hardware diagnostic tools windows 10 free – Explanation Guide

hardware diagnostic tools windows 10 free, The Window 10 has gained so much popularity pretty fast due to of its responsive interface. While it also comes up with a lot of advanced and useful features to rely on, it also have some drawbacks. And It reportedly slows down many times, Sometimes it stops working all of a sudden, or even show up the blue screen of death as if it is crashed, and there are many more such faults.

In fact the majority of these problems are due to faulty hardware which can cause harm to your computer health if it is not diagnosed very well. With the help of right tools To ensures that you have help whenever you need to fix the the hardware issues. That’s why In this article we have shortlisted few of the very best diagnostic tools to detect the actual problem in your Windows PC and fix it instantly.

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No: 1 Process Explorer

Process explorer

Whenever you realize that your system is slowing down for some reason, In that case you usually tend to check the Process tab in your Task Manager. That’s the place where it shows which applications are currently running, And also in the background and if these applications are taking up your CPU time. However, it only displays the primary processes and not at all. That’s the time when you need this tool.

This tool can help you to check if there’s any memory loss from the system or if there’s any issue with the CPU consumption. And Then the tool generates a detailed reports in the form of charts for CPU and GPU, also the memory usage in real-time. The Color codes which are the ongoing processes and they can generate a report which containing the process related to the properties, and also it allows you to configure the load for multiprocessor CPU and set process for preferences.

Price: Free.

No: 2 Windows Sysinternal Suite

Windows Sysinternal Suite

This tool is gathered into one chain of many tools that includes separate tools for each problem along with guides. It can help you to diagnose and fix any issues with the Windows programs and the services.


  • The first quality of This tool is that it comes up with seventy different tools that help you to fix issues regarding to networking and security concerns, and details related to process and system, or even management of files and disk.
  • And It also allows you to manage startup applications.
  • And it Lets you track the currently running processes and generates the memory-related details.
  • Also Offers live file system and the monitoring of registry processes.

Price: Free.

No: 3 WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer

Like its name, this diagnostic tool is here to help you diagnose the problems related to that of your Wi-Fi connection. And It checks for the best medium or the finest location for the Wi-Fi router by transforming your PC, laptop, or mobile device into the Wi-Fi explorer.


  • It Checks all the networks in the surroundings which can obstruct your connection.
  • And it Reveals detailed info regarding the Wi-Fi router.
  • Also it Analyzes the link-frequency and the performance of your router.
  • And It allows you to filter the detected networks.
  • Also It helps your Wi-Fi to sync effortlessly within your app.

This tool provides you with the support for the live-tile, and also it offers a beeper to indicate the signal strength, it displays all networks in similar color, and also offers an option for dark & the light themes.

Price: Free.

No: 4 Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor

This one is a Windows built-in utility which helps you to view your computer performance in real-time. Also It automatically picks up the %Processor Time. However, here you have the option to customize the display and also you can add few other tabs of your choice. This can help you to keep a track of any tabs of your choice, in real-time.


  • Also It captures the performance indicators even from the previous times.
  • And It allows you to measure the performances over a period of time by helping you to keep a check on the trends.

Price: Free.

To open it, Just search the Performance Monitor in windows 10 search box.


In this article we have discussed the hardware diagnostic tools windows 10 free which is a big topic but we have tried to simplify it and explain it in a way that everyone can easily understand it for diagnostic you can use many tools but in this article we have talked about only few which are effective easy to use and guess what they are absolutely free.

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