Solve Windows 8.1 “Blue Screen On Startup” Error – Basic Remedies

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, don’t you just hate Windows 8.1 and how slow it can be sometimes? I mean it takes forever to boot up (like an hour is an eternity).

And what’s up with some of the errors like your computer slows down, stops running, freezes or crashes all of a sudden ? They’re quite annoying right ? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We’ve got some brilliant tips for speeding up your machine and we’re also going to give you a list of those hottest gadgets which will make your life so much better when using Windows 8.1.

The new Windows 8.1 “Blue” is not very different from the previous operating system ! Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem If you are in the middle of a Skype call with someone, this can be awkward for the person on the other side, as well.

Also when you have a profile picture uploaded to it (be it a LAN or WAN, etc.), it helps identify you better because all of your friends can see what you look like.

You may have already searched the Internet for a solution to this kind of problem and have found that several different sites have proposed solutions.

However, what I’m going to provide is a summary of some of these accepted solutions (that were originally posted on various Microsoft forums).

Resolution for Windows 8.1 BSOD problems

​I searched on my browser for the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) problem and found that it happens for two reasons: software or hardware. This is like a quick-fix.

You don’t have to search online because we just gave you the answer instead of writing out different articles that are suppose to provide an intellectual approach to solving BSOD problems.

Fix Windows 8.1 BSOD Errors (Updated on 8th May, 2016)

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death ) is similar to Windows 8.

The root cause could be a plethora of things, and the resolutions are many; if you can note down the error message you receive, there is probably a resolution that’ll help solve the problem.

If the recommended solutions proposed by your anti-virus or other security software don’t do the trick, troubleshoot further: turn off your computer and try again.

Hoping this works, otherwise you have to backup your data and scan it on another PC which runs fresh software’s to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Simple Fixes

  1. You can try a System restore, if you have created a restoring point.
  2. Then you can install the latest updates from Microsoft for Windows 8.1 (like security updates etc).
  3. You can try the solutions for BSOD errors on Windows 7 or 8.
  4. Then you can remove any new software or hardware that is installed, just before the BSOD error.

Causes of Windows 8.1 BSOD Errors

Some of the likely causes are

  7. THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER windows-8.1-bsod-error-cause-and-fix 1

General Solutions

  • You can run the chkdsk command
  • Then you can reconfigure BCD
  • You can use third-party software to rebuild the BCD
  • Check for faulty RAM module or hardware
  • Check the cables
  • Reinstall Windows or replace the hard disk
  • You can reboot in SAFE MODE and uninstall the current graphics driver and install the latest driver from the vendor
  • Update BIOS
  • Check RAM and hardware cables
  • Uninstall any new drivers
  • Sometimes a faulty driver can be a problem. In that case, identify it and install the latest or update it.
  • You can also update the latest video driver.

Blue Screen on Login Screen – Solution

If your password or pin text box is not showing up, instead, you’re putting in your Windows 8.1 Installation media to resolve the issue, but it’s asking for a “BSOD” error, you need to call our customer service line so one of our representatives can help get things back on track with our Recovery Drive.’ windows_81_recovery_drive_advanced_options

Then you can try “System Restore” or “Automatic Repair“.

BSOD due to Graphics Card Drivers and PSU

Sometimes you upgrade your graphics card whose PSU (power supply unit) consumes less to a more powerful one. This change can also bring a ‘blue screen of death’ on your Windows 8.1 computer.

The solution is to provide the PC with a larger and more powerful PSU (power supply unit) that can accommodate the new GPU’s power needs.

One helpful tip is to first uninstall your old graphics card driver and then install the new one; follow this link to learn how to do it yourself. This forum post gives a detailed description about how to deal with this kind of problem.

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, so I just upgraded my graphics card from a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost video card to an MSI Radeon R9 270x.

I really needed some extra power for the Battlefield 4 game, so after making sure it was compatible with my PC, and once it was all plugged in and before installing any drivers, i installed the latest beta Catalyst 14.1 which runs on AMD-ATI technology.

After playing the game for about 10 minutes I noticed that I got a BSOD (Rapid Blue Screen of Death), so then I restarted my computer and started over fresh by reinstalling everything from scratch to make sure there were no conflicts or any other problems causing this crash.

This time when playing the same 10-minute long match, the game worked flawlessly.

Bad Hard Disk can cause BSOD

Sometimes bricking your hard drive can cause problems especially if you don’t have an alternative hard disk for troubleshooting. It’s best to try switching SATA ports or even a different SSD if you can afford it.

