Outlook Not Receiving Some Emails – Explanation Guide

Outlook Not Receiving Some Emails, Outlook is one of the most popular email servers and management apps out there that is for Microsoft. Needless to say, it is extremely popular because it offers such reliable and effective support. Many times users suffer from unwanted issues associated with their Outlook account. for example, the Outlook application is not receiving emails is one of the problems that will be caused by a number of factors. in the middle of this guide, We will discuss that how can you fix Outlook emails in several ways.

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Why doesn’t Outlook receive emails?

Many times in LA, while working in Outlook, users find that they cannot accept emails sent individually. Before we discuss how to fix Outlook 365 without receiving emails, let’s Take a quick look at what could have caused this problem to start.

  •  There may be a network connection to your computer.
  •  A system component (such as a firewall) may prevent emails from coming.
  •  Emails can be stored inside a spam folder rather than a large inbox.
  •  Your email account will not be properly synchronized with Outlook.
  •  you will have incorrect account details or suspension details.
  •  The Outlook server may be down or the email client is often unavailable.
  •  Outlook plugin could have created this problem.
  •  Malware may require corrupt Outlook data to your system.

How can you Set Up Outlook Not Receiving Emails But is Available Post “?

As you can see, there may be all sorts of reasons why you can’t receive emails in Outlook 2016 or another version. There are different solutions to different causes. Here I am you will check kindly below. solutions we have prepared for you:

Check the Junk folder

Before you take any further action, be sure to check the Junk folder Vision. you may have received an email, but Outlook marked it as junk in turn. Just open the email, go to your Actions> Junk Email, and mark it as inactive. This will forward the email to your inbox and confirm that the same action will not happen with the appropriate email id too.

See Web Connection and Outlook Service

there may be a problem and an internet connection for your program. Therefore, you will restart your computer and make sure it is connected to the stable connection. Also, the Outlook service may be down for now. Just be there on outlook service status page and check if its the current status. If it is marked in red, it means so means Outlook is not available right now.

Check that your inbox is full

Needless to say, if your inbox is full and does not have enough space, then Outlook I will not receive emails. to fix this, you’ll just go to Junk, Inbox, or another folder then delete all unwanted emails. you will also try the Sweet feature in Outlook, i.e. will automatically delete old emails from the sender.

Move emails to another folder

New Outlook Inbox types have two default folders – focused on something else. It automatically prioritizes our important emails within a focused folder. If you think that Outlook 2016 does not receive emails, so look for the opposite folder. Other emails can be present within the Other folder instead. Just select, go to the “Submit” feature again you prefer to move it to the focus folder. and you will choose to send emails regularly from this sender to the fixed folder.


In this article we have learned about that how to fix outlook not receiving some emails we have explained 4 different methods to get it done and we have simplified it in a manner so everyone can have a better understanding of it.

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