Benefits of coworking for business

One of the ways to save on business processes is by renting a coworking space. About what it is in simple words, what is the essence and purpose of this approach to the organization of work, how it works, what types of coworking are, and what conditions they have, we will tell in this article.

Coworking is an office space in which anyone can rent one or more workplaces. This is a cross between employment at home and the office in the usual sense. There are no rigid frameworks, but at the same time, there is everything you need to work. Coworking is distinguished by a democratic atmosphere – there is no office routine in it, but the general atmosphere disciplines. In addition, such sites are considered an accessible environment for communication, where you can get useful contacts.

This type of office solves the inconvenience of working from home and the high cost of renting a standard office space for employees. In the first case, the problem concerns people who work as freelancers (a remote format of activities with short-term tasks). The second – is managers who seek to optimize the budget of their organization.

A comfortable workplace is equipped with everything you need – internet, sockets, comfy chairs, etc. When you come to work, you do not think about the everyday issues you face when renting a stationary office – cleaning, furniture, Internet connection, security, water, or utility bills. Coworking takes care of this itself. You just come and work. Remember that even when working in a cozy comfortable space, it is still important to take breaks and rest on time. To get distracted from work, you can try online casino NZ. Here you will find a large number of entertainment for every taste.

Who came up with it?

In fact, the first coworking space was opened in America in 2005 in San Francisco by programmer Brad Newberg. Even then, this term was understood as a space with a comfortable workplace, free Internet, inexpensive lunches, and business events. But the very philosophy of this type of collaboration was invented earlier by Bernie Decoven, a game designer and writer in 1999. Back then, the games guru decided to outline the principle of group cooperation – “to work together on an equal footing”, which solved the classic problem of the hierarchy of all participants in the labor process. It was this principle that the first coworking space, created in 2005, adhered to.

What services can be obtained?

A coworking center is a universal place for work and leisure, where you can:

  • rent a workplace (this can be, for example, a table with an armchair or a comfortable bean bag chair);
  • get access to high-speed Internet;
  • rent office equipment (computer, printer, fax, copier, etc.);
  • get the necessary inventory (demonstration boards, stationery);
  • to rent a meeting room for meetings and important meetings;
  • rent / take a place for a car;
  • to order or make coffee/tea.

Depending on the level of the institution, services may include set meals, luggage storage, a 24-hour stay, a gym, a relaxation area with a TV, and much more.

Who is it for?

Coworking, first of all, is aimed at people who do not tend to be tied to one place. These include three groups: freelancers, small teams, and travel workers.


Freelance workers performing short-term tasks for customers remotely, i.e. not tied to a place. They do not need to visit the office – in the process of work they can be anywhere in the world, the main thing is that special equipment and high-speed Internet are at hand. Coworking is just the place for a freelancer, where there is everything for full-fledged work. And at the same time, there is no usual office environment, but rather a creative environment in a business format.

Small teams

Representatives of small and medium businesses and creators of small commercial projects are frequent visitors to coworking centers. It is much easier to rent a workplace several times a month than to constantly pay and maintain an entire office. Or, when a team needs, for example, a month of joint work per year, then the point in finding and securing their premises is also lost. In addition, it is easier to use a ready-made place than to equip cabinets on your own.

Seconded employees

A business trip is a short-term stay in a city/country, during which a work area may be needed. In this case, renting a temporary place is also relevant. As well as in a situation when there is not enough free space in the office for additional employees.

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