely employed by multiple users. ost and pst files One of the main applications of the MS Office suite is MS Outlook.

it is a private information manager which is designed for the MS Windows and MAC. outlook ost vs pst First, it is designed receive as an email client but due to a host of features such as performing tasks, calendars, journals, taking notes and even browsing the web, can also be used with Microsoft Exchange server even SharePoint server or maybe accustomed to share multiple or documents with multiple users in the organization.

Being an email client MS Outlook stores all kinds of information such as emails, attachments, calendars, journals, tasks, and so on. Also OST and PST file formats rented by Microsoft Outlook saves all your data mentioned above.

What is an OST file?

pst and ost difference, The OST is your offline folder which is inside the MS Outlook. outlok.ost These files make Outlook easy is used even in offline mode and is automatically synced when connected to the web. Icon applied to the Exchange site via an MS Exchange server. This feature enables users to read, write, delete, and respond to offline emails mode.

What is a PST file?

While PST files are also called Storage Tables and are not used in PST files MS Exchange server. As mentioned earlier, it is stored on servers outside the file Switch server and hard disk for users. The IMAP and Also HTTP use the PST file folders.

Emails sent or received and attached to them are therefore stored in PST format. Even your emails, calendars, journals, contacts, and other inbox items are in place archives are saved in pst format.

 Differences between OST and PST (Short Summary)

  1. The OST is a folder for offline storage and PST is often referred to as personal or online storage folder.
  1. OST files are commonly used even if your Outlook is in online mode and is available A personal storage table used for data and files stored locally
  1. The OST files only support Microsoft Exchange server and PST are widely used Exchange setting but not recommended without an Exchange server, too compatible with other servers.
  1. OST files enable users to read, view, reply and write emails even offline mode and PST files do not have this facility.

So here is the difference between OST and PST files.


In this article we have learned what OST files are and We explained to pst in a short time and that we also responded to the most frequently asked question.

Most of us ask that what is the difference between OST and therefore PST files and why we use them within this integrated article equally with Both.

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