Fix Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7 Installation Error Code 0x8007025d

Error code 0x8007025d solutions, if you see error code 0x8007025d during installation, you want to throw your PC out of the window.

You get a message that says ‘Windows cannot install required files.’ Many software or hardware installation errors look like the above.

They generally crop up after a period of time. It is also imperative that you identify yourself in your work network. To install Skype like programs it is important that your OS installation runs smoothly.

The easy fix for this 0x8007025d error is to look for the proper installation media for Windows 10 or 7.

You can find media online at Microsoft’s site, and this is what you’ll want to download in order to successfully install the Fall Creator Update. The link below will take you directly to the download:

The Best Way to Fix Windows cannot install required files Error Code 0x8007025d

Using a Rufus software tool to install Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10 on your computer.

If it doesn’t work with USB 3.0, you can try using USB 2.0 instead and if that fails, you can burn the ISO file to a DVD first and then start the installation process from it. Error-code-0x8007025d 2

As you can see above, some users who have encountered this Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007025D are having the problem while trying to do a system restore.

This can be due to installation issues and for this particular concern, different from installation issues, you can check if your Windows OS is properly updated using the System File Checker scan (SFC) using an elevated command prompt .

Sfc /scannow

You might have seen that if you’re doing something important, your body language speaks for itself.

You might have installed Windows on your PC and wanted to install software updates using the automatic Windows Update service. After doing so you still encounter specific error code 0x8007025d.

I upgraded to the Windows 10 1709 version and signed up for the Insider Preview Builds – Fast Ring updates since I’m tech savvy.

But, my biggest regret was that after signing up for these updates, all of a sudden my laptop started running very slowly. Not only that, but it often crashed whenever I tried to access system settings or any other app.

So I thought of formatting that partition, and I ended up doing a clean install.

I used to get an error code 0x8007025d all the time. Then I remembered how one of my friends taught me a new trick.

Some Causes of Error Code 0x8007025d

I searched through Microsoft forums and I find that this error started in 2015. It has been four years since, and it is still continuing to occur.

For example, one user of the Lenovo G500 had been trying to do a clean install of Windows 10 onto their laptop which had previously run an earlier version of Windows.

However, they got an error message when they tried to make their hard drive partition. They decided to reformat and create new partitions instead.

So I suggest he check his RAM by performing a memory test to see if hardware is the cause of errors. If he’s unsure how to do this, ask me and I’ll explain it – or simply use Google

Otherwise he can remove all the USB devices except the keyboard and mouse because they are not vital at this moment. Then finally, restarting your PC before adding anything back will often produce a solution to the problem. ram_memory_errors_during_win_10_installation 3

Windows systems no longer support MBR (Master Boot Record) partitioning schemes and will automatically convert to using GPT (GUID Partition Table).

It’s good to know that you can use a disk larger than 32GB without having to worry about any OS constraints.

Make sure it’s between 125GB and 150GB and whether your computer is using an SSD or HDD.

Also get rid of any old HDD drives you might have lying around, 40 or 80GB ones can seem like a lot but try to free up space on them if you can.

My Experience and Solution with Error Code 0x8007025d

However, Coming to my story, my system had the following specs.

  • Pentium Core2 Duo CPU E7500 @2.93 Ghz Processor
  • Gigabyte Motherboard
  • 1 TB Internal Hard Disk
  • 80 GB Secondary Hard disk
  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce 210 Graphics Card
  • Acer P225HQ LCD Monitor (HDMI) – 21.5″

Since my BIOS was too old, I didn’t think installing an operating system via a USB stick would be possible. However, I discovered that my computer supported booting from a USB pre-boot menu.

This make me very happy because it meant that I wouldn’t have to buy a new hard drive just yet.

I have actually had the 64 bit Windows 10 installation media (64bit) downloaded for a long time. I was of the impression that it was a good installation media which I used to install the Windows 10 OS earlier. windows_8_installation_error_code

But when that error code 0x8007025d came up in the middle of everything, the installation process did a U-turn. It turns that other people with the same circumstance said using a disc would solve the problem.

So I downloaded a bootable ISO file (Magic ISO), and then turned the first boot device priority to the CD.

I then tried to install Windows 10 again, making sure that the partition where I was installing it was empty and its space was formatted .

But now when I tried to install it was giving a message that Windows 10 cannot be installed on this drive. This was making me go crazy. Then an idea struck me, worried about losing all my valuable data. error_code_0x007025D_large_disk_space 5

I luckily had a second operating system on my desktop, so I went to Computer Management and created an NTFS partition.

This partition was a lot smaller than the original partition. The installation process didn’t work yet when I tried this time either.

Earlier I believed that the source code media I downloaded was a good one and not corrupted. However now I have started to think my theory was incorrect.

It downloads a small setup file which you can run safely and then it will ask whether to create an .ISO image from your USB, CD, DVD etc. I used the second option.

