How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10 – Explanation

How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10? It usually vary from device to device it depends on your pc both of its software and hardware that how much it will take you to install windows 10 on your system.

First things first Windows 10 is produced by Microsoft, which is an American company. There are many personal computer operating systems, but Windows 10 is considered as the best among all.

On the October 1, 2014, Microsoft released the Windows 10; however, its final version was released to the public on the July 19, 2015.

Microsoft is well known for producing some of the best operating systems in the market now.

Because of that, in this article, we shall discuss that how long does it take to to install Windows 10 and why.

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How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10

Well usually, installing Windows 10 does not take any more than three hours. Nevertheless, the using of solid-state drive will help in increasing the installation speed for sure. The solid-state drive is considered to be ten times faster when compared to the normal hard disk.

when, with the solid-state drive, you can take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to completely install Windows 10. When you are installing Windows 10 to an old computer, then it surely will take more time, and it might end up damaging your hard disk.

When updating your current operating system instead of installing a new one will take extra time. It is because of your Windows will back up all of your documents and the movies. However, When updating the system it should not take more than of three hours.

Here the first boot will take only two minutes once when you have installed your windows. It is because of the operating system is still setting up drives in the background. When its installing Windows 10 from a USB drive or any CD, its installation speed will be mostly affected.

Why does it take that much time to install Windows 10?

Well here is your answer which says that Installing Windows 10 does not take much time; however, there are few aspects which will reduce its installation speed. Here are some of the aspects mentioned below;

  1. The Computer’s age: As we have discussed previously in this article, That installing Windows in an old computer will affect its installation speed for obvious reasons.
  2. Small RAM: When installing Windows 10 on a computer with a smaller RAM can be quite tricky because it takes more RAM to install.
  3. The Device Configuration: It surely depends on your configuration, when installing Windows 10 that how much time it will take. Usually this time vary from device to device approximately fifteen minutes to three hours. If using a solid-state drive which will surely help in improving your installation time, unlike a USB drive or any CD.

How Much time it will take to download Windows 10?

Whenever it comes to downloading Windows 10 here your internet speed matters the most. You should have to note that downloading speed often depends on your slowest component during the entire process. Microsoft’s web server, downloading speed is approximately 10Mbps per connect.

However, when downloading it manually using a good internet speed will make the process a little bit faster. Other than the speed of your internet connection, the size of your file will also affect the downloading speed. Windows 10 size is approximately to 3.5GB.

Therefore, here your computer RAM will affect the rate at which it will be downloaded.

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