Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media using CD or DVD or USB ?

Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media, when booting a computer running Windows 8 or 8.1, it’s common for the machine to spontaneously crash with error 0xC1902150 or 0xC1900210 respectively shown on screen during a blue output on incompatible hardware.

Instantly look at the recovery media to enable your computer to boot and be restored back to normal. You can use different installation data like CD/DVD or USB and make a recovery disk in attention of the system failure.

If you’ve got multiple operating systems loading up when you turn on your computer, Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media this of course can make things difficult.

Not being able to login to one system means you have to switch over to another one instead – and thus basically turning off your computer isn’t a feasible option. This is some serious whirlpooling going on.

The only thing more important than having a backup of your computer is having a way to recover it if something bad happens.

This usually means making and verifying bootable disks which every Windows operating system has in its arsenal.

Mac starter software is perfect for people who have just started using a Mac. Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media There optional tools enable users to quickly diagnose minor problems and efficiently fix them.

What is the Importance of Rescue-Disk Options?

In earlier versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, you needed a floppy disk to create a rescue disk.

But remember the days when USB disks were used to install operating systems? You will not believe how hard it was back then.

Third party tools – both paid and unpaid – are available for operating systems like Windows that provide a wide range of useful functions for a price, ranging from graphics quality to text messaging.

A much safer option is to use the Windows Installation media because it contains more advanced recovery tools and the necessary options.

But with laptops on the rise for technology usage, there is a special partition dedicated to handling in case of failure.

By using an emergency rescue disk, we’d be able to recover files from a partition that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

This is important because if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to boot into the PC.

How to Create a Recovery Disk in Windows 8 or 8.1?

Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media, windows 8 and 8.1 both come with Recovery Media Creator built-in .

Before we create a recovery disk, let’s take a moment to realize the importance of backing up important data.

The experts at PC Geeks recommend saving a copy of important files onto an external hard drive (device) which can be easily accessed without working directly from the computer itself.

The backup is created and saved in case anything were to happen to your computer such as a virus, hardware issues or even plain human error.

There is also a term called system repair disc which was earlier used in Windows XP and like versions of the operating system.

Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media, but this system repair disc is not the same as a factory recovery or restore disc.

The important thing is that system repair disc cannot be used to install a Windows 8 operating system. It can only be used for the installation of the Windows 7 and Vista systems.

A system repair disc can also be created on a 32-bit Windows 8 OS, and it can be used to repair a 32-bit Windows 8 system. Similarly, the same can be done for 64-bit systems.

How to Create a Recovery Disc (“System Repair Disc”) using CD or DVD in Windows 8 or 8.1?

  • First go to Start Screen and type “recovery“. There will be several options to create a recovery disc. If you want some “Advanced Recovery Tools” you can take the first option. recovery_disk_creation_windows_8_8_1 1
  • An UAC pop-up window opens, which you need to click OK. The program name is “Recovery Media Creator“.
  • The second options directly takes you to creation of rescue disc. create_recovery_drive_windows_8 2
  • Here is a very important option. Just as I said earlier, many computers are coming up a recovery partition these days. Now if this is available, you have the option “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive“.

Now you have two options. You can either use CD or DVD as the media for creating a rescue disc or an USB disk.

  • If you want the CD or DVD option, you need to remove all the USB disks connected to your computer.
  • As you can see above, CD or DVD choice is a legacy option. You can “Create a system repair disc with a CD or DVD instead“ .The rest of the process is simple. When you click Next button, you are asked to click on the “Create disc” button. There is also a message on the screen.

A system repair disc can be used to boot your computer. It also contains system recovery tools that are needed when Windows encounters serious errors or if you wanted to restore it back to the version that was backed up by a system image.

The contents of your CD or DVD are now successfully on it. You will simply want to label yours appropriately so that you remember what’s on it.

 How to Create Recovery USB Flash Drive in Windows 8 or 8.1?

The only difference between the “system repair disc” and this option is that you are using USB drive or thumb drive as your media.

You will be asked to select your USB media where you want to create the startup disk onto, so choose wisely when choosing that thumb-drive.

Always opt for a USB 3.0 soon if possible, instead of reaching forwards backwards into the past with an old USB 2.0 stick.

In addition, Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media having the ability to make sweeping changes can be quite effective.

Also important to mention is that the Recovery Drive also comes pre-configured, unlike the Recovery Obtainable from the Microsoft website which needs to be manually configured for your specific computer after downloading.

As earlier, if your computer DOES NOT has a OEM recovery partition then this option will be disabled or greyed out. In that case you should avoid using it.


If you copied contents of the recovery partition on your hard disk to the recovery drive, at the end of recovery disc creation, you can delete this partition from your computer.

Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media, without this partition (which occupies about 10 GB space normally), you will be able to get more memory space on a normal computer.


The system recovery partition is a part of the hard drive that provides users with a means of restoring their computers to factory settings in the event that problems become too much for them.

  • The only difference from the earlier scenario is that you will get a list of USB drives or thumb drives listed to which you can make a recovery disc. usb_recovery_disc_windows_8_1 3


  • There is a message that “The drive must be able to hold at least 256 MB, and everything on the drive will be deleted“. So in case you stored any important files on this drive, its best to back them up to another drive. Also this drive will get formatted which should be kept in mind.

How to Restore you Windows 8 or 8.1 PC?

Windows 8.1/8 Recovery Disk Create Rescue Media, you must enter the CD, DVD, or USB flash drive to start the computer because it is necessary for your machine to boot.

Then several options will come up.

Now, depending on whether you would like to refresh your PC, reset Windows 8.1, or do a system image recovery, you can select that option.

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