Download Android SDK Platform-Tools (Windows/Mac/Linux) – Guide

Android SDK platform tools download, ADB and Fast boot are two very handy tool that allow us to take our Android development knowledge a notch higher.

Whether you want to test the functionality of an app or even flash .img files, it’s best to have ADB and Fast boot tools installed on your computer for convenience. Android SDK platform tools download One might ask how can we obtain ADB and Fast boot tools?

They’re available for free from Google’s servers, but inconveniently there is no direct link for them so we’ll have to manually search their page to get the latest version.

Android SDK platform tools download

Also unfortunately, Google doesn’t host any Mac or Linux versions of these tools – so those who prefer these operating systems will have to rely on third-party sources for this wonderful utility.

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What is SDK Platform-Tools?

Essentially, the “platform-tools” is a tool used specifically by Android developers to do tasks like developing and debugging an Android sort of app without relying on a real device.

To simulate an app while you’re testing it, which might not be available or chargeable depending on the situation, or if you want to do something like framing around the visual layout in different ways because you’re having a conflict with another program that might perhaps be compromising something about your design.

The first thing you’d have to do is install those particular tools on your computer and actually then set yourself up with an ADB (Android Debug Bridge) connection to test out your app.

If you recently wanted to download the Android SDK, you had to download the Android SDK “full package” which included the Android Platform-tools.

However, Android SDK platform tools download if you just wanted to use the tools, it didn’t make sense to do so.

That’s why Google decided to release a separate Zip package that contains just what you need as a developer in an easy-to-download file. This makes downloading incredibly simple.

Android SDK Tools (Windows)

After downloading the latest version of the Android SDK Platform Tools, we can proceed to download and set up its components via a step-by-step guide.

How to Use SDK Platform-Tools

Now that you’ve already downloaded the Android SDK Platform Tools, you need to install it or set it up on your computer.

If you don’t know what to do with the zip file you just downloaded and how to execute ADB & Fast boot commands, we’re going to talk about exactly what this tool is and expand on exactly what its primary uses are as well.

First of all, Android SDK platform tools download you need to unzip the “”. You can extract it anywhere on your computer but I prefer saving the files to a folder created as “Android” on the C drive on my Windows PC.

Having extracted the zip file, you will then be able to launch a command prompt window with Internet connectivity and easily execute an ADB or fast boot command.

How to Launch a Command Window?

Traditionally, launching a command prompt in Windows requires moving through 3 steps: 1) Clicking on the Start menu, 2) Typing into the search box, and 3) double clicking the CMD icon that pops up.

This process can be avoided altogether especially when one frequently needs to launch a command prompt by opening the Perf logs folder inside Platform-tools.

Besides being more enjoyable than traditional methods of launching a command prompt window, this route is even faster- so why would you settle for less.

Your time and productivity (as well as general happiness) should never take a back seat because it’s been proven that growing your business will make those around you happier, too.

Method 1

  1. Open the folder in which you extracted the content of the file.
  2. While pressing the Shift key on the keyboard, perform a right-click on your mouse at an empty place inside the folder window.
  3. From the context menu pop-up, select the “Open command prompt here” option. 1 pic
  4. You can now execute any ADB or Fast boot command.

Method 2

Opening your command prompt can be as simple as bringing up the Windows file explorer and typing “cmd” in the address bar like shown below, then hitting enter.

Before you begin the tutorial though, Android SDK platform tools download I want to take a look at all of those settings on your newly opened chrome developer tools that I mentioned earlier. Now let’s break this down… 2 pic

Note: Make sure to enable USB debugging option on your Android device. You can find it under Settings> Developer options. For example, at the bottom of the list you should check all three boxes in the category of ‘Build Number’.

Once you have successfully checked all the three boxes, choose back and once again tap on Build number 5 times to enable USB debugging option.

When executing a command in the cmd window, you can use the debugging option so that your computer and phone are able to any issues or problems that may arise.

For example, when you load a website on your device, it’s likely that it would take a while for the content you’re looking for to appear on your screen – this is where taking advantage of debugging becomes handy. 3 pic

Verify ADB Connection

Instructions: Android SDK platform tools download Make sure you have already installed the proper Android USB Driver from your device’s manufacturer on your computer.

  1. Having enabled USB Debugging from Developer options, connect your phone or tablet to the computer using a compatible USB cable.
  2. Now launch a command window and type the following command and click the Enter key on the keyboard.

adb devices

  • You’ll see the list of the IDs of attached devices in the Command Prompt window represented by a string of alphanumeric values as shown below. 4 pic

If you have not already done so, please place any Android image files (.img) or APKs in the platform-tools folder of your ADB installation directory.

If you’d like to install a system image file or update your device’s entire OS, you can also use fast boot commands.

However, Android SDK platform tools download first verify that you have downloaded and installed the proper USB drivers for your device on your computer.

The Android SDK platform tools

Or if it came with Google, then just get them from there and double-click to install them. If you are having trouble using ADB or Fast boot commands on your device, read my other tutorial about how to fix ‘adb is not recognized’ errors.

Installing SDK Platform tools on your computer is a good first step in developing software. Next you should start learning how to use them.

Android Studio and the Android SDK are tools created to be used by developers to make applications for Android devices. The Android SDK platform tools download However, there are also ways for you to use them without being a developer as well.

Android SDK Platform Tools is an SDK we included in our new update that allows you access and manage your device in ways that not just a developer could like unlock the bootloader, flash ROMs, or move apps.

The Android SDK platform tools download, you can download this version separately.

A lot of people who previously thought of getting into Android development didn’t have the right experience to set up their systems and deal with a slightly complex install process.

To get ADB and fast boot, they had to download both a 400MB – 1.6GB SDK Platform tools package as well as separately head out to the internet to search for 3rd party sources with the Minimal ADB and Fast boot executable that they needed in order to get started.

In many cases, the 3 rd -party downloads contain malicious stuff like Trojans.

Furthermore, Android SDK platform tools download to get the latest SDK platform tools, developers had to download at least three different files independently—i.e.

A specific operating system image that didn’t come with ADB and Fast boot compiled into it and each of these would have to be downloaded separately before they could be used in unison with one another.

Android SDK platform tools download, it was a tedious process that could have been simplified by simply downloading them directly from Google’s own servers instead and now you can.

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