Windows 10 No Login Screen on Startup 2021 – Fix (3 Methods)

This page explains how to fix windows 10 no login screen on startup. A blank screen may appear after a power failure, and the computer shuts down. In some cases, there is just a mouse arrow pointer and nothing to click on. You will find three working methods to show a password box that is missing during boot.

windows 10 no login screen

I had no idea how this problem happens for the first time, but it is considered due to power failure. Also, one of the common reason could be (in my opinion) is the use of pirated or cracked version of Windows 10. They may contain hidden codes that spy on you and damage your system.

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So always install a genuine version of windows from the official website. With that in mind, let’s learn how to fix windows 10 no login screen on startup error.

Windows 10 No Login Screen on Startup: Methods To Fix

If you are stuck on the start screen in Windows 10, then you are in the right place. Please note that we have checked references everywhere, including the official Microsoft blog. So, these methods are tried, tested, and 100% working. They will help you get back to the login screen.

Adjust Startup Settings

If the login prompt does not appears in windows 10; you will have to unlock startup settings. When that problem occurs, there is only one power button shown on the screen. With the help of that, we can adjust startup settings, but we need to restart the computer. If you are good, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the power button.
  2. Hold down “SHIFT” on the keyboard and select the option “Restart.” Wait & let the PC shut down to reopen automatically.
  3. Click on ‘Troubleshoot.’
  4. Choose ‘Advanced Options’.
  5. Select “Startup Settings.”
  6. Select the option “Restart.”
  7. Press the hotkey “Fn + F5” to enable ‘Safe Mode With Networking.’

Now you can sign in using any user account but make sure it has the administrative privilege to clean boot the system later. This should solve no login screen problem, but if it still exists, take the following measures.

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System Restore

If you are still stuck on the start screen after performing the first method, you can try to apply system restore options. Follow these steps to fix windows 10 stuck on the lock screen using system restore. This will not affect your saved files. Always make sure that you have adequate electrical power, charger, or battery while performing this as a power cut may cause issues.

  1. Follow steps 1-4, exactly as described in Method 1.
  2. Select ‘System Restore.’
  3. Select your account and keyboard layout (‘US’ is the recommended option).
  4. Click ‘Next’ on the system restore the window.
  5. Select a restore point from the table and click ‘Next.’
  6. Click ‘Finish’ to confirm your restore point.
  7. Select ‘Yes’ to continue the system restore.
  8. It takes some time to restore your pc and finalize the files. Click on ‘Restart’ when completed.

Your PC will now be restored. Again, as I said, it will not harm or damage any other files. It is a completely safe method to resume no login screen in windows 10.

Automatic Repair

For some reason, if windows 10 no users on the login screen still exists, you should try the automatic repair method.

  1. First of all, restart your computer.
  2. When the windows logo appears at the time of startup, turn off the PC.
  3. Perform step no. 2 again for two more times, which makes it three times in total.
  4. You will now see automatic repair options. Select ‘Advanced Options’.
  5. Click on ‘Troubleshoot.’
  6. Perform steps 4-7, as described in method number 1. This should solve login screen problems in windows 10.

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Windows 10 black screen after login no desktop show up

If you are getting a black screen without a desktop after logging in, it might be because of a windows update. First, try these three simple steps:

  2. Select the power button at the bottom right corner
  3. Choose to restart
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If that does not help, use the following commands in your own risk:

  1. Restart Graphics Drivers by pressing ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+B
  2. Optional: Long press power button if that’s a laptop to turn off the PC or simply unplug the power cable for a desktop. This will switch off the system, and all unsaved data will be lost.
  3. If you have a damaged battery, it could cause a black screen due to power loss. Confirm that by plugging and unplugging USB devices into the slots. If the power is on, it will produce a specific notification sound on Windows 10.
  4. Check if the signal cables are correctly connected to desktop computers.
  5. Disconnect all external peripheral devices like USB, Printers, Drives, etc.
  6. The only thing that you can do if all the above methods fail is to take your CPU or the entire setup to a hardware shop. There might be defects in the physical components of your PC, causing the black screen issue.

Windows 10 black screen before login no cursor

The black screen issue with no cursor happens when there is a sudden power cut or upgrade interruptions. We can also blame the outdated drivers, corrupted ports, and Lockscreen app malfunctioning. To fix this, apply the following solutions:

  • Restarting the computer
  • Switch the video output adapter from Display Port to VGA, integrated to discrete cards, HDMI to DVI, or any other supported by the device.
  • Reboot in safe mode
  • Initialize system file checker (SFC) scan & DISM Tool
  • Perform automatic repair using BIOS Setup Utility (Use this with precaution)

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Why is my Windows 10 startup screen blank?

The windows 10 startup screen could go blank due to power failure, outdated graphics drivers, failed windows system update, upgrade interruptions, corrupted ports, and malfunctioning of the Lockscreen app.

How do I bypass the login screen on Windows 10?

We can use the netplwiz and group policy editor to bypass the login screen on Windows 10. Similarly, we can also use command prompt and PC Unlocker to skip the login screen.

How do I find Windows login screen?

Hold the shift key for a long time while clicking the power button on display. It will open up the Advanced Recovery Options through which you can safely reboot to find the windows login screen.

