How to Download AMD HDMI and Audio Drivers for Windows 10

Download AMD high definition audio device driver windows 10, the AMD graphic cards are used mostly for their ability to connect Windows 10 with external displays but if you find yourself in a bind.

And need to also connect your computer to analog devices like an overpriced HDTV, then these components can assist you as well.

Although HDMI audio drivers may not always be available, you can still listen to sound whether on your computer or laptop via the device by using a third party application like Sound-Wire.

These include computers and servers – devices that perform calculations and provide access to the internet.

Your PC or laptop comes with a complete package of AMD. It consists of the chipset and Radeon graphics cards.

To research the problem, I visited the home page of the enterprise. It was challenging to find. But there on the homepage is a mailing list for customers

This post will show two ways to find AMD AMD-Radeon graphics and Ryzen-chipset for Windows 10. drivers-and-software-amd-graphic-cards 1

Why Update AMD HDMI Audio Drivers?

Some of your systems may have

  • embedded graphics cards
  • chipsets
  • motherboards

Which are running Windows 10.

If you are using windows and the sounds are low then there might be a need to update your audio driver.

However, updates are released to ensure compatibility between Windows 10 and AMD.

Download Utility for Auto-Install of AMD Radeon Cards

If a TV has no software for playing audio, then it’s nothing but a very large monitor.

  1. Visit the following page –
  2. Systems with – AMD Ryzen Chipsets. AMD Radeon Graphics. AMD Radeon Pro Graphics and AMD Processors with Radeon Graphics can install the updates automatically.
  3. Click the Download Now button.
  4. File is approximately 35MB.
  5. Run through the remaining steps to install the correct drivers. download-auto-detect-update-install-amd-audio-driver-windows-10 2

Press the “listen” button in order to hear sound through the HDMI input device.

How to Manually Find AMD HDMI Audio Driver Windows 10

Following steps are shown with an example.

  1. Visit the above link.
  2. Scroll through to search for your product.
  3. Select the type of device like Graphics, Professional Graphics, Chipsets, Processors, Embedded, and Processors with Graphics, etc.
  4. As an example, select Graphics.
  5. On the right-hand side, you could see different graphic cards –
  6. AMD Radeon 6000 Series
  7. 2nd generation Vega
  8. AMD Radeon 5700 Series
  9. 5600 Series
  10. 5300 Series
  11. Radeon 600 Series
  12. AMD Radeon HD
  13. Integrated Motherboard Graphics
  14. Legacy Graphics
  15. To install the AMD Radeon 5500 Series driver, select it.
  16. On the right-hand side, you can see the available product list –
  17. AMD Radeon RX 5500 Series
  18. Click on Submit.


  1. Drivers and software available for this product are listed
  • Windows 10 – 64 bit edition
  • RHEL x86 64 bit
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu x86 64-bit
  • SLED/SLES 15 manually-installa-amd-hd-audo-drivers-windows-10 3

This way, you can download legacy drivers also.

AMD Radeon Graphics Cards

  1. From the menu, click the drop-down for Graphics
  2. Click on Radeon Graphics Cards
  3. Click the Learn more details about them
  1. Computer Units
  2. Ray Accelerators
  3. Game Frequency
  4. Infinity Cache
  5. Max Memory Size
  6. Memory Type.


  • Specifications, Drivers & Support are available on the next page. amd-graphics-card-drivers-windows-10 4

All HDMI audio drivers you get from the official website will be compatible with the latest Windows 10 updates.

To fix sound issues with your AMD graphics card, we recommend updating your Radeon Software because AMD’s graphic cards are generally known for their superior gaming capabilities.

You can download the latest drivers by following these videos which will walk you through all the steps involved in updating.

Customer Support from AMD

You may need to download a driver before you can use HDMI audio. The different resources include:

Other applications you can use to install Radeon Pro software include ISV vendor apps.

Download AMD high definition audio device driver windows 10, list the manufacturers and model numbers of AMD Graphics cards.  As a simple Windows 10 user, you may not be able to search this information. This wiki should, however, provide you with all the information you need.

For instance, how to uninstall Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 from Windows 10 based system . amd-download-audio-driver-customer-support 5

If your graphics card has been damaged and is no longer functional, you can bring it back to the vendor within its warranty period and request a new one.

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