How to Check Power Supply on Pc Windows 10 – Explanation

How to Check Power Supply on Pc Windows 10, whether you are using a pc for your work or to play any video games, every single one of us wants their PC to be fully optimized, and here your PC’s power supply plays a pivotal role in how all of your computer functions works. If you don’t have that much of power to run all the parts of your computer, then you might see some catastrophic system failures or crashes.

So if you are thinking about upgrading your computer — for instance, putting in a cutting-edge graphics card that surely needs more power so it can boost your frames per second —then you need to make sure that your computer’s power supply is good.

Unfortunately, checking your power supply isn’t that easy as doing any of the other tasks. You can’t just simply check it with any app — instead of that, here you’ll need to open your PC’s case and look for the power supply directly.

First of all, You can check the power supply on your PC by simply removing the side panel of its case.

Knowing your PC’s power supply can help you upgrade many other parts of your computer, likewise your graphics card.

Here is one Quick tip: If you have been bought a prebuilt PC, you might be able to find the power supply in the manual which came with the computer, or you can also contact the manufacturer directly.

If you don’t have a pc but you have a laptop, just look up to that what type of battery it has.

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check the power supply on your PC

Before you start firstly, you will need to grab a Phillips head screwdriver. The No. 2 midrange size is perfect to work. You also need to find a flat, dry, dust-free surface to work.

First Step

Number one Power your PC all the way down. You can hit “Start,” “Power,” and then you can “Shut Down.” Once it is off, now unplug it.

Second Step

Now carefully remove the computer’s side panel out of it, which is the part of the case. One thing you have to keep in mind that Some cases can be unclipped, while with others you will need to grab a screwdriver and remove around from two to eight screws, depending on which model and size you are dealing with.

The number of screws you have to take out — if at all — it will totally depend on your PC’s model and size.

Third Step

Now locate the power supply. It will be somewhere near to the port for the computer’s power cord, which you previously have unplugged.

The PC’s power port will be somewhere near to the power supply.

Once when you’ve found the power supply, now you can inspect it to grab any pertinent information you want, likewise the max output, measured in watts, and also its efficiency rating.

“Gold” is the best efficiency rating for your power supply.

If you are having a problem finding the exact information you want, at least try to find the power supply’s model name, so you can then search on Google.


In this article we have discussed that how to check power supply on pc windows 10 which is not that easy for a beginner to do. so we have explained it in a simple way so everyone can have the better idea of it.

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