10 mistakes that prevent a newbie freelancer from getting an order

Due to their lack of expertise, rookie freelancers already have difficulty finding work. But if he makes the mistakes listed below, his chances of landing a profitable project tend to zero. Read on for a list of the common mistakes new freelancers make and ideas for fixing them.

10 mistakes that prevent a newbie freelancer from getting an order (part 1)

Mistake 1 — waiting for the client to give the necessary information himself

Sometimes the customer himself doubts what he really needs. Or he thinks that a set of tasks is implied by default. Your task is to extract information from him with leading questions.

For example:

Do I need to connect a sales register to the site to make sales directly?

Connect the service for mailing lists?

Should I make a product catalog on the website?

Ideally, you should have a brief for each service. Send it to the customer to fill in.

Samples of the briefings can be viewed on the Internet. As a rule, studios put them in free access.

Mistake 2 — swift transition to work

An amateur freelancer is eager to begin fulfilling an order as soon as they receive it. This is not considered necessary. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about a project’s specifics for half a day and then finish it in an hour, then  to spend 2-3 days modifying the completed order to meet the client’s newly revealed requirements.

Mistake 3 — 1 client — 1 order

Be prepared for the fact that not everyone interested in your services will make an order. This is normal.

Mistake 4 — the desire to work with any client

If the customer disappears for several days, answers questions sluggishly, or ignores them, is rude and tries to put pressure on you — stop! Why bother wasting your time and energy on it? Not all customers are compatible with freelancers. Look for an employer who is comfortable to work with.

Mistake 5 – absence of an operating algorithm

Create a plan for your interactions with the client. It can look like this:

Response to the vacancy and discussion of details;

Filling out the service’s brief

Filling out the service’s brief of the project’s draft version


Project delivery, payment receipt, and feedback.

Because inexperienced freelancers frequently overlook several details, orders take a long time to complete. And the outcome is disappointing.

Mistake 6 — an unattractive portfolio

The paradox is that often the beautiful design of a portfolio plays a greater role in receiving an order than its contents. Pay close attention to this.

Mistake 7 – I’m a beginner

A new freelancer will frequently say something like:

I’m a beginner, so I will do it for free or for a review;

I’m a beginner, but with a lot of performance.

This strategy is totally wrong. You should focus on your advantages, such as:

“I write effectively, concisely, without errors and made-up information, and I can handle a volume of up to 10,000 characters per day.”

Mistake 8 — lack of persistence

If you have completed the order, but the client is in no hurry to give you a new task, then remind him about it. Every 3-7 days, for example. If you knock more often, there is a chance that you will be shunned as an annoying fly or simply added to the blacklist.

Mistake 9 — disorganization of the workspace

Choose a specific time for work during the day and warn your family not to disturb you. If this fails badly, then you can always retire to work in a cafe or coworking center. We wrote more about the organization of the workspace here: https://allfreelancers.su/article/na-zametku-frilanseru-9-sposobov-poborot-svoiu-len-i-nakonets-zaniatsia-delom/

Mistake 10 — biased self-evaluation

Sometimes a talented specialist will become hooked on cheap orders and be unwilling to apply for more expensive projects. But more often the opposite will happen –  a new freelancer invents fake credentials in an effort to secure a profitable project for themselves. For instance, a background in journalism, years of experience building websites (when knowledge is limited to setting up WordPress and connecting apps), etc.

It will be possible for you to get it, but fulfilling it will be challenging. Calculate your strength correctly.

Now I have a question for experienced freelancers and customers. What other critical mistakes have you noticed in newcomers that completely discourage the desire to work with them? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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