Back Pain: How to Sit Well at the Office?

Maintaining overall health is essential for maximizing productivity in the office. Sitting wrongly has limited how people perform. One of the results is back pain. Back pain can be caused by several things in the office; sitting wrong is more common. However, this can be prevented. With the right office ergonomics and better posture, back pain can be fixed. Also, you can get some relief with a massage therapy in Montreal.

What are other causes of back pain in the office? And how can they be fixed? Keep reading to find out how to tackle it. Remember, back pain may hinder your level of productivity.

Major Causes of Office Back Pain

A lot of employees spend most of their working hours sitting at their office desks. What this means is a possible strain on the joints, back, neck, as well as other areas of the body. The effect may take long before it surface and become an issue.

Here are some causes of back pain in the office.

  • Heavy lifting

Whenever lifting must be involved in your activity, it must be done properly. If done incorrectly, it may lead to injury. The right method of lifting or handling an object must be employed. Whether it’s in a manual profession or within the office environment, pay attention to this.

  • Inactiviness

Work that is mainly sedentary is another major cause of back pain. Inactivity may be risky in the long haul if you don’t move your body regularly.

According to a study in 2015, most employees spent about thirty minutes of their working hours and day on their feet. Inactivity can strain the body.

  • Poor posture

Setting in front of the computer for long hours with a bad posture will lead to back pain. If care is not taken, it may cause neck pain as well.

The way you sit on an office chair matters. How you position yourself towards the keyboard is also key. Perfecting your overall posture will solve a lot of issues.

  • Way of life

Your lifestyle can also affect how the body strains. And this has a lot to do with your food and whether you are a heavy smoker or drinker – and how physically active you are.

All through a wide range of works, manual or in an office, this can have a gigantic part to play in contributing toward joint and back pain.

Fixing Office Back Pain

Sitting and inactiveness are often the major causes of back pain in the office. Here are how to fix office back pain.

  • Use the right office chair

Using a decent office seat plays a huge part in advancing the right posture. Ensure that your chair is comfortable.

You ought to choose an office seat that permits you to change the level so your elbows can sit at an agreeable point with the desk.

  • Proper movements are key

Workers also experience back pain because of jarring movements. This may include inaccurately lifting something or abnormally winding the body. By keeping up with a great stance during all activities and movements, you can forestall and decrease back pain mush visit Tarpon Springs, Florida Chiropractor.

  • Good posture is a must

Most of your working hours will be spent sitting. It is therefore easy to incline or slump, arching your back. Over the long run, this bad stance can cause some serious back torment that can prompt constant back issues if not adjusted early.

Utilizing a back posture brace limits the gravitational strain on your spine for further developed solace. It also reduces any chance of back pain. Below are a few ways to maintain great posture, especially while sitting:

  • Keep your head and neck adjusted straight over your shoulders.
  • Keep your upper arms lined up with your spine by moving the seat near the desk.
  • Hold your shoulders back and square with your PC screen.
  • Keep your back against the backrest of your seat.
  • Short breaks do wonders

Another effective way to prevent office back pain is to take regular short breaks. As established above, working at your desk for long hours strain your body. This also causes back pain. It is therefore smart that you take as many short breaks as possible. You can briefly move around before coming back to your tasks.

However, if you can’t take these breaks often, make sure you find time to stretch. This is also key. Add that to other relaxation methods during your working hours, and you will always feel better.


Back pain is a common occurrence in the office. Adjusting how you sit will go a long way in correcting it. With proper posture and regular short breaks, you can also prevent this pain.

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