Download Creative Sound Blaster Z drivers – Sound Not Working in Windows 10

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, Installing the right Sound Blaster Z drivers is essential to ensure a good quality digital sound system in Windows 10.

One can visit the manufacturer website page to download the driver. However, issues with sound not functioning properly have been reported after Update Version 1703 or Creators Update was installed.

Creative has released a newer version of the driver on 03/03/2017 with a file name – SBZ_CD_L13_1_01_10.exe. The size is around 157 MB (approx).

Users posting complaints complain that this driver update and the Creator’s Update are not compatible with each other. creative-sound-blaster-z-series-drivers-windows-10 1

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10

Windows 10 interacts with the Sound Blaster Z sound card using drivers. Users can record quality audio using a microphone connected to your PC via one of the ports at the back side of your system.

User Review about the Creative Sound Blaster Z  driver after Windows 10 Creators Update

A user on in December of 2017 said that he was disappointed with the audio quality on his device.

So I had a big issue with my motherboard: it would not produce any sound at all, and even if I could get SoundBlaster Z working correctly, the sound quality was very poor.

Again, I would have to reinstall drivers and this time whenever I was successful the green bars appeared in my volume mixer but no matter how many times I tried they were still just empty.

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, maybe you should make your explanation clearer by adding what you did to solve your problem near the beginning?

Just to inform you, after I installed the last fix for 1709 and dated it October 2017, the sound has been working fine for me – during start-up and after shut-down. I now have sound without the need of any software from Creative or Realtek.

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, It’s very important to make sure your PC is always running at its optimal potential.

When you start having issues with the hardware or anything else your computer-based state of flow will become affected which then hinders productivity and efficiency.

One of the best ways to counter this problem is by making sure any new computer components are installed with updated drivers that are compatible with Windows 10 as well as any other operating system you might be using at the time.

But if you experience problems after the installation, it might be that the drivers don’t work like they should. In this case, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 you’ll probably have to install those drivers from the manufacturer itself to ensure that everything works correctly.

Failed Sound Blaster Z drivers installation can cause

  • Microphone Not Working
  • Silent sound coming from the device.
  • Audio settings getting mixed up.
  • Headphone Jack not Working
  • Sound Control Panel of Windows 10 is misbehaving
  • The Sound Blaster Z driver failed to recognize the microphone.
  • Sound Indicator going green, but no sound.
  • Control panel not working
  • Optical out not working
  • Headphones not working
  • Connect 2 not working
  • Mic may be working, but no sound through headset.

Fix for Audible or Quality Sound not Working

Installing Sound Blaster Z drivers will create two entries under Device Manager > Sound, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 video and game controllers.

  1. Sound Blaster Audio Controller
  2. Sound Blaster Z

From what I’ve seen, there are two entries in the driver list that need to be rolled back. The first one is listed as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and the other one is Radeon .

The last Sound Blaster Z driver to be released before the current version was released on June 24th of 2016, July 29th of 2016, and November 19th of 2016.

By rolling back to any of these versions one should see an improvement in their audio. However, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 it’s still a good idea to restart your computer as well when updating your driver.

After making this fix, you may find that Windows may turn down all system sounds to 0. Make sure to raise the volume back to the default level of 40.

You might also need to go into your Sound Blaster Audio Console and switch to 5.1 mono speaker mode, if you’re currently in Stereo. Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 The latest working driver for Creative Sound Blaster Z is (updated 7/2/17).

Third Party Drivers for Sound Blaster Z Sound Not Working Properly

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, If your Blaster Z is not working, you can install some applications to activate the drivers.

Visit How-To Guides at for step by step instructions about how to set up and install any types of drivers on any devices associated with this model projector most especially the CD or DVD drivers that you’ve been using from years ago.

There is a tech website that offers Creative Sound Blaster drivers for those who may have lost these drivers or for those who are looking for an update.

The link below can be used shows how to install the Recovery Drivers if needed, and also offers Customers with Z-Series specific help as well as a System Information Utility.

Though I have not tested them personally, it’s one of the solutions I recommend. This is from my experience, when nothing works, try everything (trial and error).

If you are using the newest, completely up-to-date version of Windows 10, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 then you can try the Audio Driver 1.01.03 version.

Lenovo has also provided sound blaster drivers for their laptops and desktops. Its version number is Both 64 bit and 32 bit software are provided for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7; the size is around 78 MB.

Update Drivers from Microsoft – Download Creative Sound Blaster Z Driver Version

Microsoft provides several generic drivers for sound cards of any brand in the Microsoft Windows operating system. Sometimes these generic drivers work well, but sometimes they do not work very well at all.

If you feel comfortable with Microsoft’s generic drivers, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 then it might save you some time and effort to install those by default on your computer.

But you can always tweak the settings or change what sound device(s) your computer uses in the future if you want to switch over a more specialized driver that supports a specific kind of headset or microphone. generic_driver_for_creative_sound_blaster_z_sound_card_from_Microsoft 2

Problem with Cold Boot with AMD Ryzen Systems in April 2017?

On the Creative forum, I can find threads of users trying to figure out what’s going wrong with their Ryzen systems.

To make it work they have to shut down the computer and start again i.e. cold boot works only. [Note – if you wanted to come across as a bit more authoritative in your definition, you could add something like “a” in front of “cold boot”].

To fix this problem, you should open up your computer and insert the Sound Blaster Z card into the PCI-E slot. In case to do this, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 turn off your computer completely while pressing down on a button next to the card so it won’t fall out.

This can be an addition in effort if you want to restart or suspend your Windows 10 computer completely by using hibernate commands. creative-sound-blaster-z-control-panel-not-working-windows-10 3

So installing the June, 2016 drivers should fix this, probably.

