How to Connect to 5ghz Wifi Android – Explanation Guide

How to Connect to 5ghz Wifi Android, If you are looking for how to connect 5ghz wifi on android device, then this article is perfect. We will be talking about changing the band from 2.4GHz only and moving over into using Wireless N networks in order for it work best with your new devices or computers as well! So let’s get started…

1) The first thing that we need before changing any of these settings (including which one gets changed), would be knowing where our wireless routers ARE located so give us a minute while I find out all three places around my house – inside near modem/router combo unit; outside right next door by garage area without being too close anybody else

The 5GHz network has been a big thing in the past few years. If you have an old android smartphone, then it’s time to make sure that your device supports this feature and can connect via Wi-Fi using both 2.4 GHz and/or 5Ghz bands simultaneously!

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How To Connect 5ghz Wifi On Android

The 5GHz network is a newer and faster way to connect your android device, but it’s not without its limitations. Before connecting the internet via Wi-Fi in this manner you will need:

a) A router with built in support for those frequencies (most do); b.) Make sure that both devices are compatible with each other; c). Ensure there isn’t any interference coming from another source such as another wireless access point or cordless phone nearby which may cause buffering issues when streaming videos online due high traffic levels employed by gamers who often play video games over cellular connections rather than relying solely on WiFi networks alone.

If you want to use 5G on an Android device, then follow these steps:

After transferring the network from 2.4GHz wireless bands into 5GHZ frequencies for faster data transfer speeds using your phone or tablet’s WiFi capabilities (a process that most smartphones can do), go ahead and tap “Mobile Settings” in order search & connect with available networks near where YOU are located right now!

There may be many routers/networks already set up around town but try connecting via one nearby first just incase there were any issues trying another spot close by; You’ll also need access point

Next, remove the cover of your router and flip over the equipment. If there is an access panel on top then carefully remove it with a Phillips screwdriver as well so that you can reset or change settings without having any obstructions from dust getting into them!

Once this has been done look at where all four ports line up in ascending order – PC network connection first (or just two), followed by printer cable port(es). Finally select Ethernet using whichever setting makes sense for both input types given above: Wireless/Ethernet Routing Setting…


A high-speed network is essential to work on a laptop or android devices. A 5GHz band provides the best connectivity, but it has shorter range and less crowded frequencies than 2GHz does so you’ll want both bands if possible for maximum versatility when using this type of internet connection.

A net in your router lets you choose between different types based upon what kind of electronic gadgets one could be utilizing at any given time; whether they’re primarily used outdoors (like smartwatches), inside an office building with dozens/hundreds workers connected via computer terminals throughout each floor(think large corporation)or just use their mobile device everywhere around except certain locations.

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