Windows Media Player Server Execution Failed Windows 10 [How To Fix Guide]

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to fix windows media player server execution failed windows 10 error. Although Microsoft has tried to keep its products glitch-free, errors like this may occur sometimes.

Some major reasons for such problems are old and outdated hardware and drivers. Or, maybe a virus in the computer system that has damaged the registry files and items. So before applying these tricks, make sure to scan your computer with anti-virus programs and clean it.

server execution failed windows 10

Sometimes, the files that you are trying to play with windows media player might be corrupt. So be sure to try them with other players like VLC. If you’ve tried everything and still server execution failed message shows up, you can try the following major solutions. By the way, these methods also work for older versions of the Windows operating system.

Windows Media Player Server Execution Failed – Fix

#1. Services.msc method

Open ‘Run‘ by pressing ‘Windows + R‘ hotkey. Then type ‘services.msc‘ and press enter.

open services.msc in windows 10 using run

From the list, find the ‘Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service‘.

find windows media player network sharing service

Right-click and select ‘Properties‘.

open properties of windows media player network sharing service

Click on the drop-down list next to ‘Start-up Type‘ and set that to ‘Disabled‘.

disable windows media player network sharing service properties

Apply the changes and select ‘OK‘.

apply startup type disabled

Reboot your computer immediately after that. Open Windows Media Player upon the restart and it should be working fine.

#2. Edit Registry Fix

Open ‘Run‘ as mentioned above, type ‘cmd‘ and press enter. Then use the hotkey ‘CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER‘ within command prompt window to run as administrator.

After that, execute the following commands by typing them and pressing enter one by one:

  • regsvr32 jscript.dll
  • regsvr32 vbscript.dll

When the above commands are executed properly, reboot your PC. This should easily fix the ‘service execution failed‘ error on windows 10.

#3. Close Windows Media Player Running in Background

Once again, open the run dialogue box, and execute the command ‘taskmgr‘ (see above to learn how). Alternatively, you can right-click the start menu and select ‘Task Manager‘ if you’re on Windows 10.

Now, right-click on ‘Windows Media Player‘ under apps and select ‘End Task‘.

windows media player end task manager

Re-open media player and it should start working.

#4. Troubleshoot using Windows Store Apps

Launch the ‘START‘ menu and click on the gear icon to open settings.

how to open settings in windows 10

Navigate to ‘Update & Security‘.

how to open update & security windows 10

Switch to the ‘Troubleshoot‘ tab and then ‘Windows Store Apps‘.

troubleshoot windows store apps

Then click on ‘Run the Troubleshooter‘.  It will open a new dialogue box that says ‘Detecting Problems‘. This step takes a while, so keep patience till the computer finds a problem.

Once done, it will give you two options: either reset an app or click ‘Next‘. This is a good time to set the player to default settings. If you select Next, it will look for other problems. At last, when everything is over, restart the system and launch the wm player.

#5. Re-Install WM Player

Start ‘Run‘, type ‘Control Panel‘, and press enter. Navigate to Programs > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features on or off.

Scroll down the ‘Windows Features‘ list and click on the Plus icon + located to the left side of media features to unlock items. Remove the tick mark from the ‘Windows Media Player‘ checkbox. It will show a warning. Click Yes and then Ok.

turn windows features on off windows media player

In the end, restart your system.

Final Words:

Some other methods are:

  • Updating Windows to the latest version
  • Adding wmplayer to the antivirus exception list
  • Clean booting the windows
  • Buying an original copy of the operating system through a trusted vendor.

Now you tell me, which of the above steps helped you to fix server execution failed windows 10 error. Tell me in the comments.

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