In Intel systems, users have a couple of issues to deal with. If the computer boots too quickly, then the sound card won’t be able to initialize.

To fix this issue, one can disable the Fast Boot feature on their BIOS settings. You can also boot your computer from Legacy Boot.

This option is available in BIOS when you hit f2 on most machines during boot up. One can also disable Fast Startup under ‘Power Options’ in Windows 10.

Why No Sound from SPDIF or S/PDIF Out of Sound Blaster Z Card in Windows 10 in 2016?

Sound Blaster Pro Studio is a product from Creative Technology Ltd. Sound Blaster Pro Studio connects to analog cables through an interface in the computer and then connects to the speaker system.

The optical digital SPDIF (Sony-Phillips Digital Interface) cable connection does not support all of the options available on the previous interfaces provided by Creative.

An extra cable that looks like a patch cord coming from a hub or switch might be necessary so as to pass digital sound signals through to your speaker system.

Some flavors of Dolby Digital Live supported by Creative Sound Blaster Z might also not detect the supported speaker device like Logitech Z906.

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, when it comes to your business, there are certain problems that need solving. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the Creative Control Panel works somehow.
  2. Uninstall Windows Update drivers and install the June 2016, Creative Sound Blaster Z drivers.
  3. You may need to make the speakers the default playing device, instead of SPDIF-OUT.
  4. The Analog cables may need to be disconnected. Only the Optical cable should run through.
  5. Do not disable “Speakers” in Windows 10 Sound Control Panel.
  6. Both SPDIF-OUT and speakers should be enabled in sound control panel.
  7. Select “Cinematic” in Creative Control Panel and check “DTS”.
  8. Sometimes, you need to enable or disable “What you Hear” in the recording area and select SPDIF as output.

The following fix may also work sometimes.

Remove all connected cables except the one optical cable. Go to Control Panel > Manage Audio Devices, and switch Digital Output (Optical) to Default.

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, make sure System Default is selected for Speaker Setup and SPDIF Interface is selected for Communications Device.

Uncheck Properties under Digital Output (Optical) as it will cause trouble by showing “Communications Device”. The following Screenshot shows what we mean:

Microsoft Generic Driver not working in 2015 after Windows Update

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, just days after Windows 10 was released, there was a Windows Update in next month that put forth The Threshold 2 update.

Since it has been more than half a year now since the release of this solution, one might have updated their computer’s software to version 14393.103 and might have noticed some graphics-related glitches.

We at Safe Drivers believe that the drivers available for Windows 10 are insufficient for users of Intel HD Graphics 4000 or 8 series or better graphic cards and so we recommend upgrading to the necessary driver version instead (which is compatible with Windows 10).

It is recommended you uninstall your existing Generic Microsoft drivers from Device Manager and replace them with the latest, June 2016 WHQL release. This resolves any driver issues you may have after updating to build 10586 or above.

How about the November 2015 Update problem?

Creative Sound Blaster Z owners who get the Aug 2015 drivers might use the PC utility set of functions to disable those switches – but they weren’t infallible.

The following type of problems may crop up.

  1. Crossed up channels in the middle of a PC game.
  2. Movie sounds suddenly all go to the Sub-Woofer.
  3. DTS/DOLBY codec packs give irritating sounds.
  4. Switching encoders is not possible.

For this kind of problem, it could be more related to an issue with your hardware rather than with your software program. You can try these things if you’re having a problem with your driver:

– Enable VT-D in the BIOS
– Enable legacy boot and legacy USB support in the BIOS
– Disable fast boot
– Re-seat the card, preferably into a different PCI-E slot

Mess Up of Sound after Windows 10 Upgrade?

After July 2015 Windows users got the chance to receive a free 7 and 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10. If you are one of these Creative owners and had been using Sound Blaster Z, you might want to try upgrading your drivers from June 2016.

You may hear some vocal mixing in with instrumentals as though it is coming from a tunnel and other audio sounds are also mixed up.

For all these kinds of problems, Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 it’s best to seek help from someone who can provide valuable support.

Upgrade of GPU and Change of PCI-E slot?

Sometimes you install a new CPU, RAM, graphics card etc. (and maybe even an SSD) and these upgrades can make your system a lot faster, so it is recommended that you do it as soon as possible and reap the rewards of the additional performance.

If you’re planning on moving a sound card from one slot in your computer to another, make sure you check the motherboard’s manual for compatibility.

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, otherwise you could have problems like being unable to access control panel settings for your device once it’s moved to the new slot.

You may get this kind of error.

“The current selected audio device is disabled, not present, not supported by the application, or has unplugged jacks.”

The simple fix is to uninstall the software, Fix creative sound blaster  sound not working in windows 10 drivers, or both and reinstall them.

USB Rode Podcaster Mic Problem with Sound Blaster Z

The Podcaster USB Mic can also be connected to a computer using the 3.5mm output port on your sound card. Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10 This tends to happen more often than not when dealing with laptops and some gaming desktops.

If you are having issues with doing this, make sure to check out our troubleshooting page on the website where we go over how to deal with some of the most common problems people face when trying to connect the podcaster microphone to their computers.

Fix creative sound blaster z sound not working in windows 10, one way you can connect the USB Rode Podcast to the USB port is by using an adapter which can connect a 3.5mm microphone plug to a USB Type A connector.

You may need to install additional drivers or software.

This feature lets you speak and listen through your device’s speakers, Fix creative sound blaster  sound not working in windows 10 which is especially useful if you’re attending a conference or seminar and would like to, say, play an audio file to the audience around you.

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