How to Fix Nvidia Color Settings Reset in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7?

Fix NVidia control panel, the Nvidia color settings may reset while you’re playing a game in full screen. The resolution to such a problem is to change a setting.

Ensure that your monitor refresh rate is Full. This value should fix any shaky looking graphics or screens on your display while playing in the game.

It will also ensure that the game settings go with you when you change game resolution and other options during gameplay. NVIDIA_Control_Panel_Color_Calibration_2018 1

This generally makes no difference for VGA display with low resolutions. But if you are using and UHD or HDMI TV kind of devices, it is going to make a difference.

When you change the full range and then tap Apply, ‘Full Range RGB 0-255’ signal becomes active. I have reviewed an article about the Most Expensive Graphics Card in 2022.

Solve Nvidia Color Settings Reset Problem

Many of the HDMI color problems with NVIDA and AMD graphic cards can be solved by following any of these solutions:

  • By creating a custom resolution of an HD device, on the same page, you can make sure that the ‘Full Range RGB 0-255’ signal over HDMI can be ensured.
  • If the “scrubbed” image look appears while playing game, you can “adjust desktop color settings” under Display. Just make sure the digital color format is set to YCbCr444, instead of RGB.
  • A small utility called ‘Nvidia Full/Limited Range Toggler’ exists, which can implement the “Full” signal successfully. You just have to click the ‘Set Full Range (0-255)’ button.
  • For an AMD graphic unit, you can use a DVI to HDMI cable, which will solve the pixel format problem.

Windows 10 maintains the default color system profile even when you’re using a computer without a video graphics card. This happens on boot up.

An ICC color profile is a set of data that offers designers, Fix NVidia control panel developers and other professionals a way to describe device-dependent color characteristics of new display technologies

So, a profile essentially is like a map. It’s a representation of how to get from one place to another—in this case it would be from a color space to the PCS and from the PCS to the color space.

Adjust desktop color settings Nvidia

You can fix this problem with a couple of changes in the NVIDIA Control Panel :

  • 3D Settings > Adjust image settings with preview . Check the option – Use my preference emphasizingQuality
  • Display > Adjust desktop color settings : Use NVIDIA settings.
  1. Brightness : 40 to 60
  2. Contrast : 40 to 50
  3. Gamma : 1.1 to 1.15
  4. Digital Vibrancy : 50
  • Video > Adjust video color settings : Advanced
  1. Dynamic Range : Full (0-255)
  2. Dynamic contrast enhancement : On (Tick)
  3. Color enhancement : On (Tick)
  • Video > Adjust video image settings
  1. Edge enhancement: 7 to 10 (NVIDIA setting)
  2. Noise reduction : 10 to 12 (NVIDIA setting) nvidia_color_settings_3d_optimal adjust_desktop_color_settings_optimal_nvidia 3 pic adjust_video_color_settings_nvidia adjust_video_image_settings_nvidia 5

Generally the above settings will, what’s an appropriate word here – mollify? 🙂 – some of your favorite developers who are avid gamers.

If you follow the first fix, there should be no reason why NVidia settings keep resetting after making changes in game settings.

He can contact other players with the same monitor or hardware configuration and apply those environmental changes. optimal_nvidia_color_settings_games_resolution

Set Nvidia Color Calibration – Fix Reset Problem

In the Control Panel we have three tabs for Color Management.

  1. Devices
  2. All Profiles
    color-management-windows-control-panel 7

The Devices interface has a display profile that is associated with your graphics card’s Open GL graphical engine and is displayed as your Monitor (NVIDIA GeForce 210).

You can add additional profiles here and make them default. windows-10-color-management-device 8

You can also install different color profiles on your Windows 10 computer and many different kinds, too! Some of which come by default and others that are display only. color-management-profiles-in-windows-10 9

Under Settings, you have access to the Advanced menu where you can feel at home and get acquainted with how everything works. advanced-color-management-settings 10

Games Changing Color Profile

Generally graphics designs are not that important to the average user. A graphics design is a template for either a font or for images and typography used in both print and web design.

When you use different Windows games, it uses the graphics card color profile like Nvidia so that users can watch how their system works with every game.

Fix NVidia control panel, but the user experience takes a backseat when the default Windows color profile is used.

For example, some designers prefer using multiple monitors and they will use each monitor’s own color profile to be able to try different colors as they work.

You can make two different types of default a color and a dark mode by using the Graphic’s Control Panel. You can use this same tool for changing fonts as well.

We have to force the Nvidia color profile to stay the same after a system boot-up.

To eliminate these pitfalls, we must stop the default “Calibration Loader Task” which enables the Windows Color System at user logon.

Disable Calibration Loader Windows 10 – Stop reset Nvidia Color Settings open-task-schedular-windows-10 11

  1. Open Task Scheduler by pressing the Windows button and typing it.
  2. Then navigate to the following task.
  3. Task Scheduler
  4. Library\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsColorSystem\Calibration Loader
  5. On the right-hand side, you can see the “Disable” item.
  6. Disable the task as shown in image.
  7. Now your Nvidia color profile loads when you reboot. win10_task_scheduler_color_system_calibration_loader 12

First, disable the options to manage color temperature adjustment and player mode. Then change the following settings:

Nvidia Control Panel Color Settings

Here are more things about which you can take control on a daily basis.

  1. 3D Settings
  2. Display
  3. Stereoscopic 3D
  4. Video

Under the first category you can adjust the following.

  • 1a. Adjust Image Settings with preview
  • 1b. Manage 3D Settings.
  • 1c. Set PhysX Configuration nvidia_color_control_panel_windows_10

Under Display, you can make changes like

  • 2a. Change resolution
  • 2b. Adjust desktop color settings
  • 2c. Rotate Display
  • 2d. Set up digital audio
  • 2e. Adjust desktop size and position
  • 2f. Set up multiple displays adjust_desktop_color_settings_nvidia_control_panel 14 nvidia_color_control_panel_windows_10 15 pic

Further you can adjust video settings like

  • 4a. Adjust video color settings
  • 4b. Adjust video image settings. adjust_video_image_settings 16 nvidia_control_panel_adjust_video_color-settings 17

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