Now I was of the opinion that this version would download the initial 1507 (July 29th, 2015) version. Later, I found that it gave me Fall Creators Update 1709 (2017) instead. So when installing Windows, you don’t have to update it at all. error_code 6

So it turns out that the fix for my Windows 10 installation error code 0x8007025d was indeed a corrupted .iso file. Even still, always be sure to download the ultimate updated files before installs.

Other Solutions

Ten Forums had a recent thread about forum software in which one user shared a problem and another introduced a new idea.

One had a Crucial M2 2280 SSD that wouldn’t be read by Windows 10. After partitioning it into two separate ones, the drive was finally read and could be formatted with Windows 10 on a USB flash drive.

You can try switching the power off to the PC and then putting the USB media back in a different slot.

Since your computer has USB 3.0 which means it should be able to recognize the installation media on the first attempt if it isn’t configured.

One way to deal with error code 0x8007025d is by disconnecting one’s network connections like the wi-fi adapter or ethernet, and try to install. It worked for some.

One had a different configuration.

  • Corsair – Builder 500W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
  • AS Rock AB350M-HDV – AM4 Micro ATX motherboard
  • Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO
  • 120GB Drevo SSD drive
  • Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 1060 6gb
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1500x
  • Crucial – 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory
  • DVD Re-writer
  • But after installing 10% and coming to the “getting files ready for installation” stage it would give the same error code. When he did a memory test, he got lot of errors. So probably he has a bad RAM stick.

If you have multiple RAM sticks and you’re attempting to install Windows then this can be a problem. The best thing you can do is remove one of the sticks and try the installation once again for it may solve the problem.

You can try running the sfc /scannow command from an elevated command prompt window to see if any files are corrupted on your hard-disk. You may get this error message when trying to run it:

“Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. Details are included in the CBS.log…..”

So if your PC is running Windows 10, you don’t need to use DISM because that usually won’t solve the issue. Otherwise, you can give it a try and maybe it will work for you.

Information on Error Code 0x8007025d

According to Microsoft team, 0x8007025d refers to ERROR_BAD_COMPRESSION_BUFFER. As you know USB 3.0 and 2.0 use different modes of communication with the PC, for example if you are using a USB 3.0 device, they would utilize asynchronous handling of data transfer between USB and PC, as 2.0 would always use synchronous bus handling methods.

The high data transfer rate can send vendor data to the buffer too quickly. This, in turn, can result in the buffer getting clogged or, even worse, Error code 0x8007025d solutions the software not being able to properly process this information.

Corrupt .ISO files or missing internal layers in an ISO file can affect an installation. This can result in a stop error of 0x8007025d. Bad USB drives, DVD drives and CPU’s can also cause problems if the equipment is corrupted or misconfigured.

In that case using multiple USB storage devices will not communicate properly with the operating system. Also having multiple USB devices may confuse the system and cause it to boot-up into an incorrect mode.

This video will help you get a bunch of stuff done by staying off your phone.

The below video will show you how to resolve the error code 0x8007025d in Windows 7.

Finally, these are some of the causes and solutions for Error Code 0x8007025d

1.    Corrupted HDD or SSD

If you have a troubled sector on your hard drive, it can interfere with the data being sent to the buffers so that the installation process gets disrupted by 25% or 50%.

2.    RAM is faulty

As mentioned earlier, if you have multiple RAM sticks installed onto your motherboard and one of the slots on the motherboard is corrupted or faulty, Error code 0x8007025d solutions then this too can cause this error message to appear.

The solution is to either change one of the RAMs or test each slot with a stick in it individually until you find the faulty one – and avoid using that slot.

3.    Disconnect all External Devices.

Error code 0x8007025d solutions, sometimes a bad hardware can damage the electronic components of your physical device, which adversely affects its functionality.

In those cases, software and peripherals issues may occur. Such errors require thorough testing to determine their precise origins and provide effective solutions before they cause even greater complications.

4.    Decrease the size of HDD or SSD partition

As mentioned before, regardless of the size of your partition, it’s important to make sure the GPT partition file system is either at a maximum or lower than that. It’s better if you limit your filesystem to a smaller physical size in bytes.

5.    Download official and recent Windows 10 ISO Image file

As mentioned earlier, in my case it was a corrupt ISO file that caused an error. So downloading a new one from the official site can solve your problems sometimes.

6.    Wrong USB Stick.

If your USB or DVD you try to use to install Windows 10, is corrupt, you can get this error. Make sure to build a boot device on a new Flash Drive or DVD.


The reasons for error code 0x8007025d are many. Error code 0x8007025d solutions The exact cause must be determined and is of trial-and-error basis, which can be overwhelming.

If you are lucky, you can solve your problem in the first attempt itself. Otherwise, you have to go through all the possible solutions, one by one and that too using a 64 bit OS system.

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