Download Latest Windows 10 HD Audio Drivers for brands like Realtek, NVIDIA etc.

Download latest windows 10 hd audio drivers for brands, windows 10 is known to struggle with some audio issues.

Even if you use HDMI or regular speakers for your desktop computer, it’s possible that the audio may not work properly, as either your speakers don’t work or your microphone isn’t working.

Sometimes it’s possible that when you plug in a headset or change from headphones to speakers, there might be other types of problems with audio.

Windows 10 generally consists of these audio codecs

  1. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
  2. Conexant High Definition Audio Driver
  3. VIA HD Audio driver
  4. NVIDIA High Definition Audio Drivers
  5. High Definition Audio (HD Audio) (Microsoft)

Most of the times, updating to the latest audio drivers for Windows 10 will solve common sound problems.

Location of VIA and Realtek HD Audio Drivers (Windows 10 – 32 bit and 64 bit)

By default, Windows 10 provides several drivers with every piece of audio hardware used while going through the start-up process.

Sometimes it doesn’t work properly because of incompatibilities between the hardware and the output.

So it just so happens that alternatives exist to the VIA and Realtek drivers (Intel and Broadcom).

But installing drivers from standard locations like the manufacturer’s website or Microsoft’s website, instills confidence in you. If they don’t solve your problem, you can try some third-party locations.

For example, a good place to look might be hardware forums online or even the Windows Update website.

Warning: But always beware that all sites are not alike. Some of them may install malware, adware and viruses, so it’s better to make sure that you only download drivers from trusted sources at reputable vendors.

Some sites will have advertisements which come with applications to download, claiming that they automatically update drivers for your computer on a regular basis, but this isn’t true!

Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers

If you are using Windows 10 to download from the above link, please use Internet Explorer 11 instead of Microsoft Edge. This is an incompatibility with certain sites like the above.

Better to use the regular version of Internet Explorer, which is IE11 in Windows 10.

VIA HD Audio Drivers

Most audio subsystems today ship with the apparatus necessary to produce top quality sound. For my Intel Core Duo CPU and ASUS motherboard, Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card, my audio system works flawlessly.

The microphone or recording feature came with no trouble as well while I was being prompted to adjust the standard software settings to a higher option.

If you are having audio issues with VIA drivers in Windows 10, check out the support page on their website first so that you can make sure you’re using the latest, most up-to-date versions of their software.

Location #1: VIA Official Download page.


RELEASE DATE: Jan 29th 2016

DRIVER VERSION: 11.1100e high-definition-audio-drivers-win-10-location 1

But if you’re using this page, you likely want to obtain the driver from VIA Technologies, Inc. They call it the VIA HD Audio Codec and it can be downloaded for free.

Method #2:

If you want to find and install the latest driver updates for any given device, installing an updated software is always a viable option.

However, since drivers are so prevalent these days, and many people often use generic drivers provided by their PC’s OEMs it can be difficult to determine whether or not an updated software is the correct utility to use in the first place.

For example, Driver Tuner is a software that enables users to check their PCs for outdated drivers by providing them with personalized suggestions as to which new ones they should download.

The latest version of VIA HD Audio Driver (name of the driver is known) will be downloaded and updated on your PC automatically.


After researching various forums on the net, I found that many individuals are facing problems with limited audio drivers on Windows 10.

So if you have a brand sound card like the above, installing the latest HD audio drivers from the above locations would solve most of these issues in most cases.

However, should you encounter any additional problems after pursuing this avenue, it’s better to resort to generic drivers provided by Microsoft.

In some cases, the speaker and microphone do not work together. Download latest windows 10 hd audio drivers for brands It is often due to hardware incompatibility. For this type of problem, please contact the vendor directly with details about your computer’s components.

If you’re still experiencing problems with your PC’s audio drivers, please let us know in the comments section below.

Our technical support department will troubleshoot the issue or find the right drivers for you. We encourage our readers to share this article on social networks if they like what was written here.

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