How do I fix the picture and password or PIN sign in not showing in Windows 10 login screen?

Open Group Policy editor and navigate to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon. There you can double click on "Turn on PIN sign-in" and "Turn off picture password sign-in" to set both of them enabled and disabled respectively. As a final step, you have to restart the system and you're done.

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Final Words

I hope that you were able to fix the windows 10 no login screen on startup after performing the above tricks. Now it is your turn to tell whether it worked or not in your case. Use the comment box below to explain your experience on how you solved the Windows 10 login screen, not showing an error. Feel free to ask any other questions about the issue that you are facing. If you have any other login screen issue, mention it below, and we will try to find a solution together. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Windows 10 No Login Screen on Startup 2021 – Fix (3 Methods)”

  1. Hi there, I cannot use any of your recommendations as the Start button is not showing in the right hand corner. All I see is my log on screen with out log on field and password field, date , connected to internet and power.

    Ctrl alt and delete makes no difference, neither does shutting down and starting ?

    Thanks elli


    Here’s something that worked for me, per the above link. Enter safe mode. hard power off more than 3 times and you’ll get a repair screen. Select the command processor.

    Type bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy.

    This will allow you to get to the safe mode with networking screen by hitting F8 during startup.

    Restart and hit F8 repeatedly just after the BIOS boot to get the choice for safe mode.

    Then (win)R and cmd to get the command processor running in admin mode.

    Delete the db files under the following folder


    The only file there on my laptop was cversions.3.db .

    After deleting and restarting the logon screen appeared.

    Not responsible for errors or omissions. Your results may vary.

  3. My system was working just fine, powered off for the night and then the next day tried to start the system and got a boat load of errors. System Repair appeared and finally said it could not repair the error and restarted the system. Now the system eventually gets to the sign on screen (no sign in box)’ only three button on the bottom right, then cycles to blank screen with the date and time, then cycles back to the sign in screen. Cannot click on anything and the pattern repeats. Rebooting just eventually ends up to the same cycling back and forth!

  4. My laptop opens my screensaver.
    There is no login in box.
    There is no task bar.
    There is no power button.
    CTRL-ALT-DELETE does not help.
    F8 does not help.

  5. Hi to everyone. I have had severe problems with two of the five Windows 10 machines installed at my house. Three are connected to the NBN gateway via numerous routers and switches, and two laptops are connected via WiFi. My ‘inside’ WiFi is connected via an ethernet cable to my workshop (20 meters from the house) where there is a second WiFi system (Linksys Velop Mesh with two nodes. All of that works seamlessly. My first problem was two days ago when my main workshop computer installed the latest Windows patch version 2004. After that it refused to start with a blue screen message ‘SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED’. After following several suggestions about video drivers and the like, I noticed that a number of other issues could have caused the error. I am running Bitdefender Total Security as well as Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.1. Windows rolled back the update and I tried again with my Express VPN turned off. No joy. The third time, Windows seems to have put the update aside for now, because it no longer appears as an available update in ‘Windows Update’. So for the moment I think I will wait until Bitdefender resolves the compatibility issue they have with this update. My SECOND (almost) disaster was last night when my Lenovo IdeaPad C340 started, for no obvious reason, to vary the Express VPN and display brightness and freeze when I tried to copy a file from one of my LAN file servers. This could not be resolved with ctrl-alt-del and I had no choice but to hard power off (there was no power button icon) and reboot. This resulted in the same problem. I was able to reboot in SAFE mode where I uninstalled a couple of recently installed programs ( Express VPN and VLC media player). Rebooting to normal Windows after that resulted in the same frozen logon screen with NO user name and password box. I decided to restore my computer to the third of October which is when, thankfully, Express VPN had created a restore point. This worked fine and Windows opened normally. I lost nothing because this laptop is only used for Outlook IMAP mail on Microsoft 365 and browsing things like YouTube and using Duolingo, a language learning program. Also, all of my computers and smart phones are backed up locally as well as in the cloud. So that is a summary of my experiences during the last few days. Funnily enough, only one of my computers suffered the problem updating to Windows Pro ver 2004. The others are all happy running the update and all have Bitdefender, Malwarebytes and Express VPN.

    • Hello Don. We’re glad that you were able to fix the problem. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with us. I’m sure it will help our readers a lot. 🙂

  6. OOPS. Please delete the words ‘Express VPN and’ from the sentence beginning: My second (almost) disaster was last night when my Lenovo IdeaPad C340 started, for no obvious reason, to vary the display brightness……

  7. MY FIX. I could not get the login screen to come up in Windows 10. Turning off “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” would kinda work. The background picture appeared out of focus like when it tried to log in, and after 5 minutes and several attempts it would log in.

    CHKDSK gave no errors or bad sectors on the SSD. Even with minimal services running, the System File Checker (SFC) tool kept giving me the error “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.”

    I finally had to resort to repairing the corrupt file(s) manually, but reading the log file was difficult. I came across the best way to fix my issue on Microsoft’s site (below). BTW, the file that was corrupted, had a file size of zero, and was causing my login screen not to appear was “NgcCtnrSvc.dll”


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