7 Ways to Declutter and Organize Before Moving

Moving from a lively and vibrant city like Miami can be bittersweet. The city has so much to offer, from stunning beaches to a rich cultural scene. But living there is not for everyone. The traffic can be challenging, and the extreme heat, especially in the summer, can become too much to handle.

If you have decided to move to a new location, you will be transitioning to a new phase in life. This is a good opportunity to rethink what possessions you truly need. Decluttering should be your first step! This guide will provide you with seven foolproof ways to declutter and get organized before the big move.

As you read through this article, you’ll find expert advice and straightforward strategies for each part of the process, from organizing every room to efficiently packing and setting up your new place.

  1. Assess Your Inventory

Making a detailed list of all your belongings is an important step before you move. Go through each room in your home, including often-overlooked areas like attics and basements, and write down everything you own as you explore each space.

This list will prove extremely helpful in determining what you need to keep and what you can leave behind. Additionally, it provides a clear inventory for your movers, ensuring they know exactly what they are handling. This becomes especially important if you are moving from Miami.

The city’s warm and humid climate can be challenging for certain items. However, your Miami long distance movers & experts can help. If these professionals are aware of the items they are dealing with, they can take the necessary precautions to ensure everything arrives in good condition. The goal is to minimize guesswork and streamline the entire moving process, making it more efficient and less stressful.

  1. Create a Decluttering Schedule 

Having a decluttering schedule can smooth out your moving process. It offers you a clear path to stick to, ensuring that you’re not rushing through things at the last minute.

Split your home into various areas or rooms. Then, set aside specific days and time slots to declutter each section. With a set plan, it becomes simpler to stay focused and tackle the task without getting stressed out.

And remember, it’s crucial to set practical deadlines. If you estimate that sorting out a room will take two full days, don’t try to squeeze that into a single afternoon. Stay true to your timetable as much as you can, but also leave some space for unforeseen events.

  1. Categorize Your Belongings

Getting your things in order before you move can feel overwhelming, but establishing categories can significantly ease the process. Begin by setting up three specific groups for your belongings: Those you’ll keep, those you’ll donate or sell, and those you’ll throw away.

As you sift through each room, place each item in one of these categories right away. Making immediate choices helps to expedite your decluttering from start to finish. This also minimizes the chances of you second-guessing your decisions, which, in turn, enhances your efficiency. This way, what may seem like an overwhelming task at first becomes far more manageable. It provides a clear-cut guide on what to pack and what should be left behind.

  1. Use the 12-Month Rule for Clothes

Sorting through your wardrobe can be a tricky task, especially when you’re emotionally attached to certain garments. But let’s be honest, not all the clothes we own are essentials. This is where the 12-month rule comes into play. 

Think back to the last time you wore each piece. If it hasn’t been worn in the past year, then it’s probably not something you’ll miss. It may be hard to part with these items, but keep in mind that clothing sitting idle in your closet isn’t serving a purpose. 

When you decide to donate or sell these pieces, not only do you make room for what truly matters, but you also provide for others who can put these clothes to good use. It’s a win-win situation; you lighten your moving load and potentially make someone else’s day brighter.

  1. Digitalize Paperwork and Photos

Converting your paper documents and physical photos into digital files can significantly help declutter your living space. It’s easy for papers to accumulate in drawers and cabinets, taking up space that could be used for other things. Photos often face the same issue, filling up albums and boxes that merely gather dust.

Scanning these documents and photos allows you to store them on your computer or a cloud-based service. You’ll find that it’s much quicker to retrieve a document or share a cherished picture when everything is stored digitally.

Additional benefits include easy search features and the ability to create folders, simplifying the task of finding what you need. Plus, when you reduce your paper clutter, you’re also taking a positive step for the environment.

  1. Opt for Clear Storage Bins

Opting for clear storage bins rather than sticking with traditional cardboard boxes can make a significant difference during your move. The transparency of these bins is the most obvious benefit. You can easily see what each bin contains, saving you from the need to rummage through a stack of boxes when you’re looking for a specific item during the move or even after you’ve settled into your new home. This kind of visibility is a practical advantage that simplifies the whole process.

Additionally, these plastic bins typically offer better durability and can withstand various weather conditions much better than cardboard. That means an extra layer of security for your belongings, giving you one less thing to worry about during the stressful moving process.

  1. Sort and Pack Essential Documents Separately

Moving is a whirlwind of activity, and with all the hustle and bustle, it’s super easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. One of the most crucial tasks is ensuring your most important papers stay safe. Consider these essentials:

  • Birth certificate
  • Financial statements
  • Legal paperwork
  • Medical records
  • Passport and IDs

Using a durable envelope or a small lockable box is a great idea. Keep these items with you rather than risking them getting misplaced in the moving truck. Always label your storage clearly so you can quickly identify it, but remember to keep personal details off the outside. It might seem like a minor detail, but a bit of caution now can prevent problems later.


A bit of decluttering and organizing before a move goes a long way. It’s not just about simplifying the packing process; it sets the tone for an easier moving day and a fresh start in your new space. Stick to a solid game plan, and you’ll find yourself moving only the items that hold genuine value to you. Just remember these simple pointers, and your upcoming move will be a breeze.

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