Ok so my computer is updating and it’s not supposed to, Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem which is causing my computer to operate abnormally. If I decided to turn on my computer now it would show a message and then restart again as well.

Before the update happened I noticed that my computer was running slower than normal especially while I was trying to run heavy programs or games.

And even when I wasn’t using it, Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem the fan would sometimes sound like it was at 100%, which means that something might be wrong with my hard drive.

Now it boots up and I can access the motherboard’s BIOS, but after that there is only a blank blue screen. I can see neither the mouse cursor nor does my keyboard work.

Bad RAM can cause “Blue Screen” Error at Startup

  • This can be frustrating when you’re trying to resolve issues on your own. The blue screen of death has a lot of fixes that people have tried, but sometimes it’s better to call for backup and seek help from the experts. Sometimes errors occur due to damaged or worn out parts, and when this happens it is good to know some troubleshooting tips from experts before putting in any extra money into fixing the problem. It’s especially helpful to make sure we don’t go around replacing things that aren’t broken just because we think there might be a problem with them.

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, remove one by one, and then check if the problem remains. Memory errors can be tricky to detect.

If the computer keeps blue screening after removing the stick one by one, then you may need to order a replacement RAM module. The most common memory error messages are listed below:

KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED system_thread_exception_not_handled_windows_8.1_blue_screen_error

Blue Screen with “0xa00001” Error

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, the cause of your BSOD error could be due to the fact that you have a graphics card with insufficient power.

We recommend creating a memory dump file, posting it on forums, and leaving it up to moderators there who will try to find an answer for solve the problem.

Other reasons this error can happen include Chrome’s hardware acceleration feature overusing your graphics card’s processing power and thus slowing down your PC.

In some cases, you may turn off hardware acceleration. Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem You can do this by turning Hardware Acceleration in the settings of your browser to “Application managed”.

This happens whenever you play 3D games. A third-party Chrome extension like “Arcade Game” can also have adverse effects (which is not true in all cases) and make it harder to scroll on your site. 0xa00001_blue_screen_error_windows_81 4

Other Causes and Solutions

Another user complained about the catalyst software suite causing the problem, and the solution was to boot their system in safe mode, open device manager and uninstall display and monitor adapter.

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, after rebooting, they installed just the driver without using the catalyst software suite.

It would seem that there is no compatible driver for that particular issue which pertains to Windows 8.1 only; however, a generic driver is adequate enough if one uses wisdom.

Another user of Windows 8.1 Pro complains that it is giving random BSOD errors due to driver incompatibility.

He says he’s not sure what the problem is and would like to go back to Windows 7 but there doesn’t appear to be a straight forward solution.

The primary reason persists as issues with Microsoft drivers for your hardware, however in this case it seems the best solution would be to install manufacturer drivers instead which might be offered online or provided on physical media by your computer’s manufacturers.

Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, one user who was trying to disable the Intel GPU driver while working at home on his Fujitsu LH772 laptop experiencing some serious problems including a blue screen of death upon boot.

He could not boot from installation disk, change recovery mode start-up times, or connect his HDMI cable to this laptop properly.

Our advice would be not to deliberately disable the graphic chipset on any laptop computer as it’s usually integrated in with the CPU and having it disabled may lead your device to malfunction every time you turn it off and back on again.

But if a user does find himself in a situation where he has lost Windows 8 and is getting errors about the graphic driver constantly, for instance when attempting to run the windows setup CD-ROM, there is a solution you can use – just follow our instructions below.


Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem, since the web is full of instances of unsuccessful navigation attempts on Windows 8.1’s Blue Screen of Death, it’s often difficult to find the most updated information available on Google’s servers.

Of late, site administrators have been using HTTP 301 redirects to stem search engine bots and automated web-crawlers alike from indexing their server’s data caches.

This is done especially when the documents stored within need updating on a frequent basis as they do with this particular directory-based database header file.

But at a broad scale, it’s always the compatibility of hardware, software or drivers that ends up causing trouble for such a problem.

So as a no-brainer solution to the BSOD error upon startup, Solve windows 8.1 blue screen on startup problem it’s best to check your memory and see what might be the last thing you have done to create such an issue.

If you have tried some basic solutions like the ones we’ve mentioned above and still have not resolved your problem, start using different methods like Googling what the issue may be or similar issues people are having online.

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